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November 17, 2005 Notes - Title VI Librarians

Title VI Librarians Meeting

Thursday, November 17th, 2005
1:00 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.
McKinley Room, Marriott Wardman Park Hotel,
Washington, D.C.

Meeting Summary


Peter Malanchuk (U. of Florida), Elwood Dunn (University of the South), Lauris Olson (U. of Pennsylvania), Patricia Kuntz, Al Kagan (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Phyllis Bischof (UC-Berkeley), Gretchen Walsh (Boston U.), Ruby Bell-Gam (UCLA), David Easterbrook (Northwestern U.), Ken Lohrentz (U. of Kansas), Karen Fung (Stanford U.), Loyd Mbabu (Ohio U.), Peter Limb (Michigan State U.), Marieta Harper (Library of Congress), Jason Shultz (?), Elizabeth Darocha Berenz (CRL), James Simon (CRL), Helene Baumann (Duke U.), Dorothy Woodson (Yale U.), Esmeralda Kale (Northwestern U.), Verlon Stone (Indiana U.), Loumona Petroff (Boston U.), Joe Caruso (Columbia U.), Edward Miner (U. of Iowa), David Westley (Boston U.), Joe Lauer (Michigan State U.), Marion Frank-Wilson (Indiana U.), coordinator.

1. Correction of notes from spring meeting

Notes have been circulated by email before the meeting and the revised notes are on the Title VI Librarians website; additional corrections should be sent to Marion Frank-Wilson.

2. Report on Arquivo Historico de Mocambique

Sheri Young reported on the Arquivo Historico de Mocambique archives project; funds have been received from Portugal to help with renovating buildings, and there were also efforts from the US to assist; e.g., an IU archivist had been to Mocambique to assess the state of the buildings. There are now discussions on identifying high value and at risk collection, and about potential microfilming, training, and equipment. There was discussion on what should be the next steps if the Title VI librarians group and/or CAMP and ALC are going to be involved, and Bell-Gam suggested that a proposal should be submitted to our group by the Arquivo Historico de Mocambique. In all likelihood, such a proposal will include equipment for microfilming only, since digitizing equipment is already in place through the Aluka project. Sheri Young will consult with preservation officers at several ALC/Title VI institutions about costs for microfilming equipment, so that a proposal can be developed collaboratively.

3. Microfilming of President Tubman Papers

Verlon Stone reported on the progress of the microfilming of the President Tubman papers, which is a project jointly funded by a grant from the British Library Endangered Archives Programme and from the Title VI librarians/CAMP. See the report here.

Since some of the shipping costs in connection with the papers were lower than expected, Dr. Stone asked if some of the money could be re-allocated towards the conservation and processing of the Bai T. Moore and the Townsend papers which were also transported to IU last spring. This proposal was approved.

The next step will be to apply for another grant to the British Library Endangered Archives Project in the spring of 2006.

4. Title VI Matters

James Simon presented the budget report; see minutes of CAMP meeting for details;

- Frank-Wilson attended the meeting of the area directors on November 17th at 8 a.m. At that meeting, she reported on the Title VI librarians activities during the past year.

- David Wylie (Michigan State U.) expressed concern about the growing number of digital projects, and suggested to develop a bibliography of such projects to facilitate collaboration and avoid duplication.

- There was no time to discuss or share information about proposals by librarians for library projects which have been included in the current round of proposals.

5. Other Business

There was no other Business.

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