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last updated: 8/12/2013

Government Information: Foreign Documents

This page focuses on official publications of national level governments worldwide, with the exception of the United States government.


IU collections are especially strong in foreign government publications on education, finance, legislation, social sciences, environment, health, and foreign affairs. Statistical yearbooks, censuses, bibliographies, and country guides worldwide are features of the collection.

Finding aids are available for the legislative publications of France, Germany, and Great Britain.

Included in the resources for this subject are IU's guides to basic sources for individual countries (the Green Box pages), a guide to contemporary British web sites, and links for finding statistical agency publications and websites, including the Archive-it collection for foreign statistical web sites.

IUCAT is the most complete electronic tool for locating cataloged foreign official publications at IU.

Additional  older materials which have not yet been cataloged may be consulted in Government Information, Maps and Microform Services on the second floor of the Herman B Wells Library's east tower.
See Ecuadorian Laws at Indiana University, in the Resources list for a description of a portion of the uncataloged Latin American collections. 


last updated: 8/12/2013