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Statistical Resources


Pertains to resources containing data and statistics. Accesses documents and interactive databases providing numerical data and research results, covering international economics, census and demographics, education, vital and health status, environmental, and socioeconomic conditions. Below is a basic list of high use statistical data sources that are frequently invoked by statistical data searchers and data service personnel at Indiana University.  For a more comprehensive list and to check out what services we provide go to our Statistical Services page

Comprehensive Data Sources

Proquest Satistical - About

Proquest Data Sets

Statistical Abstract of the United States


American FactFinder


Economic, Finance, & Agricultural

Consumer Price Index

Economic Indicators: 1995 - Current

Bureau of Labor Statistics Website

Bureau of Economic Analysis

National Agricultural Statistics Service

Wharton Research Data Services


Health Statistics

National Center for Health Statistics

Vital & Health Statistics

Vital Statistics of the United States

Medicare Current Beneficiary Survey


International Statistics

Index to International Statistics (IIS) (through Proquest Statistical)

OECD Statistics

World Development Indicators

International Finance Statistics - About | User's Guide

UNESCO Institute for Statistics

UN Statistics - About



Demographic & Population Data

U. S. Bureau of the Census

U. S. Census 2000

U. S. Census 2010

Historical Census Data on the U. S. Census Bureau Website

Historical Census Data 1790-1960 (UVA)

Current Population Survey

Integrated Public Use Microdata Series

Opinion Polls

Gallup Brain

Library guide

Election, Politics, & Social Survey

Clerk of the House Election Statistics

American National Election Studies

Lijphart's Elections Data

Bureau of Justice Statistics

General Social Surveys

Education Statistics

Digest of Educational Statistics

NCES Educational Statistics

Education Finance Statistical Center (EFSC)

U.S. Census Bureau - Education

Indiana State/Local Statistics


University Institutional Research and Reporting

Indiana State Data Center

Northern Indiana DataPages- About | User's Guide

Indiana Business Research Center - About | User's Guide

Bloomington City Statistics

last updated: 12/8/2013