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Central Eurasian Studies

The Central Eurasian Studies Collections and related materials on the Indiana University-Bloomington (IUB) campus reflect the vast area extending from the Baltics and Hungary in the west to Mongolia in the east, and from southern Siberia in the north to Afghanistan and Tibet in the south (map showing geographical scope of library collections). The information collected on this website is intended to facilitate historical, linguistic, and political research concerning Central Eurasia and reflects the strengths of IUB's library collections, its teaching mission, and its faculty's interests. An effort has been made to identify relevant and reliable resources which are most useful to students and researchers.


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Quick Links to Electronic Resources

Middle Eastern and Central Eurasian Studies: Bibliographic index of research, policy, and scholarly discourse on the countries and peoples of the Middle East, Central Asia, and North Africa.

Encyclopaedia of Islam, 3rd edition (EI3): A new work (2007-) reflecting current scholarship on Islam in the twentieth century, Muslim minorities, and social science as well as humanistic perspectives.

Encyclopaedia of Islam, 2nd edition (EI2): The standard, authoritative encyclopedia (1960-2008) on the Islamic faith and the Islamicate world.

Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures: An essential reference work in the fields of gender studies and Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.

Index Islamicus: Classified bibliography of publications in European languages on all aspects of Islam and the Muslim world.

Oxford Bibliographies Online: Islamic Studies: Each entry provides a balanced, authoritative introduction to a subject and its subtopics, followed by annotated lists of the key literature

Oxford Islamic Studies Online: Collects reference materials and scholarly commentary on Islam and the Islamicate world.

Hungarian Reformation Online: Original writings of the Hungarian reformers from the 1540s to 1650s.

Universal Databases (East View): Full-text access to many Russian-language newspapers and journals in the humanities and social sciences.

Russian-Ottoman Relations: This collection of 193 titles originally published in Western Europe provides insights not only on the military ebb and flow of Russian-Ottoman relations (1600-1914), but also into their effects on European public opinion.

Muslims in Russia: Collection of Russian-language periodicals written by and about Muslims in the Russian empire.
last updated: 3/4/2013