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  • Librarian: Bob Noel
  • Location: Swain Hall West 208
  • Phone: (812) 855-3437
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last updated: 1/7/2011


Examines new uses for information technology in order to solve specific problems in areas as diverse as biology, fine arts, and economics. Informatics also approaches how people transform technology and how technology transforms people. Incorporates specializations in social, medical, musical and bioinformatics. Related subjects include library and information science, computer science, sociology, telecommunications and media studies.



     Prior to Spring 2004, the Informatics collection consisted of books bought largely for their attention to specific kinds of Informatics including bioinformatics and chemical informatics.  These materials were bought by the Heads of the Life Sciences Library and Chemistry Library and shelved in these campus libraries.  Other books on informatics but of a more general nature are shelved in the Wells Library and Swain Hall Library.


     In Spring 2004, the Informatics fund began to be used to purchase informatics books in a wider range of areas to support the rapidly growing multidisciplinary School of Informatics (Bloomington campus).  The Informatics fund also subscribes to large, expensive multi-disciplinary resources that benefit students through the school including Books 24X7 (IT collection), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, IEEE Computer Society digital library, and Springer e-Books.


last updated: 1/7/2011