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Web Portals for Africanists

This is a list of well-produced sites on the web that act as gateways to Africa-related resources. These select links offer access to on-line journals and newspapers, Africana collections in the U.S. and abroad, international organizations, geographic and political information on African nations, and a wide variety of other sources.

From the Africa Resource Center, this user-friendly website covers various topics related to Africa and the African diaspora. Sections are dedicated to e-journals, lists of authors, published works, African art, and poetry.

Africa South of the Sahara: Selected Internet Resources
This guide to Africana on the internet, developed by Karen Fung for the Electronic Technology Group of the African Studies Association, provides an excellent gateway to Africana information. The website is searchable by topic, country, and keyword/phrase.

African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania
This gateway offers links to a variety of topical, organizational, and institutional websites. Most of the resources can be found under "Online Resources."

Africana at the MSU Libraries (Michigan State University)

This website provides a large collection of Africana links.

Columbia University Libraries: African Studies Internet Resources - Virtual Library
This website, developed by Yuusuf Caruso, African Studies Librarian at Columbia University, provides access to online journals and newspapers from or about Africa, an international directory to African studies scholars, and some Africana library collections in the US, Europe, and southern Africa. You can search the site by keywords and browse by subject and country.

Francophone Africa
Compiled by the Wells' African Studies Collection office, this website contains many useful links for the study and research of Francophone Africa. The majority of the websites focus on current events, humanities, and social sciences.


H-Africa Network Homepage
An important international interdisciplinary electronic discussion group, H-Africa's homepage links to current and past discussion threads and forums; conference announcements; archival collections in the US, Europe, and Africa; lists of recent Africana dissertations; tables of contents of Africana journals; book, exhibit, and film reviews; and obituaries.

Although discontinued as of July 2011, this portal still provides access to Intute's large catalogue of online arts and humanities resources.

Website originally prepared by Natalia Taylor, Intern, Office of the Librarian for African Studies.

last updated: 2/20/2012