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Title VI Librarians Report 2005

Title VI Librarians Report 2005

For a complete list of Title VI librarians, please click here.

The work of the Africana Librarians Council (ALC) is described in "Opportunities and Challenges in Africana Library Service: A Framework for Cooperation and Development", compiled by Gretchen Walsh (Boston University).

The document generally describes activities and challenges related to maintaining and developing Africana collections. It can be found at:

Please refer to this website for information about the work of the Title VI librarians group (agendas and minutes of meetings, project reports, proposals for new projects, etc.).

This report focuses on cooperative activities of the Title VI librarians among the ALC during 2005. It includes:

- Updated website information
- Common Language for Cooperative Library Projects
- Contributions for Cooperative Library Projects by Title VI Centers
- Up-date on AFRINUL (Union List of African Newspapers Held by American Libraries)
- Microfilming of the President Tubman papers: Update
- Arquivo Historico de Mocambique microfilming proposal: Update
- New Grant Initiatives

Title VI Librarians Website Information: Update

The Title VI librarians website has recently been updated and now includes the meeting notes from the Title VI librarians spring meeting at Northwestern University in May 2005, as well as a draft agenda for the fall meeting 2006 in Washington, D.C.

Common Language for Cooperative Library Projects

The Title VI librarians discussed and approved their common language for cooperative library projects at their spring meeting 2005. The text was sent to the area directors' list as well as to a list of potential new applicants for inclusion in the new round of Title VI proposals.

Common Language:

The Title VI librarians sponsor collaborative projects within the following core areas: Collection Development; Access, including cataloging, bibliography and indexes, and document delivery; Preservation; Advocacy and capacity building for Africa. Along with other African NRCs, we are committed to cooperating in making difficult-to-obtain materials from Africa available to U.S. researchers. We will collaborate with African libraries and archives in the preservation of key documents, adding digitization when feasible; acquisition of African dissertations; and continued work on an electronic union list of African newspaper holdings in U.S. libraries.

Contributions for Cooperative Library Projects by Title VI Centers

Update on AFRINUL (electronic union list of African newspapers held by American libraries)

The administrative tool necessary to enter bibliographic and holdings information has been completed this year. All original participants in this initiative have received user names and passwords to input their holdings information. The Center for Research Libraries is currently testing a tool to batch-load large numbers of records at one time: test results are expected by mid-November.

Microfilming of the President Tubman papers: Update

In 2004, the Title VI Librarians contributed funds towards an assessment trip to Liberia by Dr. Verlon Stone and Dr. Elwood Dunn to determine the conditions of various archival collections. They reported on their trip at the Title VI Librarians fall meeting in 2004, and their report has subsequently been mounted on the Title VI Librarians website at

After the 2004 trip, Dr. Stone submitted (on behalf of the Liberian Collections project at Indiana University) a proposal for the microfilming of the President Tubman papers to the Endangered Archives Program, administered by the British Library. The Endangered Archives Program funded the proposal in the amount of $127,971. This did not include shipping and preservation costs ($35,000). Dr. Stone subsequently presented a proposal to the Title VI Librarians group to fund the preservation of the materials as well as shipping from Liberia to IU-Bloomington and back. His proposal was discussed at our spring meeting (2005) at Northwestern University, and we unanimously voted to fund it at the full amount of $35,000, under the condition that copies of the microfilm will be deposited with the Center for Research Libraries.

For full text of the proposal, click here.

Dr. Stone, Dr. Dunn, and a preservation librarian have been to Liberia in July/August 2005 and transported the materials back to Indiana University, where they will be treated, preserved, and microfilmed before being shipped back to Liberia. Dr. Stone and Dr. Dunn will report on their trip as well as on the progress of the preservation and microfilming project at the 2005 Title VI librarians meeting.

Archivo Historico do Mocambique: Update

In 2004, Sheri Young and Joel Tembe (National Archives of Mozambique) reported on the deplorable conditions of the National Archives. They were looking for microfilming equipment as well as for funding for training and for the microfilming of documents. At the time, the Title VI librarians and CAMP encouraged them to submit a proposal. Mainly because of communication problems such a proposal has not been submitted, although efforts in that direction are still ongoing and will be pursued in 2006.

New Grant Initiatives

During 2005, members of CAMP (including the Title VI librarians) agreed to form several sub-committees (African and Africa-related Archives, Digitization and Newer Technologies, Grant Preparation, Newspapers, Membership Recruitment and Outreach, Bibliographic Access). The committees have just begun work and charges are still being formulated, and it is expected that the Grants sub-committee will both identify potential funding sources and seek grant opportunities for projects identified by the Archives sub-committee, the Title VI librarians, CAMP, or the ALC . This funding will supplement projects for which there are not sufficient cooperative funds through Title VI and/or CAMP.

last updated: 3/10/2010