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African University Handbooks and Course Catalogs

A variety of printed university guides are available in Wells E660 during regular office hours.

University of Bophuthatswana. Calendar 1985.
Curriculum in Brief.
Its Aims, Goals and Structure. Information Brochure No. 1.

University of Botswana. Calendar 1990-1991.

Burkina Faso
Universite de Ouagadougou. Guide de l'etudiant. 1994.

University of Buea. Matriculation 1993.
Universite de Yaounde. Annuaire de l'Universite de Yaounde. 1984-85.
Universite de Yaounde. Apercu general 1982/83.
Faculte des Lettres et Sciences Humaines. Livret de L'etudiant.

Cote d'Ivoire
Universite Nationale de Cote d'Ivoire. Comment s'inscrire a l'universite apres la bac? Abidjan: 1992-93.

Universite Omar Bongo. Guide de l'etudiant. 1991-92.

University of Ghana. Handbook of Graduate Studies. 1991.
Handbook of the Bachelor's Degree. 1990.
Handbook of the Bachelor's Degree. Legon. 1996.

Daystar University College. 1991-1993 Catalogue.
Kenyatta University. Calendar 1998-2000.
Kenyatta University. Calendar 1995-96.
Moi University. Calendar. 1988/89-1989/90.
University of Nairobi. Calendar 1989-90.

National University of Lesotho. Almanac of Events. 1995-96.
Calendar 1992-93.

University of Malawi. Calendar 1991-93.

University of Mauritius. Calendar 1986-87.

University of Namibia. Distance Teaching. 1993.
Faculty of Arts. 1993.
Faculty of Economics and Management Science. 1993.
Faculty of Education. 1993.
Faculty of Health Sciences. 1993.
Faculty of Science. 1993.
General and Commercial Training. 1993.
General Regulations for Students. 1993.
Technical Training. 1993.

Bendel State University, Ekpoma. Calendar 1983-87.

Faculty of Business and Communication Studies, The Polytechnic. Full time and part-time programmes: Prospectus. December 2008.
Obafemi Awolowo University. Calendar 1988-90.
University of Ibadan. Calendar 1988-89.
University of Ibadan. Calendar 1996-1998.
University of Lagos. 1996-2000 Calendar.
University of Nigeria. Information Brochure. 1991.
Yaba College of Technology. Prospectus. 1987/89.
Student's Handbook.

Universite Nationale du Rwanda. Annuaire 1984-85.
Campus de Butare. Profils et programmes de formation. 1989.
Campus de Ruhengeri. Programmes et profils de formation.
Campus de Ruhengeri. Programmes reformes de la faculte des
sciences de l'education.1989.

Sierra Leone
Fourah Bay College, University of Sierra Leone. Prospectus. 1984-87.

South Africa
Federal Theological Seminary. Blue Book. 1985.
Rand Afrikaans University. Prospectus 1982.
Rhodes University. Calendar 1994.
University of Cape Town. Centre for African Studies. Diploma. 1993.
Centre for African Studies. Honours. 1993.
New Schedule of Fees. 1985.
Student Handbook. 1985, 1992. 13 vols.
Vice Chancellor's Report. 1982.
University of Durban-Westville. Two booklets, undated.
University of Fort Hare. Untitled brochure.
Calendar 1992-93.
University of Natal. General Information. 1983.
University of South Africa. Untitled brochure.
Calendar 1983. 3 vols.
General Information. 1983
University of the Western Cape. Brochure.
Calendar 1985. 8 vols.
University of the Witswatersrand. Calendar 1992.
Introducing WITS.
Programmes designed particularly for educationally disadvantaged people. 1982.
University of Swaziland. Calendar 1992-93.
Faculty of Education. Handbook 1986-87.
Universiteit van Stellenbosch. Jaarboek 1985.

University of Dar es Salaam. Almanac. 1993-94.
Brief Guide to the Use of the Library and Library Regulations.
Calendar for Academic Years 1988/89-1990/91.
Prospectus. 1995/96.
Prospectus. 1996/97.
Prospectus. 1997/98.

University of Transkei. Prospectus 1992.
Our Future is in Your Hands.

United Kingdom
SOAS, University of London. Postgraduate Prospectus, 1991.
Undergraduate Prospectus, 1991.

University of Zambia. School of Humanities and Social Sciences.
1987-88 Handbook.

University of Zimbabwe. Act & Ordinances 1998/99.
University of Zimbabwe. 1998/99 Calendar.
University of Zimbabwe. 1996/97 Calendar.
University of Zimbabwe. 1994/95 Calendar.
College of Music. Various pamphlets.

Education and empowerment for the working person.
University of Zululand. Calendar 1992.
Unizulu 82.


last updated: 1/8/2013