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African Pamphlet Collection Index

The collection includes nearly 10,000 items related to Africa, including booklets, articles, conference presentations, flyers, and other materials written in English as well as in many other European and African languages. This online index is searchable by keywords, and you may browse the alphabetical lists. Most items can be borrowed from or used in the African Studies Collection office (Herman B Wells Library, Room E660 – advance notification by email is recommended).

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  • Waddington, B. M. Ka ayi nwe aru-ike. N.d.
    Notes: Ibadan, Nigeria: Daystar Press.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Igbo

  • Wade, Abdoulaye. Profession de foi.
    Notes: In: Collection of Senegalese presidential election documents, 2007.
    Keywords: Senegal

  • Wafanya Kazi wa Tanzania. 1971 [1969].
    Notes: Dar es Salaam: Wizara ya Elimu ya Taifa.
    Keywords: Swahili

  • Wagaw, Teshome G. The Impact of Education on African Evolution. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Wagner, Ewald. Political and religious Authorities. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Wahl in Namibia DTA fur Demokratie (Windhoek) Oct. 1989.
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Namibia

  • Wahlman, Maude. The Contemporary African Arts Festival. Field Museum Bulletin, April 1974, pp. 3-8.

  • Wahome, John, Kamenyi. Songs from Kenya, 1977.
    Keywords: Kenya; Legends

  • Wahome, John, Kamenyi. Wamugumo: Legends and Adventures of Wamugumo the Great, 1986.
    Keywords: Kenya; Legends

  • Wakeham, Sara. Second Urban Project: Summary; Outline of Training Proposal; Context Paper no. 4; Context Paper no. 5; Context Paper no. 6; Context Paper no. 7.
    Notes: The Government of the Republic of Zambia, Housing Authority, 1976

  • Wakoli, Alfred N. Chiisimo che babukusu. 1975.
    Notes: Nairobi: East African Publishing House.
    Keywords: Swahili; Proverbs

  • Wal Fadjri (Dakar) No. 1835 (28 avril 1998)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Senegal

  • WALA News) (Ibadan).
    Notes: vols. 1 (1)-1 (2), 2 (1), 1954-1955
    Keywords: Libraries

  • Waligorski, Andrzej. Kinship Terminology of the Luo.
    Notes: Reprint from Africana Bulletin, no. 8, 1968

  • Walike (Conakry).
    Notes: no. 33, Mar/April 1982; no. 37, Nov. 1983; no. 36, Mar/April 1983
    Keywords: Guinea

  • Walker, Gary A. Refugees in Southern Africa. 1978 Nov.

  • Walker, S. Tjip. Both pretense and promise: the political economy of privatization in Africa.
    Keywords: Economics

  • Walker, Tjip. Democratic governance and sectoral work: toward programmatic integration.
    Notes: Prepared for Sustainable Development, Bureau for Africa, 1995
    Keywords: Politics

  • Wallace, Wendy. Gaining Ground. London: Euro Action ACORD.

  • Wallerstein, Immanuel and Michael Hechter. Social Rank and Nationalism: Some African Data. 1970.
    Notes: Public Opion Quarterly, vol. 34, no. 3, 1970, pp. 360-370

  • Wallerstein, Immanuel. Disengagement as a tactic in the liberation of Southern Africa. 1974.
    Notes: Paper prepared as part of a series to be published by the "Study Project on External Investment in South Africa and Namibia (South West Africa)"

  • Wallerstein, Immanuel. The Present State of Debate on World Inequality.
    Notes: Open talk at Colloquium on "The Problem of Inequality in the Contemporary World System: Origins and Perspectives", sponsored by Centre Quebecois des Relations Internationales and the Research Commission, National Movements and Imperialism, International S

  • Wallerstein, Immanuel. Voluntary Associations.
    Notes: Reprinted from Political Parties and National Integration in Tropical Africa, University of California Press, 1964
    Keywords: Politics

  • Walls, A. F. Bibliography of the Society for African Church History-I.
    Notes: Reprint from Journal of Religion in Africa, vol. 1, Fasc. 1, 1967

  • Walsh, Gretchen. Cutting Serials Titles: Experiences from the Chopping Block.
    Notes: Paper presented at the panel: "African Journals, an Endangered Species? Coping with Periodical Cost, Cancellations, Resource Sharing and New Forms of Publication" at the 34th annual meeting of the African Studies Association, St. Louis, Missouri, November

  • Walshe, A. P. Black American thought and African political attitudes in South Africa.
    Notes: Reprinted from Review of Politics, v. 32, no. 1 (Jan 1970): 51-77
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Walshe, A. P. The aftermath of independence in tropical Africa.
    Notes: from The Review of Politics, v. 34, July 1972: 395-421
    Keywords: Politics

  • Walshe, Peter. Mission in a Repressive Society: The Christian Institute of Southern Africa.
    Notes: International Bulletin of Missionary Research (October 1981): 146-152

  • Walston, Lord. 1973 Justice for Rhodesia Campaign, Statement by the Chairman, Lord Walston.

  • Walton, Richard E. A Problem-Solving Workshop on Border Conflicts in Eastern Africa.
    Notes: Reprint from the Journal of Applied Behavioral Science, vol. 6, no. 5, 1970

  • Wang'ombe, Mariga T. African Education and National Development in Kenya during the 20th Century: a Survey. University of Nairobi.

  • Wang'ombe, Mariga T. The Concerns of History: What the Subject is all About. University of Nairobi, 1975.

  • Wang'ombe, Mariga T. The inter-relations of history with other fields of study.
    Notes: conference paper
    Keywords: History

  • Wang'ombe, Mariga T. The Philosophy or Meaning of History in the Overall Purpose of and Destiny of Human Action. University of Nairobi, 1975.

  • Wang'ombe, Mariga T. The Role of History in Human Knowledge: the Purpose of Teaching and Studying History. University of Nairobi.

  • Wang, Zhongjie. Some Observations on the situation in Southern Africa.
    Notes: Conference paper, 1988
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Wanjala, C. L. The Institute of African Studies, 1982-1984, University of Nairobi (Report). Nairobi: University of Nairobi, 1984.

  • Wanjala, Chris. The Growth of a Literary Tradition in East Africa. University of Nairobi.
    Keywords: Kenya; Literature

  • War Communique, MPLA (Movimento Popular de Libertacao de Angola) no. 12, 1970.

  • Ward, Ashley. For Freedom.
    Notes: Miscellaneous Clippings from Exhibition of Paintings, September 18-October 6, 1989

  • Ward, Ashley. Outcry, 1985.
    Notes: Exhibition held at the Fine Arts Gallery, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1987

  • Wargeyska Somaliyed (Mogadishu).
    Notes: March 2 & 9, 1958.
    Keywords: Somalia; Mogadishu

  • Waring, Ronald. Angola: Fifteen Months After. Boston: Portuguese-American Committee on Foreign Affairs, 1961.

  • Waring, Ronald. Angola: Terrorists on the Run.
    Notes: Reprinted from National Review, September 11, 1962

  • Warki oghoyi bari (Nairobi).
    Notes: vol. 5, no. 2 (1969), Issue on Somalia
    Keywords: Somalia

  • Warrell-Bowring, W. J. The Reorganization of the Administration in Tanganyika.
    Notes: Reprint from Journal of Local Administration Overseas, vol. 2, no. 4, 1963
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Washington Office on Africa. Washington Notes.
    Notes: various issues (1982-1996)
    Keywords: United States

  • Watare, M. J. Ngwenda unjurage: muiritu uria weitire tondu wa kugirio mahikanie na mwanake mwendwa wake. 1974 [1951].
    Notes: Karatina, Kenya: Gakaara Press.
    Keywords: Kenya; Gikuyu; Fiction

  • Waters, Alan R. African Economic Inertia: The Control Structure of the Kenya Coffee Industry. Texas: Department of Economics, Texas A & M University, 1970.
    Notes: Rocky Mountain Social Science Association meeting in Colorado Springs, Colorado, 1970

  • Waters, Alan R. Economic Centralization and the Rigidity of Tribal Boundaries in Africa. College Station, TX: Department of Economics, Texas A & M University.

  • Waterson, Albert. "Regional Planning: from its past to its future".
    Notes: from Africa: International Perspective, no. 1 (Dec 1975/Jan 1976)
    Keywords: Development

  • Watkins, William. Social Education in Post-Colonial Nigeria: A Critical Look at Modernization Theory.
    Notes: Prepared for 30th anniversary meeting of the Comparative and International Education Society. Toronto, Ontario, March 13-16, 1986
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Watts, H. L. Housing and Human Needs in South Africa. Durban: South African Institute of race Relations, Forty-Second Annual Council Meeting, 1972.

  • Waugh, Auberon. The Short Outrageous Political History of Biafra.
    Notes: Scanlan's, vol. 1, 1970

  • Wayne, Jack and Leslie Howard. Social Networks and the Geography of Opportunity: The Case of Kigoma Region, Tanzania. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Wayne, Susan G. Trends in the Development of Institutional Arrangements for Water Resource Management and Development in Botswana 1885-1975.
    Notes: Mimeograph paper

  • Wũmεwu, Kawɔlɔi. Gizima lɔlɔgi = Tracing Gizima origins, 2nd ed. 1964.
    Notes: Loma text followed by English translation. Wozi, Liberia: Loma Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma

  • Wũmεwu, Kawɔlɔi. Gizima lɔlɔgi = Tracing Gizima origins. 1964.
    Notes: Loma text followed by English translation. Wozi, Liberia: Loma Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma

  • Wὲɖὲɓèɖésìɔ: Céè-ɖὲ sɔɔὲn ɖé dyɔɔń wɛ = The book from heaven. 1969. [2 copies]
    Notes: Monrovia: Liberia Inland Mission.
    Keywords: Liberia; Bassa

  • WCC and International Banking in Southern Africa. World Council of Churches, Central Committee, West- Berlin, Germany 11-18 August, 1974. Document no. 31 revised.

  • We are confused': what is the future of Doornkop? AFRA Report 25, 1985
    Notes: Association for Rural Advancement
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Webster, John B. Toward an International Automated Bibliographic System for Africana. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented to the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Los Angeles

  • Weekly Focus. (Lagos) April 26/May 1, 1982 and July 25/30, 1982.

  • Weekly Mail: The Tanzanian Informative, Educative and Entertaining Magazine (Dar es Salaam) vol. 001, no. 1 (May 10, 1993)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Weekly Review (Nairobi), April 26, 1976.

  • Weekly Topic (Kampala) Nos. 2-9 (1992)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Uganda

  • Weeks, Helen, and Margaret Long. Malia: bonkanda wa mbaanda wa bafe.
    Notes: Title in English: "Mary: a second reader." Bolenge, Congo Belge: Disciples of Christ Congo Mission Press.
    Keywords: Congo, Democratic Republic; Mongo-Nkundo (Lonkundo)

  • Weeks, Mme., trans. Malia: mokanda na kotanga na mibale. N.d.
    Notes: "Mokanda oyo ekomamaki na Lonkundo na Mme. Weeks mpo na D.C.C.M. Ebongwami na Lingala mpo na M.E.U."/ Written in Lonkundo by Mme. Weeks and translated into Lingala. Coquilhatville, Congo Belge: Imprimerie de la D.C.C.M.
    Keywords: Democratic Republic of the Congo; Lingala

  • Weeks, S. Debureaucratization: What Is It? Dar es Salaam: Annual Social Science Conference of the East African Universities, 1973.
    Notes: Paper no. 66

  • Weenen-Farm Labour Removals. AFRA Factsheet, July 1980.
    Notes: Association for Rural Advancement
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Weil, Peter M. Mandinka adaptation to colonial rule in the Gambia. Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium: Universite Catholique de Louvain.
    Notes: From Cultures et developpement: revue internationale des sciences du developpement
    Keywords: Gambia

  • Weil, Peter M. Political Structure and Process among the Gambia Mandinka: The Village Parapolitical System. 1968?

  • Weil, Peter. Culture and Reproduction: Reconstructing the Demographic Paradigm, 1981.
    Notes: The Gambia, 1981

  • Weinberg, Kirson S. Mental Healing and Social Change in West Africa.
    Notes: Social Problems: Winter 1964, vol. 2

  • Weisfelder, Richard F. Defining Political Purpose in Lesotho. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Los Angeles

  • Weiskel, Timothy C. The Dynamics of the Akan Migrations to the Ivory Coast: Historical Process and Cultural Form. University of Illinois, 1985.

  • Weiss, Herbert. Comparisons in the Evolution of Political Elites in French Speaking West Africa and the Congo.

  • Weiss, Peter. Gezang van de Lusitaanse Bullebak.

  • Weiss, Ruth. South Africa and Its "Hinterland": The Role of Africa in South Africa's Economic and Political Strategy.
    Notes: Study project paper no. 8, Debate vol. 111, no. 8, 1975

  • Weiss, Ruth. The role of foreign investment in South Africa's parastatals, and the role of these corporations in the Republic's economic, military and energy strategy. 1975.
    Notes: Study project no. 7, Study project on External Investment in South Africa and Namibia

  • Weiss, Ruth. The Role of Foreign Loans in South Africa's Economic Growth. 1975.
    Notes: Study project paper no. 6, Debate vol. 111, no. 6, 1975

  • Weisswange, Karin I. S. Mutual relations between Loma and Mandingo in Liberia according to oral historical tradition.

  • Welch, Claude E. Continuity and Discontinuity in African Military Organizations. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Welch, Claude E. Jr. Unlikely Gambia.
    Notes: Africa Report, Feb. 1965, pp. 5-9

  • Welensky, Roy. Prime Minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Sir Roy Welensky on NBC Meet the Press, vol. 7, no. 40, Sunday Oct. 27, 1963.

  • Wells, Louis T. The Harley Masks of Northeast Liberia. 1975.

  • Welmers, E. Wm. Tonemes and Tone Writing in Maninka.
    Notes: Studies in Linguistics, vol. 7, no. 1, 1949

  • Welmers, William E. African Language Programs: Problems and Proposals.

  • Welmers, William E. Secret medicines, magic and rites of the Kpelle tribe in Liberia. University of New Mexico. Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, 5. 1964.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Welsh, David. The Cultural Dimension of Apartheid. Rondebosch: Abe Bailey Institute of Interracial Studies, University of Cape Town, 1972.
    Notes: Reprint no. 9

  • Welsh, David. The State President's Powers Under the Bantu Administration Act.
    Notes: From Acta Juridica, 1969: 81-100
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Werbner, Richard P. Land tenure in Botswana: S. S. R. C. Conference March 1978.

  • Werbner, Richard P. The illusion of continuity: land law and unrecognized rule-making in north-eastern Botswana.
    Notes: Paper presented at the S. S. R. C. Conference on Land Tenure in Botswana, March 1978

  • Were, Gideon S. The Economy of Pre-Colonial Bugisu. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Wes Kos Pronunciation.

  • Wescott, Roger W. Degrees of Phonemicity in Bini.
    Notes: A presentation to be made to the panel on Linguistics at the annual meeting of the African Studies Association on Saturday, November 4, 1967

  • Wescott, Roger W. Linguistic Reconstruction of African Pre-History.
    Notes: First International Congress of Africanists, 11-18th December 1962, University of Ghana, Accra

  • West Africa (Sterling, Nigeria), no. 2781, Sept. 26, 1970.

  • West Africa Economic and Monetary Union. UEMOA: Purposes, Institutions and Functioning.
    Notes: August 2000.

  • West African Journal of Educational and Vocational Measurement.
    Notes: vol. 1, no. 1, Feb. 1973; vol. 1, no. 2, Sept. 1973; vol. 2, no. 1, Dec. 1974

  • West African Monetary Zone. Effects of the West African Monetary Zone (WAMZ). N.p., N.d.
    Notes: FAQ brochure.
    Keywords: Gambia; Guinea; Sierra Leone; Ghana; Nigeria

  • West African Monetary Zone. Introducing the ECO: A Common Currency for the West African Monetary Zone. N.p., N.d.
    Notes: FAQ brochure.
    Keywords: Gambia; Guinea; Sierra Leone; Ghana; Nigeria

  • West African Research Association. Newsletter.
    Notes: 1991-93, 1995
    Keywords: United States

  • West, Eleanora and Robert L. Conflicting Economic Interests of Africa and the United States.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Phelps-Stokes Seminars on African-American Relations, Williamsburg Conference Center, Williamsburg, VA, March 28-30, 1974

  • West, Oliver. The ecological impact of the introduction of domestic cattle into wildlife and Testse areas of Rhodesia.
    Notes: From Careless Technology, M. Farvar and John Milton, eds. 1972
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • West, Robert. National Security Provision in African Countries: Military Expenditures in the 1970's.
    Notes: Paper for the Soviet-American Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa, Moscow, June 26-29, 1984
    Keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Westermann, D. Afrikanische Sprachen: Yoruba-Texte. 1931.
    Notes: In German, Yoruba, and English. Series: Lautbibliothek, Phonetische Platten und Umschriften, no. 44. Berlin: Lautabteilung.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Yoruba

  • Westermann, Diedrich. The Missionary and Anthropological Research.
    Notes: International African Institute Memorandum VII, published by the Oxford University Press for the International African Institute

  • Western Sahara campaign news.
    Notes: issue 1 (1985), issue 2 (1986)
    Keywords: Western Sahara

  • Western Sahara Report.
    Notes: vol. 5, nos. 4-6 (1984)
    Keywords: Western Sahara

  • Western Somali Liberation Front: Press Statement on Mengistu's Latest Political Maneuver, October 5, 1983.

  • Westfall, Gloria D. Nigerian Women: A Bibliographic Essay.

  • Westfall, Gloria D. Nigerian Women: A Bibliographical Essay.
    Notes: Reprint from Africana Journal, v.2, 1974

  • Wɔ e gɓε Mooze Mɔ = The story of Moses. 1965.
    Notes: "Liberia Inland Mission." Fort Washington, PA: Worldwide Evangelization Crusade.
    Keywords: Liberia; Mano

  • Wɔ Gma Moze Ƃaɛ = The story of Moses. 1960.
    Notes: Beamsville, Ontario, Canada: Worldwide Evangelization Crusade.
    Keywords: Liberia; Gio; Bible, NT

  • Wɔ Gma Wrufi, Zoo, Zona, Waã Danya Ƃaɛ = The stories of Ruth, Job, Jonah, and Daniel. 1961.
    Notes: Beamsville, Ontario, Canada: Worldwide Evangelization Crusade.
    Keywords: Liberia; Gio

  • Wɔ laũ yie e kea zi Zɔn e a gee a ka = The gospel of John. 1954.
    Notes: Orlando, FL: Christ for the World.
    Keywords: Liberia; Mano; Bible, NT

  • Wɔ Taa Sə Zɛa Zɔn Ya Biɛ A Kaɛ E Nɛ = The gospel of John. New York: American Bible Society. 1954. [2 copies]
    Notes: New York: American Bible Society.
    Keywords: Liberia; Gio; Bible, NT

  • Wɔtaasə Ƃɛɛ Zɛa Mafiu Ya Biɛa Kaɛ e Nɛ = The gospel according to St. Matthew. 1965.
    Notes: Monrovia: Liberia Inland Mission.
    Keywords: Liberia; Gio; Bible, NT

  • Wɔtààsə Zɛa Máa Ya Bìɛ A Káɛ, É Nɛ = The gospel of Mark. 1969.
    Notes: Monrovia: Liberia Inland Mission.
    Keywords: Liberia; Gio; Bible, NT

  • What does "the maintenance and reproduction of labour power" really mean? Nairobi prostitutes and West African soldiers during World war II.

  • What is Algeria? The Algerian Problem Outline.
    Notes: Issued by the Algerian Delegation, 32, Sharia Abdel Khalek Sarwat, Cairo, Egypt, Sept. 1955

  • What is Contextual Theology? Braamfontein: Institute for Contextual Theology.
    Notes: An ICT Publication

  • What on Earth is ANITEPAM!?
    Notes: Port Elizabeth: ANITEPAM, 2005.
    Keywords: South Africa; Southern Africa

  • What the People Say. Ebute-Metta: Information and Publicity Bureau of the Nigerian Youth Congress, 1962.

  • What the women are saying about the unmarried girl and her child. Salisbury: Litho Services, 1977.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • WHAT!- Camp University of Ibadan Campus Magazine (Ibadan) No.2 (1997?)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Wheeler, Douglas L. The Portuguese army in Angola: its changing character and role. 1968.

  • When is a Family Too Large, 1977.
    Keywords: Population

  • Where There Is No Cook.
    Notes: Recipes.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Where to insure 2006
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Where We Are: Frequency Guide. Radio Nigeria.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Whisson, M. G. Suspended Sentence: A Study of Kalk Bay Fishermen. Johannesburg: South African Institute of Race Relations, 1969.

  • Whisson, M. G. The Coloured People.
    Notes: Reprint from South Africa's Minorities, no. 2, 1971

  • Whisson, Michael G. The Journey of the JoRamogi. 1962.
    Notes: Mimeo paper on Anthropological Research in Kenya

  • Whitaker, C. S. Addressing the Crisis of Desertification in Africa.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Soviet-U. S. Cooperation for Africa Conference, Washington, D. C., Nov. 9-12, 1988

  • Whitaker, C. S. Missed Opportunities for Intervention in the African Desertification Crisis.
    Notes: Paper prepared for a conference on Soviet-U. S. Cooperation in Africa, Dec. 1-5, 1987 under the auspices of the Institute for Africa, USSR Academy of Sciences and the Center for International and Strategic Studies, UCLA, with the Cooperation of the School

  • Whitaker, C. S. Report of the Ashkhabad Workshop on Desertification. 1990.
    Notes: Presented at the Soviet-U. S. Cooperation for Africa Conference at the Desert Studies Institute, Academy of Sciences of Turkmen SSR, 12-14 June 1990, Ashkhabad, Turkmen Republic, USSR

  • Whitaker, C. S. Three perspectives on hierarchy: political thought and leadership in northern Nigeria.
    Notes: Offprint from the Journal of Commonwealth Political Studies, v. 3, n.1, March 1965: 1-19
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Whitaker, R. A. Homer and orality and literacy in Ancient Greece. Cape Town: University of Cape Town, 1990.
    Notes: Inaugural Lecture, New Series; 152

  • White Fathers.
    Notes: Bulletin of the Directorate General of Information Office of the Secretary of State for Information and Tourism, 1971

  • White House Responses to Foreign Policy Recommendations Made By The Black Caucus.

  • White Man's Country: A Survey of Southern Africa.
    Notes: Reprint from the Economist, August 7, 1965

  • White Rhodesian morale recovers: valuable South African assistance. London: The Round Table, 1966.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • White, Luise. Housing and Historiography in Nairobi.

  • White, Susan. Iron production and iron trade in northern and central Liberia: history of a major indigenous technology. 1974.
    Notes: Paper presented at the sixth annual Liberian Studies Association, Madison, Wisconsin

  • Whitely, Keith. Kagiso's Mad Uncle, 1991.
    Notes: Junior African Writers Series (JAWS)
    Keywords: Botswana

  • Whitiker, Paul M. The Liberation of Portuguese held Africa: Assistance to Nationalists from Africa and Abroad.
    Notes: Mimeo Paper

  • Whitten, Phillip and Ian Robertson. Racialism in Black Africa. The Progressive (April 1973) pp. 53-55.

  • Who are the Africanists?
    Notes: Pamphlet about ANC
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Who Got Here First? - Blacks in S.A. AFRA Factsheet, July 1980.
    Notes: Association for Rural Advancement
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Who is President Tshombe?

  • Why Kenyans Must Reject the Constitution of Kenya Review Commission. National Convention Executive Council (NCEC).
    Notes: Nairobi, January 1998.
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Why You Should Give President Shehu Shagari a Second Term. National Party of Nigeria.

  • Whyte, Quintin. Native School Feeding. Johannesburg: South African Institute of Race Relations.

  • Widner, Jennifer. Interest Groups and Medium-Term Structural Adjustment in Cote d'Ivoire. Volume Two: Bibliography, Cote d'Ivoire, including reports commisioned by the United States Agency for International Development between 1970-1992. 1993 Jan.
    Keywords: Cote d'Ivoire

  • Widstrand, Carl Gosta. Female Infibulation.
    Notes: Reprint from Studia Ethnographica Upsaliensia, v. 20, (1964?): 95-124
    Keywords: Women

  • Widstrand, Carl Gosta. Pastoral Peoples and Rural Development, A Case Study.
    Notes: working copy

  • Wiedner, Donald L. The Historian's Field Work for Africa.
    Notes: Paper delivered at the African Studies Association Meeting, Bloomington, IN, October 28, 1966

  • Wiesemann, Ursula. native speaker reaction and development of writing systems fo unwritten languages. 1980.
    Notes: Paper presented at the14th Cogress of the West African Linguistic Society in Cotonou, Republique Populaire du Benin

  • Wife (Douala) no. 38, juilet, 1979.

  • Wiley, David. The Lusaka Study of Religion.
    Notes: Interview Schedule for Feamale Church Member Respondent

  • Wilhelm, Douglas. Journalism Little Giant.
    Notes: The Boston Globe, Sunday February 8, 1987

  • Will the Real Rhodesia Please Stand Up? Belmont (Rhodesia): C. E. Woodcroft.

  • Willers, David. Still a bit super: cautious optimism for the new Zimbabwe.
    Notes: From, Finance Week, Aug. 7-13, 1980
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • William Minter. African Activists' Guide: Organizer's Reference Directory to Information Sources.
    Notes: Prepared for the Africa Peace Tour, 1987.
    Keywords: Africa; activists

  • William, Oumar. Gabou da Gabou. 1978.

  • Williams, Babatunde. Lagos and the Future Pan-Africanism.
    Notes: Towards Freedom: A Newsletter on New Nation, vol. XI, no. 3, March 1962

  • Williams, Cicely, D. Careers Guide for Young Rhodesians, 1976-1977.
    Keywords: Rhodesia (Zimbabwe)

  • Williams, David. The Changing Role of Chiefs in Africa. 1966.
    Notes: Optima, vol. 16, no. 4, Dec. 1966, pp. 215-220

  • Williams, Denis. The Ogboni Edan as a history of style.
    Notes: Paper prepared for a seminar, 1962-3, Institute of African Studies, University of Ife, Ibadan, Nigeria
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Williams, Edwin S. Underlying Tone in Margi and Igbo. 1971.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Third Annual Conference of African Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1972

  • Williams, Emmanuel. The Orthographies of Wolof in the Gambia and Senegal. [s.i., 1979?]
    Keywords: Gambia

  • Williams, Eric Lloyd. Malawi: Profile of an In-Between Country.
    Notes: Optima, vol. 22, no. 3, Sept. 1972

  • Williams, M.D. Homosexuality, Scripture, and the Body of Christ. 1997.
    Notes: Instituut vir Reformatoriese Studies Publications - Potchefstroom University
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Williams, Maurice J. A global food strategy for the 1980's.
    Notes: Paper given at the International Food Conference, Islamabad, 7-11 Sept. 1981
    Keywords: Development

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