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African Literary Awards Database

Each year dozens of works written by African writers and works about Africa win prestigous international and national literary and scholarly prizes. This database is the first attempt to gather a comprehensive list of African literary awards and their laureates. It is constantly being expanded by the addition of recent prize-winners and historical literary awards. Our initial focus is on Sub-Saharan Africa, but we intend to eventually cover the entire continent.

Finding accurate information, particularly for older awards, is often difficult due to poor documentation. We therefore welcome corrections and supplemental information (please contact our staff).

This database provides information about awards in an easy-to-search format. You may search by an award, title, or author. Clicking a "search" button without entering information in a search box will return a full list. Complete bibliographical information for the original published edition of each work is only available through title searches.

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last updated: 5/24/2011