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November 11, 2004 Notes - Title VI Librarians

Title VI Librarians Meeting
African Studies Association
Nov. 11, 2004
New Orleans, La.

James Simon, College Research Libraries; Ken Lohrentz, University of Kansas; Sheri Young, University of California, Los Angeles; Dorothy Woodson, Yale University; Ruby Bell-Gam, University of California, Los Angeles; Lauris Olson, University of Pennsylvania; Al Kagan, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign; Miki Goral, University of California, Los Angeles; Karen Fung, Stanford University; David Westley, Boston University; David Easterbrook, Northwestern University; Phyllis Bischof, University of California, Los Angeles; Esmeralda Kale, Northwestern University; Peter Malanchuk, University of Florida; Robin Fryde, Frank Thorald Booksellers; Carlos Alves, Frank Thorald Booksellers; Andrew de Heer, Schomburg Center; Afeworki Paulos, University of Michigan; Deborah La Fond, University of Albany; Peter Limb, Michigan State University; Joe Carruso, Columbia University; Joe Lauer, Michigan State University.

1. Announcements by the Chair--(Marion Frank-Wilson)

- The new cycle for Title VI funding has not yet been authorized by Congress. The usual 3-year cycle may be lengthened to a 4-year cycle.
- The Title VI group now has a website. There is as yet no link from the ALC page. Marion can make revisions to the site as needed. Reports, minutes, etc. will be put up on the site.
- The Chair mentioned the difficulty of being on the radar screen of center directors. Other priorities, such as the summer language program, are higher on their agenda. Ruby, Dorothy, and Marion will attend the area directors' meeting to be held later at this conference.

2. Budget

James Simon announced that funds totaling $40,768 have been held over from CRL for Title VI projects. More detail will be provided at the CAMP meeting. He reminded Title VI reps to reply promptly when invoices are sent out.

Area directors should be encouraged to increase their contributions to $2,000. This will be brought up with the directors.

Common language: a draft from the 2002 proposals was distributed and discussion was requested. Gretchen suggested that we contact Carla (Title VI office) to determine who new applicants are so that we can share the common language with them. The text was discussed and several changes were suggested. This will be brought up again at the spring meeting.

3. Report on Potential Projects: Liberian Archives (Dr. Verlon Stone)

Dr. Stone reported on a recent assessment trip to Liberia to determine the conditions of various archival collections. Dr. Stone and Dr. D. Elwood Dunn visited three major repositories and made various contacts with individuals with personal collections. Funding for this project was provided by Title VI funds. Their report consisted of a 23-slide power point presentation, which was subsequently mounted on the Title VI Librarians website at

4. Archivo Historico do Mocambique (Sheri Young)

Sheri Young reported on the deplorable conditions of the national archives. Buildings currently used cannot be salvaged. Sewage has collected in the basement, creating a bad smell. Support has not been received from USAID. She was pleased to know about ALC as a possible funding source. They are currently looking for microfilming equipment to determine what may be needed. She is working with Joel Tembe. Advice is needed on the pricing of equipment.

NB:  Power point slides have been promised but as yet have not been added to the Title VI Librarians website.

5. Senegal Project: Update

Current plans are to develop a regional plan and to get CAMP involved more extensively in grant projects.
A small library of ebooks from the Senegambia region is available and fully cataloged in three languages. Africana librarians should ask their cataloging department to add these materials to their catalog.

Notes submitted by
Ken Lohrentz (University of Kansas)

last updated: 9/28/2009