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May 7, 2004 Notes - Title VI Librarians

Africana Librarians Council
Title VI Minutes
May 7, 2004

Attendance:A. Batoma, U Illinois; H. Baumann, Duke U; R. Bell-Gam, UCLA; P. Bischof, UC Berkeley; A. De Heer, Schomburg; M. Frank-Wilson, U Indiana; K. Fung, Stanford U; M. Goral, UCLA; M. Harper, LC; A. Kagan, U Illinois; E. Kale, Northwestern U; P. Kargbo, New York U; B. Irele, Harvard U; P. Kuntz UW Madison; D. LaFond, U Albany; J. Lauer, MSU; A. Nosakhere, Atlanta U Center; P. Limb, MSU; P. Malanchuck, U Florida; L. Mbabu, Ohio U; E. Miner, U Iowa; P. Ogedengbe, Northwestern U; L. Olson, U Pennsylvania; L. Page, LC; L. Petroff, Boston U; J. Simon, CRL; G. Walsh, Boston U; D. Westley, Boston U.

1. G. Walsh is re-writing the ALC cooperative projects document posted on a personal page at Boston U. G. Walsh requested that members review the document and send comments and suggestions for further revision.

2. Senegal - James Simon reported on the preservation/microfilming/digitization project in Senegal. In the past 6 months, 170 reels have been filmed from the National Archives of Senegal. The collection focuses on the territorial administration of the colonies. Discussion: An existing concern was raised; How do we engage our African partners in microfilming projects? Comments included, The will is there but we need to put it into action (P. Limb raised the need for actual grant proposals and the need to identify partners for projects. This will be discussed in CAMP and with the Archives TaskForce). Joe Caruso will return to Senegal in July 2004. Archives Task Force Committee Report (CAMP meeting, there is a need for a standing committee for working on grant proposals. H. Baumann, A. Paulos also discussed the need for connections with African partners, Title VI involvement) Interest Bank - J. Simon stated that web site access is available to view documents. Please contact J. Simon for more information.

3. Dissertations- M. Conteh-Morgan and M. Frank-Wilson are developing a list of African organizations pursuing electronic formats of dissertations. Copyright concerns continue to exacerbate the digitization of African dissertations. M. Frank-Wilson reported on university repositories of digitized dissertations in Germany. These are local university dissertations, some of which might relate to the study of Africa but are not necessarily dissertations from Africa. Other projects mentioned were those in the Netherlands, Kwetu-Net in Kenya, and at Rhodes University. It was proposed that a link to an amalgam web site on dissertations and relative intellectual property concerns be added to the ALC page. This link could draw upon or be referred from Karen Fung's Stanford page and /or other pages. Trends could then be documented and knowledge on the subject could be shared. A site gathering these sources could facilitate several projects. An introductory text emphasizing the importance of cooperation could presage the link on the ALC page.

A. Kagan reported on U Illinois-Mozambique project on dissertations. L. Mbabu reported on conversations with representatives of Makerere University and University of Nairobi and recommended to these representatives that that they look at the CRL site. Proquest Dissertation Management System (DMS)-L. Olson reported on a visit from a Proquest sales vendor promoting this project. When Proquest representatives say that they cannot sort dissertations by topic, he argues that this is questionable and advocated that members ask the hard core questions, "Who gets access?". L. Olson reminded members that UMI has the right to release information as authors have signed statements approving this. U Toronto paid for every dissertation from their institution. P. Bischof indicated that the Proquest DMS was a very low priority for her institution. R. Bell-Gam and L. Olson reported on DATAD subscription ($400 per year). UCLA and U Penn will pursue the interlibrary loan of African dissertations. Both institutions are currently identifying titles for ILL. Some reported that activation went smoothly and that DATAD reps responded to recommendations for improvements. Other DATAD issues were referred to the CAMP meeting.

4. Title VI matters- M. Frank-Wilson reported that the Title VI contribution to cooperative projects was raised to $2000. Other potential funding concerns include the proposed "Advisory Board for Area Studies" which would oversee the funding and focus of Title VI grants. Members advocated the need to follow this development and address concerns. A. Kagan indicated that ACAS, an ASA associate organization, will follow up and plans to respond but will not meet until the next ASA meeting. A. Kagan will forward news to the listserv. Several members expressed concern regarding implications for African Studies Centers and noted current and potential negative impacts (including the Patriot Act) upon selectors' ability to freely build and maintain collections without the fear of censorship. The proposed oversight body could significantly de-value the work of Title VI institutions by catering to specific political interpretations. It was noted that the lack of information on Vietnam prevented informed problem-solving during the Vietnamese Conflict. In response to the allegation that Title VI programs do not encourage CIA education, librarians indicated that they have provided extensive education and opportunities for learning about the culture and history of Africa. L. Olson reported that the Office of International Center's web page has successful FLAS proposals and reports posted. This information could potentially be useful to support the case for continued Title VI area studies funding. L. Olson will forward the site to the listserv.

5.New Projects- M. Frank-Wilson reported on a proposal for filming of Liberia presidential papers and provided budget breakdowns for the solicited amount of $10,000 for which a feasibility study and report would be produced. Members agreed that this is a good project but raised the question, "Which is the best phase to support the project?" A list of priorities and an itemized cost estimate was requested. Similarities between this and the Senegal project were discussed. Some misunderstanding was noted regarding an offer of support. R. Bell-Gam noted that her understanding of support referred to training to encourage that expertise could be utilized within the context of the project.

6. H. Baumann reported on her successful grant proposal for the indexing of the of "The Pictorial Archive of the German Colonial Society" collection. H. Baumann's role will include a variety of responsibilities including indexing. Members congratulated her on her success.

Recorded by Deborah M. LaFond
May 8, 2004

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