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May 5, 2005 Notes - Title VI Librarians

Title VI Librarians Meeting
Spring Meeting 2005
Northwestern University,
May 5, 2005

Meeting Summary


Gretchen Walsh (Boston U.), Miki Goral (UCLA), Elizabeth Darocha Berenz (CRL), Atoma Batoma (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Llyd Mbabu (Ohio U.), David Westley (Boston U.), Dan Reboussin (U. of Florida), Peter Malanchuk (U. of Florida), Karen Fung (Stanford U.), Esmeralda Kale (Norhtwestern U.), Mette Shayne (retired, Northwestern U.), Patricia Ogedengbe (Northwestern U.), Ellen Bryan (University of Chicago), Ruby Bell-Gam (UCLA), Al Kagan (U. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign), Phyllis Bischof (UC Berkeley), Charles Riley (Yale University), Afeworki Paulos (University of Michigan), Lauris Olson (U. of Pennsylvania), Bassey Irele (Harvard U.), Jill Coelho (Harvard U.), Helene Baumann (Duke U.), Hans Panofsky (retired, Northwestern U.), James Simon (CRL), Akilah Nosakhere (Atlanta U. Ctr.), Marieta Harper (LC), Zbigniew Kantorosinski (LC), Paul Steere (LC, Nairobi), Fred Protopappas (LC), Millicent Wewerka (LC), Edward Miner (U. of Iowa), Laverne Page (LC), Fentahun Tirunele (LC), Paatricia Kuntz, Loumona Petroff (Boston U.), Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol (U. of Wisconsin/Madison), Marion Frank-Wilson (Indiana U.), coordinator.

1. Corrections of notes from fall meeting Notes were taken by Ken Lohrentz, and corrections should be sent to Marion Frank-Wilson. The notes are now on the Title VI Librarians website.

2. Title VI Matters

Updates: The next Title VI cycle will be extended to 4 years instead of 3. Teacher training will be a priority for new proposals, as will be Islam and African languages. Outreach will be awarded more points than in the past.

The group briefly discussed the request for $2,000 towards cooperative library projects and agreed to, again, stress this request, despite the fact that other cooperative projects/groups (esp. African languages) are also asking for increased funds.

A list of contributions towards cooperative library projects by each Title VI institution was handed out and is on the Title VI Librarians website.

Al Kagan noted concerns that he and others at his institution have regarding new provisions for monitoring Title VI centers currently being considered in the reauthorization legislation.

Common Language for fall proposal: Frank-Wilson circulated a draft which was discussed by the group, and changes were suggested. The final version to be sent to area directors was approved. The text will also be sent to potential new applicants, for whom we have a list.

Common Language for Cooperative Library Projects: The Title VI librarians sponsor collaborative projects within the following core areas: Collection Development; Access, including cataloging, bibliography and indexes, and document delivery; Preservation; Advocacy and capacity building for Africa. Along with other African NRCs, we are committed to cooperating in making difficult-to-obtain materials from Africa available to U.S. researchers. We will collaborate with African libraries and archives in the preservation of key documents, adding digitization when feasible; acquisition of African dissertations; and continued work on an electronic union list of African newspaper holdings in U.S. libraries. Requested budget amount: $2,000.

3. Discussion of Proposal to Fund Preservation of President Tubman Papers, proposed by Dr. Verlon Stone (IU Bloomington)
Cooperative Projects Webpage

Dr. Stone was unable to attend the meeting, and the proposal had been sent to the Title VI Librarians and ALC lists before the meeting. There was general agreement that the preservation of the President Tubman Papers was a good project which should be supported by the Title VI Librarians. However, concern was expressed about the amount of funding requested, in case there may not be enough money left to fund other projects. James Simon reported that there were sufficient Title VI funds left to fund the project at the requested amount, and that there would still be money left for potential other projects, such as proposed for the Mozambique archives at an earlier meeting. He also reminded the group that the fund will be replenished on a yearly basis as contributions from the Title VI institutions are received. While the Title VI Librarians are interested in funding a forthcoming project which involves the Mozambique archives, a concrete proposal for this project has not been submitted yet. The group agreed therefore by unanimous vote to fund Dr. Stone's proposal at the requested amount of $35,000.

4. Other Business
There was no other business.

Notes submitted by Marion Frank-Wilson

last updated: 3/8/2010