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November 16, 2006 Notes - Title VI Librarians

Africana Librarians Council, Title VI Librarians Meeting Summary

Thursday, November 16th, 11:30 am-12:30 pm

Westin St. Francis Hotel, San Francisco, Tower Salon B


Present:  Peter Limb (Michigan State U.), Joe Lauer (Michigan State U.), Ruby Bell-Gam (UCLA), Miki Goral (UCLA), Joe Caruso (Columbia U.), Gretchen Walsh (Boston U.), David Westley (Boston U.), Loumona Petroff (Boston U.), David Easterbrook (Northwestern U.), Esmeralda Kale (Northwestern U.), Lauris Olson (U. of Pennsylvania), James Simon (CRL), Loyd Mbabu (Ohio U.), Al Kagan (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Marion Frank-Wilson, coordinator (Indiana U.), Bassey Irele (Harvard U.);

Guest: Verlon Stone (Indiana U.)


1.                  Introductions


2.                  Up-date from Area Directors Meeting


Frank-Wilson attended the meeting of the area directors earlier on Thursday (November 16th) morning and gave a report on the cooperative activities of the Title VI librarians - she reported back to the group.  There were no messages from the directors to the librarians. 


3.                  Title VI Matters


Need for new coordinator: Frank-Wilson announced that she will be on sabbatical from August 2007 to June 2008.  She asked for volunteers to either consider acting as interim Title VI Librarians Coordinator during her absence or to take over the appointment permanently.  The discussion of this issue will be continued over a-mail, with a decision to be made at the spring 2007 meeting.


Brief reports were given by several Title VI librarians about the site visits of the committee (appointed by Congress) to review the Title VI program.  Several institutions had such site visits, and in some cases, librarians were invited to meet with the committee members.  No further developments are known at this point.


A proposal to entrust CAMP to allocate Title VI funds towards cooperative projects was put forward and discussed at some length.  However, no consensus was reached that CAMP should have control over Title VI funds, and it was decided to maintain the status quo.  The importance for Title VI Librarians meeting summaries to reflect financial voting decisions was stressed in this respect.  Since CAMP, the Title VI Librarians, and the CAMP sub-committee on grant preparation are closely connected, Frank-Wilson, as a member of all three groups, will act as liaison between the groups.


James Simon gave a brief budget overview and reported that the group currently has $40,000 in unallocated funds. 


4.                  Report on microfilming of the President Tubman Papers – Verlon Stone


Verlon Stone presented a progress on the microfilming of the President Tubman papers.  For complete report, see PowerPoint presentation. 


Stone reported a positive balance of $20,298.  This high positive balance is a result of other anticipated costs (particularly shipping costs of the papers from Monrovia to Bloomington) being lower than expected.  Stone proposed to use these funds to:


       Finish Conservation Work on Tubman Photos  (5,000 +/-)

       Conservation of Moore Slides, Photos & Audio Tapes

       Begin Archival Processing of Moore & Townsend Papers

       Labor to Prepare Tubman Papers for Microfilming

       Cover EAP Shortfall for Archivist & Microfilming

(For more detail, see PowerPoint, and particularly slide 45)


The group voted on Stone’s proposal and approved the allocation of funds as proposed.


5.                  Other Business


A suggestion to organize a panel on cooperative activities, possibly at the fall 2007 meeting in New York, was briefly discussed, to be followed-up over email or at the spring meeting 2007.


last updated: 9/28/2009