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Video Materials on Africa

Please Note: The list provided below is not comprehensive in scope, but is meant to indicate a representation of the video materials available at Indiana University. To find additional material in IUCAT, select the "DVD/Video Search" function to the right of the search boxes. You can search by title, director, and keyword, as well as by format (DVD, videotape, etc.).

All video materials may be found in Media and Reserve Services, which is located in the basement of the Wells Library.

*=works by African filmmakers
**=by francophone African filmmakers, with an English narration

Adama the Fulani Musician. 1 cassette. GR351.7 D576 1988

Adanggaman: un film. 90 min. PN1997 .A283 2000

Africa. 5 videocassettes. DT14 .A237 2001 v. 1-5
Vol. 1: Savanna homecoming; Desert Odyssey (120 min.)
Vol. 2: Voices of the forest; Mountains of Faith (120 min.)
Vol. 3: Love in the Sahel; Restless Waters (120 min.)
Vol. 4: Leopards of Zanzibar; Southern Treasures (120 min.)
Vol. 5: The Making of Africa (60 min.)

Africa Come Back : the Popular Music of West Africa; see Repercussions, Part 4.

Africa, a Season for Hope. 30 min. HC800 .A532 1986

Africa, a Voyage of Discovery. DT20 .A375 1984
Part 1: Different But Equal (57 min.)
Part 2: Mastering a Continent (57 min.)
Part 3: Caravans of Gold (57 min.)
Part 4: The King and the City (57 min.)
Part 5: The Bible and the Gun (57 min.)
Part 6: This Magnificent African Cake (57 min.)
Part 7: The Rise of Nationalism (57 min.)
Part 8: The Legacy (57 min.)

*Africa Dreaming. PN1997 .A1 A457 1997
Gaze of the Stars by Joao Ribeiro (26 min.)
Sabriya by Abderrahmane Sissako (26 min.)
So Be It by Joseph Gai Ramaka (26 min.)
Sophia's Homecoming by Richard Pakleppa (26 min.)

Africa, I Remember. 30 min. M142.K595 A37 1995

The Africans: Another View. 90 min. DT14 .M3922 1986

*Afrique, Je Te Plumerai by Jean-Marie Teno. 88 min. DT572 .A35 1992

*Afro@digital by Bakupa-Kanyinda. 53 min. HN780.Z9 I562 2003

After the Hunger and the Drought. 52 min. PR9390.1 .A378 1987

Aime Cesaire: A Voice for History. 160 min. PQ3949 .C4 Z515 1994

Airs en Terre Berbere and Nuptiales en Moyen-Atlas by Izza Genini. 26 min. DT313.2 .A35 1993

*Allah Tantou by David Achkar. 62 min. DT543.8 .A42 1991

*Amandla!: A Revolution in Four Part Harmony. 103 min. ML3917.S6 A446 2003

Americans React to Fate of U.S. Soldiers in Somalia. 22 min. DT407 .A485 1993

*Angano, Angano by Marie Clemence Blanc-Paes and Cesar Paes. 64 min. GR360 .M2 A54 1989

Angola e a nossa terra. 45 min. DT1436 .A656 1988

Angola is Our Country; see Angola e a nossa terra.

*Aristotle's Plot by Jean Pierre Bekolo. 71 min. PN1997 .A685 1997

The Art of Viy'e Diba: The Intelligent Hand. 71 min. N7399.S43 D529 2003

Asante Market Women. 52 min. DT507 .A825 1982

Assignment Africa. 56 min. P96 .A372 U537 1986

Atlantico Negro: Na Rota dos Orixas (Black Atlantic : On the Orixas Route) by Renato Barbieri. 55 min. F2510 .A84 2001

Atumpan, The Talking Drums of Ghana. 45 min. ML1035 .A886 1980

**Baabu Banza by Mariama Hima. 16 min. HD9975 .H553 N534 1992

*Bandit Cinema by Bouna Medoune Seye. 23 min. PN1997 .B24725 1994

Basil Davidson Series; see Africa, a Voyage of Discovery.

Becoming a Woman in Okrika. 27 min. DT515.45 .I35 B43 1990

Behind the Mask. 52 min. DT515.42 B44 1976

De Bende van Rouch. 70 min. PN1998.3.R682 B46 1998

Best of South Africa Now. 58 min. PN5477 .T4 B4 1991

Betty LaDuke: an Artist's Journey from the Bronx to Timbuktu. 30 min. ND237.L22 B488 1996

Beyond Borders: Arab Feminists Talk about Their Lives-- East and West. 50 min. HQ1784 .B496 2000

*Biko: Breaking the Silence by Edwina Spicer. 60 min. DT1949 .B55 B5 1987

*Birth of a Democracy by Bassek Ba Kobhio. 25 min. DT578 .B57 1991

Black Hephaistos: Exploring Culture and Science in African Iron Working. 48 min. DT570 .B573 1995

The Blooms of Banjeli (African Iron Making). 28 min. GN655 .T6 B575 1986

Blue Eyes of Yonta; see Udju azul di Yonta.

Born in Africa. 88 min. RA644 .A25 B675 1990

Born Musicians: Traditional Music from the Gambia; see Repercussions, Part 1.

Bosnia Hotel. 52 min. DT433.545.S26 B67 1996

Bound to Strike Back. 30 min. DT1945 .B685 1987

*Ca twiste a Poponguine by Moussa Sene Absa 90 min. PN1997 .C126 1993

*Camera d'Afrique by Ferid Boughedir. 99 min. PN1993.5.A35 C353 1983

Celebrating African Life. 15 min. DT14 .C443 1997

**Chef! by Jean-Marie Teno. 96 min. JQ3525 .C493 1999

Children of Apartheid. 50 min. DT763 .C534 1987

Chinua Achebe (Bill Moyers' World of Ideas). 28 min. PR9387.9 .A2 Z513 1988

Chinua Achebe: The Importance of Stories. 57 min. PR9387.9 .A2 Z464 1996

Chronicle of a Savanna Marriage. 56 min. DT433.545.M33 C47 1994

*City Lovers; see Gordimer Stories.

Civil War in Somalia. 23 min. DT407 .C58 1992

*Clando by Jean-Marie Teno. 95 min. PN1997 .C593 1996

A Clash of Cultures (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #8

Classified People (South Africa). 55 min. DT763.5 .C583 1987

*The Color of Gold by Don Edkins. 52 min. HD8039 .M732 S6114 1992

Come Back Africa. 85 min. PN1997 .C7338 1980

Commemorating 19 Years of Regional Cooperation and Integration: Southern African Development Community Towards a Common Future. 30 min. HC900 .C63 1999

Condoms, Fish & Circus Tricks: A Documentary. 47 min. RA643.86.A357 C664 2002

*Consequences by Olley Maruma. 53 min. HQ759.4 .C66 1989

Africa, Continent That Overslept (Kontinentet der Sovover sig). 58 min. HC800 .A55325 1990

*Country Lovers; see Gordimer Stories.

The Cow Jumped Over the Moon. 52 min. DT547.45.F84 C695 1999

Crossroads. 55 min. DT450.435 .C767 1996

Cry Freedom. 157 min. PN1997 .C88 1988

The Cry of Reason: Beyers Naude: an Afrikaner Speaks Out. 57 min. DT1949.N385 C7 1988

*Dakan by Mohamed Camara. 87 min. HQ76.2 .A357 D354 1997

*Le Damier Papa National Oye!. 40 min. PN1997 .D1726 1996

Dance, Africa. 62 min. GV1705 .D35 1969

Dance in Africa. 58 min. GV1705 .D363 1987

Dance of the Bella. 11 min. GV1713 .U65 D363 1981

**Dance Voodoo Dance by Roger Nahum. 15 min. BL2490 .D362 1992

Danced Faiths: Bamileke Funeral Rites. 15 min. DT570 .S248 1984

David Goldblatt in Black and White: South African Photographs. 52 min. TR140 .G65 A5 1986

The Deadline. 52 min. KTL2101 .D433 1996

*Deluge by Salem Mekuria. 61 min. DT387.95 .Y39 1997

Les Derniers Colons (The Last Colonials). 61 min. DT658.25 .D476 1995

*The Desired Number by Ngozi Onwurah. 28 min. HQ766.5 .N5 D47 1995

Diro and His Talking Musical Bow. 12 min. ML3503 .U65 D5 1979

**Divine Carcasse by Dominque Loreau. 60 min. PN1997 .D491 1998

Djembefola. 65 min. ML419 .K45 D535 1994

Doctors of Nigeria. 57 min. R653 .N6 D6 1981

Dokwaza: Last of the African Iron Masters. 50 min. DT571 .M39 D657 1988

Donka : Radioscope d'un Hopital Africain. 59 min. RA991.G92 D6 1996

Drums of Dagbon; see Repercussions, Part 3.

Earthkeepers. 28 min. S616 .K4 E27 1991

Ellen Kuzwayo with Hilda Bernstein. 45 min.HQ1800.5 .K88 K898 1984

Enthombe. 18 min. DT2400 .K37 E584 1991

Eritrea: After Peace Falls the Rain. 29 min. DT393 .E758 1993

Eritrean Artists in War and Peace. 53 min. N7380 .E757 1997

*Everyone's Child by Tsitsi Dangarembga. 96 min. PN1997 .E947 1996

Faces of Women; see Visages de femmes.

Falasha: Agony of the Black Jews. 28 min. DS135 .E75 F34 1983

Family Across the Sea. 60 min. E185 .S7 F35 1990

*Farewell GDR by Licinio Azevedo. 25 min. HC890 .F37 1991

*Fary l'anesse by Mansour Sora Wade; see Three Tales from Senegal.

Fathers. 87 min. PN1997.A1 F278 2000

*Les Femmes aux Yeux Ouverts by Anne-Laure Folly. 56 min. HQ1788 .F45 1994

*Femmes du Niger by Anne-Laure Folly. 26 min. HQ1804 .N68 W65 1993

*A Fighting Spirit by Leo Phiri (producer) and Nakai Matema. 28 min. GV1132.J748 F547 2001

*Fintar o Destino by Fernando Vendrell. 77 min. PN1997 .F447 1998

*Finzan by Cheick Oumar Sissoko. 107 min. PN1997 .F45 1990

*Fire Eyes: Female Circumcision by Soraya Mire. 60 min. GN484 .F574 1994

First Film by John Marshall. 60 min. DT1058 .K86 F577 1994

*Flame by Ingrid Sinclair. 85 min. PN1997 .F545 1996

*Le Franc by Djibril Diop Mambety; see Three Tales from Senegal.

**Frantz Fanon. 52 min. CT2628.F35 F726 1995

Fraud and Corruption. 30 min. HV6699.Z55 F728 1996

*From Sunup; see Kumekucha.

Future Remembrance: Photography and Image Arts in Ghana. 55 min. TR119.G45 F888 1998

A Garden of Eden in Decay (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #7

Generations of Resistance. 52 min. DT763.6 .G464 1985

*La Genese by Cheick Oumar Sissoko. 102 min. PN1997 .G4245 1999

Ghosts of Rwanda. 120 min. DT450.435 .G496 2004

Girls Apart. 40 min. DT1945 .G575 1987

*Gito l'Ingrat by Leonce Ngabo. 90 min. PN1997 .G574 1993

Global Africa (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #9

*Gnaouas by Izza Genini. 26 min. GN649 .M65 G573 1990

God Gave Her a Mercedes Benz. 48 min. HD6070.2 .T6 G633 1993

Gogoos. 4 1/2 hrs. (2 audio cassettes). JC599.S45 G6 1999 pt.1 & pt. 2

Goldwidows: Women in Lesotho. 52 min. HQ1802 .G644 1991

Good Health. 16 min. RK61 .G663 1987

*Gordimer Stories (City Lovers, Country Lovers) by Barnie Simon and Manie van Rensburg. 121 min. DT1756 .G675 1982

Graceland: the African Concert. 90 min. ML3534 .G733 1987

*Le Grand Blanc de Lambarene by Bassek Ba Kobhio. 93 min. PN1997 .G728 1995

A Great Tree Has Fallen. 23 min. DT507 .G743 1994

Griottes of the Sahel: Female Keepers of the Songhay Oral Tradition in Niger. 12 min. DT547.45 .S65 G752 1991

*Guardian of the Forces by Anne Laure Folly. 55 min. BL2470 .T6 G837 1991

*Guimba by Cheick Oumar Sissoko. 94 min. PN1997 .G85 1995

*Hado by Gaston Kabore. 13 min. ML420 .L495 H3 1991

The Hamar Trilogy. DT380.4 .H36 H363
Part 1: The Women Who Smile (50 min.)
Part 2: Two Girls Go Hunting (50 min.)
Part 3: Our Way of Loving (50 min.)

Haramuya. 85 min. PN1997 .H25855 1997

Hausar Yau Da Kullum: Intermediate and Advanced Lessons in Hausa Language and Culture . 200 min. PL8232 .H382 1996

*Have You Seen Drum Recently by Jurgen Schadenberg. 77 min. DT1756 .H384 1993

Healers of Ghana. 58 min.  RZ407 .H435 1996

Heart of Africa. 180 min. QL336 .H42 1996 pt.1-3 (BUSSPEA)

Horendi; see Transe Creatrice.

House of Love. 26 min. RA643.86.S6 S847 v.16

The Hubley Collection (Contains 5 animated short films). Volume 6: 49 min. PN1997.5 .H826 2000
Africa: Place of Emergence (1998).
My Universe Inside Out (1996).
Beyond the Shadow Place (1997).
Witch Madness (1999).

Hulm al-Hil'al (Sahara: A People). 50 min. DT333 .H855 1998

The Hunters by John Marshall. 72 min. DT1058 .K86 H86 1990

*Hyenas by Djibril Diop Mambety. 110 min. PN1997 .H942 1993

*Imperfect Journey by Haile Gerima. 88 min. DT379.5 .I564 1994

*In a Time of Violence by Brian Tilley. 156 min. PN1992.77 .I557 1993

In Darkest Hollywood: Cinema and Apartheid (Parts 1-2, Viewer's guide). 108 min. PN1993.5.S6 I5 1993

In Search of Stability (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #6

Inagina: The Last House of Iron. 54 min. DT551.45 .D64 I52 1997

Into Africa. 56 min. HC865 .I586 1991

*Isililo by Molefi Wa Moleli. 5 min. DT1758 .I855 1993

*Iso Lo by Mansour Sora Wade. 46 min. ML420 .L853 I765 1994

*It's Not Easy by Faustin Misanvu. 48 min. RA644 .A25 I874 1990z

Jean Rouch en zijn camera in het hart van Afrika. 74 min. PN1998.3 .R682 J42 1986

*Jit by Michael Raeburn. 92 min. PN1997 .J555 1993

J. M. Coetzee: Passages. 54 min. PR9369.3.C58 Z69 1997b

Juju Music (Nigeria). 51 min. ML3503 .N6 J848 1991

JVC Smithsonian Folkways Video Anthology of Music and Dance of Africa. 156 min. ML3760 .J832 1996

JVC Video Anthology of World Music and Dance. GV1743 .J89 1990
v. 17 Egypt, Tunisia, Morocco, Mali, Cameroon, Zaire, Tanzania (52 min.)
v. 18 Chad, Cameroon (52 min.)
v. 19 Cote d'Ivoire, Botswana, South Africa (52 min.)

*Kasarmu Ce by Saddik Balewa. 84 min. PN1997 .K3725 1991

*Keita by Dani Kouyate. 94 min. PN1997 .K3854 1994

Kenyatta. 52 min. DT433.576 .K46 K45 1979

*Keeping a Live Voice: 15 Years of Democracy in Zimbabwe by Edwina Spicer. 54 min. DT2996 .K447 1995

Kingdom of Bronze. 53 min. NK7989.6 N5 K5 1976

Kiswahili: Lugha na Utamaduni (8 cassettes). PL8701 .K586 1996

Kofi Awoonor, Poetry and Comments. 42 min. PR9379.9 .A96 Z465 1979

Kofi Awoonor, Songs of the Village. 30 min. PR9379.9 .A96 Z47 1979

Kpegisu: A War Drum of the Ewe. 30 min. ML3760 ,K66 1990z

*Kumekucha by Flora M'Mbugu-Schelling. 28 min. HQ1798.5 .K86 1992

A Land of Immense Riches. 30 min. HD988.Z7 M693 1995

*The Language You Cry In. by Alvaro Toepke. 52 min. DT14 .L365 1999

The Last Colonials (Zaire). 61 min. DT658.25 .D476 1995

The Last Days of Apartheid: Defiance in the Townships (Pt. 1). 33 min. DT1756 .L377 1994

The Last Days of Apartheid: The First Free Elections (Pt. 2). 29 min. DT1756 .L377 1994

Last Year's Rain Fell on a Monday. 58 min. HN808.A8 L388 1990z

A Legacy of Life Styles (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #2

Liberia, The Promised Land. 43 min. DT631.5 .L52 1996

The Long Tears: a Ndebele Story. 52 min. DT2913.N44 L65 1998

The Long Walk of Nelson Mandela. 120 min. DT1949.M35 L665 1999

The Lost City of Zimbabwe. 22 min. DT3025.G84 L677 1993

Lost-wax Casting in Cameroon. 18 min. TS225.2 .C35 S248 1984

Maasai in the Modern World. 27 min. DT433.545.M33 M237 1995

Maids and Madams. 54 min. DT1756 .M353 1988

Les Maitres Fous; see Transe Creatrice.

Lost in the Stars. 97 min. PN1997 .L6784 2003

Mali & Senegal: The Power of Islam. 49 min. BP64.M29 M355 2002

Mama Awethu! 53 min. DT1757 .M355 1993

Mama Benz & the Taste of Money. 52 min. HQ1810 .M363 2002

Man, God and Africa. 51 min. BR1450 .M35 1993

Mandela. 55 min. DT779.955 .M36 A344 1986

Mandela. 57 min. DT1949.M35 M285 1994

Mandela. 117 min. DT1949 .M35 M286 1997

Mandela: Free at Last. 79 min. DT1949.M35 N434 1990

Mandela: The Man and His Country. 50 min. DT1949.M35 M368 1990

Mandela in America. 90 min. DT1949.M35 M365 1990

Mandiani Drum and Dance (2 cassettes). ML3760 .S84 1995

Many Cultures, One Nation: The Inauguration of President Nelson Mandela of South Africa, 10 May, 1994. 40 min. DT1974 .M362 1994

*Mapantsula by Oliver Schmitz and Thomas Mogotlane. 104 min. PN1997 .A469 1988

*A Mascara by Flora Gomes. 23 min. GT1748.G93 M373 1995

Master Harold and the Boys. 90 min. PN1997 .M376 1986

Mau Mau. 51 min. DT433.575 .M38 1973

Mbira Dza Vadzimu: Dambatsoko, an Old Cult Centre. 51 min. GN656 .M357 1990z

Mbira Dza Vadzimu: Religion at the Family Level. 66 min. GN656 .M358 1990z

Mbira Dza Vadzimu: Urban and Rural Ceremonies with Hakurotwi Mudhe. 45 min. GN656 .M359 1990z

Mbira: Matepe Dza Mhondoro: A Healing Party. 20 min. GN656 .M356 1990z

*Mbira Music by Simon Bright. 52 min. ML350 .M33 1992

Mbira Njari Karanga, Songs in Christian Ceremonies with Simon Mashoko. 24 min. ML1015 .M25 M365 1991

Mbira: The Technique of the Mbira Dza Vadzimu. 19 min. MT654 .M38 M347 1981

*Melodies in Berber Land (Airs en Terre Berbere). Part 1; for Part 2, see Middle-Atlas Bridal Songs. DT313.2 .A35 1993

*The Message of the Baobab Tree by Leopold Togo. 24 min. PN1997 .M4758 1992

*Middle-Atlas Bridal Songs (Nuptiales en Moyen-Atlas). Part 2; for Part 1, see Melodies in Berber Land. DT313.2 .A35 1993

*A Miner's Tale. 40 min. RA643.86.S6 M564 2001

*Monday's Girls by Ngozi Onwurah. 52 min. DT515.45 I33 M66 1993

*Mopiopio, the Breath of Angola by Zeze Gamboa. 54 min. ML3760 .M66 1992

*Mortu Nega by Flora Gomes. 93 min. PN1997 .M6917 1998

Mozambique, the Struggle for Survival. 57 min. DT463.5 .M693 1987

Mozambique Under Attack. 24 min. DT3389 .M693 1992

*Mr. Foot by Jean-Marie Teno. 20 min. GV944 .C17 M57 1991

My Beloved Country. 50 min. DT1768 .A57 H375 1991

Naked Spaces. 135 min. GN652.5 .N354 1985

Namib: Africa's Burning Shore. 60 min. DT1670.N37 N365 1997 (BUSSPEA)

Namibia, Africa's Last Colony. 48 min. DT714 .N347 1984

Ndebele Women : The Rituals of Rebellion. 52 min. DT2913.N44 N33 1995

Nelson Mandela: The Struggle Is My Life. 41 min. DT1949.M35 N438 1986

*Neria by Godwin Mawuru. 100 min. PN1997 .N393 1992

New Conflicts (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #5

New Gods (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #3

New Images: Art in a Changing African Society, Oshogbo, Nigeria. 25 min. NK1087.6 .N5 N48 1964

The New South Africa : A Personal Journey. 58 min. DT1945 .N479 1995

Nguba Connection. 60 min. HQ 696.5 .N48 1978 #12

Nightline in Somalia (Day 1). 23 min. DT407 .N53 1992

Nightline in Somalia (Day 2). 44 min. DT407 .N532 1992

Nightline in Somalia (Day 3). 23 min. DT407 .N5322 1992

Nightsong: Performance, Power, and Practice in South Africa. 60 min. ML3760 .N546 1996

No Easy Walk, Ethiopia. 60 min. DT 387 .N6 1987

No Easy Walk, Kenya. 60 min. DT 433.57 .N6 1987

No Easy Walk, Zimbabwe. 60 min. DT 962.7 .N6 1987

The Nuba of Sudan. 26 min. DT155.2.N82 N825 1999

On Tiptoe: the Music of Ladysmith Black Mambazo. 57 min. M1834.2.L33 O527 2000

Operation Restore Normality in Somalia. 23 min. DT407 .O647 1993

*Ordinary People by Harriet Gavshon. DT1757 .O735 1993
Part 1: The Peacemakers (26 min.)
Part 2: The Lawyer, the Farmer & the Clerk (26 min.)
Part 3: The Tooth of the Times (26 min.)
Part 4: City of Dreams (26 min.)
Part 5: Sebokeng by Night (26 min.)
Part 6: The Penalty Area (26 min.)
Part 7: Make Believe (26 min.)

Otomo. 82 min. PN1997 .O6975 1999

Our Friends At The Bank. 84 min. HG3881.5.W57 O874 1997

Out of Africa. 161 min. PN1997 .O868 1986

*Picc mi by Mansour Sora Wade; see Three Tales from Senegal.

*La petite vendeuse de Soleil by Djibril Diop Mambety. 45 min. PN241.5.A3 C73 2003

*Piece d'Identites by Mweze Ngangura. 94 min. PN1997 .P542 1998

Politics Do Not a Banquet Make. 52 min. DT387.95 .P655 1997

Porto-Novo, Ballet de cour des femmes du roi. 30 min. GV1713 .B45 P67 1996

Potters of Buur Heybe, Somalia. 25 min. NK4176.9 .S6 P688 1991

*Prime Time South Africa. 110 min. PN1992.3 .S57 P756 1996

Puppets Against AIDS. 50 min. RA644 .A25 P86 1993

Quagmire in Somalia. 23 min. DT407 .Q346 1993

*Quand les Etoiles Rencontrent la Mer by Raymond Rajanarivelo. 85 min. PN1997 .Q265 1995

*Quartier Mozart by Jean-Pierre Bekolo. 80 min. PN1997 .Q2733 1992

*Rabi by Gaston Kabore. 60 min. PN1997 .R125 1992

Race Against Time: the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa. 54 min. RA643.86.A35 R334 2002

A Red Ribbon Around My House. 26 min. RA643.86.S6 S847 v.13

Regopstaan's Dream. 25 min. JZ1318 .L54 2000 pt.17

Repercussions: a Celebration of African-American Music (4 cassettes). ML3556 .R382 1994

Republic Gone Mad: Rwanda 1894-1984; see Une republique devenue folle: (Rwanda, 1894-1994): un film.

Une Republique devenue folle: (Rwanda, 1894-1994): un film. 60 min. DT450.28 .R468 1996

*The Return of Sara Baartman by Zola Maseko. 52 min. DT1058.K56 R48 2003

*The Ribbon by Harriet Gavshon. PN1993.5.D44 R48 2003

The Riches of Elephants. 25 min. SK575.Z55 R534 1995

Robben Island Our University. 55 min. HU 9850.5 .R633 1988

*Root 1 by Anne G. Mungai. 52 min. HV887.K42 R66 1993

*Roots of Rhythm. 150 min. Blmgtn Music Library (B-MUSIC), 5883264, Reserve Desk.

*Rostov-Luanda by Abderrahmane Sissako. 50 min. DT611.9.L6 R67 1997

*Rouch in Reverse by Manthia Diawara. 51 min. GN21 .R63 R68 1995

Rwanda: How History Can Lead to Genocide. 52 min. DT450.435 .R88 1995

Rwandan Nightmare. 41 min. DT450.435 .R896 1994

*Saaraba by Amadou Saalum Seck. 86 min. PN1997 .S117 1988

*Sababu by Nissi Joanny Traore. 89 min. PN1997 .S12437 1992

*Saikati by Anne G. Mungai. 93 min. PN1997 .S12447 1992

*Sango Malo by Bassek Ba Kobhio. 95 min. PN1997 .S1773 1991

*Sankara by Balufu Bakupa Kanyinda.  20 min.  DT555.83 .S26 S259 1991

*Sankofa by Haile Gerima. 125 min. PN1997 .S17735 1993

Searching for Hawa's Secret. 47 min. RC607.A26 S427 1999

A Second Look at Operation Restore Hope. 23 min. DT407 .S435 1993

*Selbe by Safi Faye. 30 min. HQ1814.5 .S44 1982

*Sia: Le Reve du Python (The Dream of the Python) by Dani Kouyate. 96 min. PN1997.2 .S512 2001

Side by Side: Women Against AIDS in Zimbabwe. 47 min. RA644 .A25 S524 1993

*Sidet-Forced Exile by Salem Mekuria. 60 min. JV9025 .S73 S52 1991

Sizwe Bansi Is Dead. 59 min. PR9369.3 .F95 S52 1978

*The Snake in My Bed by Omah Diegu. 82 min. HQ1032 .S3536 1995

Somalia: A Paradise Destroyed. 48 min. DT401.5 .S685 1993

Somalia: Kill to Feed. 30 min. DT407 .S6397 1993

Somalia: An End in Sight. 23 min. DT407 .S6396 1993

Somalia: Moment of Decision. 34 min. DT407 .S6398 1993

Somalia: the neglected civil war. 49 min. DT407.4 .S663 2002

Song of Umm Dalaila: the Story of the Sahrawis. 35 min. DT346 .S7 S664 1993

Sons of the Moon. 25 min. DT515.45 .A53 S666 1984

**Souls in the Sun by Safi Faye. 28 min. DT524 .S685 1990z

Soweto. 20 min. DT1757 .S69 1988

Sowing the Seeds of Hunger. 27 min. JZ1318 .L543 2002 pt.11

The Speeches of Nelson Mandela. 70 min. DT1949.M35 S844 1995

State of Denial by Elaine Epstein. 83 min. RA643.86.S6 S838 2003

Story of Ghana. 20 min. DT510.5 S76 1971

Sudan: The Harsher Face of Islam. 40 min. BP64.S73 S833 1990z

The Survival Age. 26 min. HC885 .S878 1995

Swahili Folktales: A Dual Language Production. 24 min. PL8704 .Z95 K5 1980

Swahili Gestures: A Dual Language Production. 15 min. PL8701 .S973 1992

*Ta Dona by Adama Drabo. 100 min. PN1997 .T232 1991

*Taafe Fanga (Pouvoir de Pagne = Skirt Power) by Adama Drabo. 95 min. PN1997 .T2 1997

*Tableau Ferraille by Moussa Sene Absa. 85 min. PN1997 .T247 1997

*Tango ya ba Wendo (In the Time of Wendo) by Kwami Mambu Zinga. 52 min. GV1796.R8 T364 1993

*O testamento do Sr. Napumoceno by Francisco Manso. 110 min. PN1997 .T41565 1998

These Girls Are Missing. 60 min. LC2412 .T475 1990z

*These Hands by Flora M'bugu-Schelling. 45 min. HQ1798.5 .T475 1992

This Virus That Has No Cure. 30 min. RA644 .A25 T465 1995

3 Somalia Stories. 23 min. DT407 .A2 1992

*Three Tales from Senegal by Djibril Diop Mambety and Mansour Sora Wade. 82 min. PN1997 .A1 T47 1994

Toivo: Child of Hope. 26 min. DT1645 .T64 1990

Tools of Exploitation (The Africans). 59 min. DT14 .M398 1986 #4

*Touki Bouki by Djibril Diop Mambety. 85 min. PN1997 .T6352 1993

Tourou et Bitti; see Transe Creatrice.

A Town Meeting with Nelson Mandela. 90 min. DT1949 .M35 T693 1990

La Transe Creatrice, 4 Films by Jean Rouch. 167 min. GN21 .R63 T72 1983a

*The Tree of Our Forefathers by Licinio Azevedo. 53 min. DT463.5 .T733 1994

Trial of Ken and Others. 50 min. KTA41.S27 I5 1996

Truth Commission: Special Report. 18 min. JC599 .S6 T783 1997

*Udju azul di Yonta by Flora Gomes. 90 min. PN1997 .U236 1994

U.N. Approves Intervention in Somalia. 23 min. JX1977 .U34 1992

U.S. Military Role in Somalia. 23 min. DT407 .U56 1993

*Usilie Mtoto wa Afrika by Anne G. Mungai. 43 min. HV887.K42 U84 1993

*La Vie sur Terre by Abderrahmane Sissako. 61 min. PN1997 .V48534 1999

*Visages de Femmes by Desire Ecare. 103 min. PN1997 .V53496 1995

Vukani Mukai Awakening. 27 min. HQ1801 .V853 1990z

Waiting. 33 min. HC385.Z9 F393 1996

*A Walk in the Night by Mickey Madoda Dube. 78 min. PN1997 .N2468 1998

Wandering Warrior. 58 min. DT433.545.M33 W36 1996

We Never Give Up. 70 min. DT1945 .W4 2002

Weapons for the Ancestors. 25 min. N7396.6 .Z5 W42 1990

*Wend Kuuni by Gaston Kabore. 70 min. PN1997 .W444 1982

Were Ni, He Is a Madman. 30 min. DT515.45 .Y67 W47 1963

*White City, Black Lives (Mail & Guardian Television) directed by Teboho Mahlatsi. 57 min. DT2405.S68 W475 1997

White Hotel. 90 min. RA644.A25 W447 1996

White Man's Country. 51 min. DT433.57 .W5 1973

Witness to Apartheid. 55 min. DT763 .W584 1986

Wole Soyinka (Writers in Conversation). 50 min. PR9340.5 .S69 1984

*Women of Niger; see Femmes du Niger.

*Women of the Sahel by Mahamane Souleymane. 50 min. HQ1804 .N68 W66 1995

*Women of the Sand. 51 min. HQ1815 .W664 2003

The Women Will. 30 min. HQ1391 .K4 W66 1986

Women's Olamal. 114 min. DT433.545 .M33 W644 1990z

Wonders of the African World (3 videocassettes). 360 min. DT14 .W866 1999
Tape 1: Black Kingdoms of the Nile. The Swahili Coast
Tape 2: The Slave Kingdoms. The Holy Land.
Tape 3: The Road to Timbuktu. Lost Cities of the South.

A World Apart. 114 min. PN1997 .W677 1989

World in the Balance (Population Statistics). 120 min. HB849.4 .W675 2004
Note: Segments of the film require a DVD-Rom player and PDF Reader.

*Woubi Cheri by Phillip Brooks and Laurent Bocahut. 62 min. PN1997 .N2468 1998

Yaaba Soore: The Path of the Ancestors. Includes The Dance of the Spirits: Mask Styles and Performance in the Upper Volta. 45 min. GT1748 .B92 Y33 1988

*Yawaneze Micebahe; see Deluge.

*Yeelen by Souleymane Cisse. 105 min. PN1997 .Y444 1987

Yenendi de Ganguel; see Transe Creatrice.

Yoruba Ritual. 30 min. DT515.45 .Y67 Y672 1992

*You, Africa by Ndiouga Moctar Ba. 43 min. ML421 .N36 Y68 1994

You Can't Eat Potential. 56 min. HD2117 .Y68 1996

Zaire the Cycle of the Serpent. 58 min. DT658 .Z333 1992

*Zan Boko by Gaston Kabore. 94 min. PN1997 .Z36 1988

**Zemi Jan: the Motorcycles of Porto-Novo by Roger Nahum. 15 min. DT541.4 .Z45 1992

Zimbabwe & South Africa: Still Far from Coexistence. 49 min. DT2912 .Z563 2002

Zulu Zion. 55 min. BL80.2 .L66 1977 #10

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