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  • Librarian: Marion Frank-Wilson
  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E660
  • Phone: (812) 855-1481
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last updated: 2/20/2012

About the African Studies Collection Toolbar

The African Studies Collection toolbar lets you access articles, collections, and databases from your browser, no matter your location on the web.

Drop-down menus allow you to:

  • Access different IU databases - IUCAT, JSTOR, Aluka, etc.
  • Reach different collection resource pages - African Posters, Pamphlets, or Ephemera
  • Link to relevant websites, e.g. the Center for Research Libraries or the H-Net homepage.

Click the image above to go to the website and begin the easy installation.  There you will find complete installation instructions specific to your browser.

To remove the toolbar:

In Mozilla Firefox: 
1.  Go to the top menu "Tools", and then to the sub-menu "Add-ons".  You should see several graphical tabs. 

2.  Click the "Extensions" tab, if not already selected. 
3.  Under the "Extensions" tab, there is a selection for the African Studies Collection Toobar with "Disable" and "Uninstall" buttons. 
4.  Click uninstall to proceed.

In Internet Explorer:
Note: (instructions may vary depending on your version of Windows (e.g. 98, XP, or Vista)
1.  Go to the Windows Start Menu, and select either Control Panel or Settings, then Control Panel.
2.  Depending on your Windows settings, you will either see an "Add/Remove Programs" icon or you may see "Programs" and you will need to find the "Uninstall" or "Add/Remove" option.
3.  Proceed with the uninstallation.

last updated: 2/20/2012