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Pertains to the science of celestial objects and their phenomena. Research is conducted regarding physics, the geology of planets, the sun and stars, and meteors and meteorites and their effects on the earth. Also deals with the instrumention of the science, including telescopes and other highly technical devices.

ADS System (NASA's Astrophysics Data System)
National Virtual Observatory

The IAU Resolutions on Astronomical Reference Systems, Time Scales, and Earth Rotation Models: Explanation and Implementation.

Specific Telescope Archives:

• NASA Infrared and submillimeter data archive
National radio telescope archive
Hubble space telescope archive
Canada-France telescope archive
JCMT archive
US Naval obs. Guide star catalogue

The Astronomy collection consists of books and journals supporting the research and teaching of the Astronomy Department and its students.  Central to research in astronomy is access to the NASA ADS (Astrophysics Data System), where astronomers can retrieve the full-text of publications related to physics, astrophysics, and instrumentation.  The astronomy collection does not include much depth of information or current information on topics such as aeronautics and space flight.    
last updated: 9/26/2012