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The study of cultures, art and people in modern and ancient times as well as the evolutionary aspects of these topics. Includes: Archeology, Bioanthropology, Linguistic Anthropology, and Social/Cultural Anthropology.

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The Anthropology Collection supports upper division undergraduate and graduate teaching, as well as Ph.D. and faculty level research in archaeology (particularly in North and Central America), bioanthropology, anthropological linguistics (especially Native American languages), and social and cultural anthropology. For an overview of the collection's strengths, emphases, highlights, and location click here.

Doing Fieldwork in the Library? This GUIDE introduces the best indexes for finding articles and dissertations, current awareness services, and more.

Looking for Ethnographies? This guide shows how to find book-length ethnographies in IUCAT or other library catalogs using Library of Congress Subject headings.

Looking for Scholarly Articles? Here's a select list of Electronic Journals in Anthropology.

last updated: 11/1/2011