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African Pamphlet Collection Index

The collection includes nearly 10,000 items related to Africa, including booklets, articles, conference presentations, flyers, and other materials written in English as well as in many other European and African languages. This online index is searchable by keywords, and you may browse the alphabetical lists. Most items can be borrowed from or used in the African Studies Collection office (Herman B Wells Library, Room E660 – advance notification by email is recommended).

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  • Taarifa ya Mkutano wa Kumi na Moja wa Kamiti Kuu ya Nane ya Chama cha Kikoministi cha China: Imepasishwa mnamo Agosti 12, 1966. 1966.
    Notes: Peking: Ofisi ya Uchapaji wa Lugha za Kigeni.
    Keywords: Swahili; Chinese Communism

  • Taban, Bishop Paride. Advent 1994 Pastoral Letter. Sudan : Diocese of Torit, 1994.
    Keywords: Sudan

  • Tabor, Bohboh. ƃuluyiεma lɔlɔgi = Buluyiema genealogies. 1963. [2 copies]
    Notes: Wozi, Liberia.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma

  • Tabor, George W. Vocational and Technical Education for the Bantu. Johannesburg: South African Institute of Race Relations, 1969.
    Notes: 1969 Conference on Bantu Education

  • Tackling the Tasks Ahead. Political pamphlet (Museveni), 1995?
    Keywords: Uganda

  • TADJI: bulletin de liaison du personnel de la societe ivoirienne de raffinage. Abidjan.
    Notes: no. 20 March 8, 1985
    Keywords: Cote d'Ivoire

  • Tafla, Bairu. Some components of political power of the Ethiopian notables, 1865-1917. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Tahmen, George W. Cultural Heritage of Nimba County, Liberia as presented at the 125th Independence Day celebration in Sanniquellie July 26, 1972. Monrovia: Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs, and Tourism. 1975.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Taich Country Report: Development Assistance Programs of U. S. Non-Profit Organizations, Nigeria, January 1979. New York: American Council of Voluntary Agencies for Foreign Service, Inc, 1979.

  • Taimakon iyaye wajibi ne. 1958.
    Notes: Zaria, Nigeria: North Regional Literature Agency.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Hausa; Fiction

  • Taiwo, C. O. The Admnistration of Education in the Nigerian Presidential System.
    Notes: Guest lecture delivered at the Institute of Education, University of Ibadan, Ibadan at 5.00pm on 25th May 1983.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Talaka Freedom Courier: an organ of the Democratic anti-militarist coalition (Ithaca, NY) vol. 1, no. 2-3 (1996); vol. 2, no. 1 (1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: United States

  • Talent Search Light (Agege), vol. 1, no. 1.

  • Tambarai: Kano Journal of Education (Kano) Vol. 2, no. 1 (June 1995)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Tambour d'Afrique (Yaoundé) No. 001 (Mai 1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • Tamsir Niane, Djibril. Mise en place des Populations de la Haute-Guinee. (Diplome complimentaire aux recheches sur l'Empire du Mali).
    Notes: Recherches Africaines, avril-juin 1960, pp. 40-53

  • Tamukedde, W. P. Changes in the Great Lukiiko.

  • Tandau, Alfred G. A. One Trade Union, Same Aim. Dar es Salaam: Mwananchi Publishing Co. Ltd.

  • Tandon, Yash. "South Africa's Strategy of Regional Destabilisation".
    Notes: Paper presented at the ISAS Workshop on "DEvelopment and Destabilisation in Southern Africa", 1983

  • Tandon, Yash. A new food strategies [sic] and social transformation in East Africa.
    Notes: Paper presented to the Fourth Bi-Annual Conference of the African Association of Political Science, Harare, Zimbabwe, May 23-27, 1981
    Keywords: East Africa

  • Tanganyika African National Union. Maazimio Ya Mkutano Mkuu Wa Tanu Wa 17. Dar es Salaam: Kimetolewa na Tanganyika African National Union, Dodoma.

  • Tanganyika African National Union. Mwongozo Wa Tanu 1971. Dar es Salaam: Kimepigwa chapa na National Printing Co. Ltd, 1971.

  • Tanganyika Development Finance Company Limited. Annual Report and Accounts 31st December 1976.

  • Tanganyika Guide, 1948.
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tanganyika seeks an African way. Philadelphia: American friends Service Committee, 1962.
    Notes: AFSC Africa Report, vol. 3, no. 9
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tanganyika: The Making of a Nation. New York: British Information Services, 1961 Aug.

  • Tangrykuliev, Kaium [Kayum Tangirikuliyef]; translated by Ibrahim Umar Udubo. Kiwo a hamada dabara ce. 1986.
    Notes: Translated from Russian original ("Glaza chabana"). Moscow, USSR: Raduga.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Hausa

  • Tanje Village Museum. Traditional Art and Craft of The Gambia. Banjul: Tanje Village Museum, 2009.
    Notes: Introduction to the Tanje Village Museum and information about leatherwork, weaving, and dyeing in Gambia.
    Keywords: Gambia

  • TANU. Kila Mtu Afanye Kazi. Dar es Salaam: TANU, Kimepigwa chapa na Mpigachapa wa Serikali, Dodma, 1976.

  • TANU. Wito Wa Umwagiliaji Maji Mashamba. Dar es Salaam: TANU, Kimepigwa chapa na Mpigachapa Mkuu wa Serikali, 1974.

  • Tanzania After Nyerere: An International Conference on the Economic, Politica and Social Issues Facing Tanzania, held 26-27 June 1986 at the Centre of African Studies, School of Oriental and African Studies, London University.
    Notes: Papers filed individually by author.

  • Tanzania Education Journal, vol. 1, no. 1, January 1972.

  • Tanzania Gender Network Programme.
    Notes: 1. About us. 2. Mtandao wa Jinsia Tanzanaia.
    Keywords: Tanzania; Swahili

  • Tanzania Gender Networking Programme (TGNP). Gender, Democracy and Development Digest, 2006.
    Keywords: Tanzania Post-Election Analysis: The First 100 Days Under the Leadership of President Jakaya Kikwete

  • Tanzania News Review (Dar es Salaam), vol. II, no. 8, September/October 1979.

  • Tanzania Tourist Board. Tanzania Cultural Tourism. Dar es Salaam, 2007.
    Notes: Guide to cultural tourist destinations throughout Tanzania.
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tanzania Tourist Board. Tanzania: The Land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar, and the Serengeti. Dar es Salaam: Tanzania Tourist Board.
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tanzania Traditional Energy Development and Environment Organization (TATEDO) (Dar es Salaam)
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tanzania Travel and Tourism Directory Including Zanzibar & Pemba 2010. Zanzaibar: ZG Design, 2010.
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tanzania Voters' Manifesto for Gender Equality.
    Notes: Summary of 1994 Manifesto.
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tarabrin, Evgeny. The Political Situation in Africa: the OAU and Problems of Interstate Relations on the Continent.
    Notes: Paper for the Soviet-American Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa, Moscow, 26-29 June, 1984
    Keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa; OAU

  • Tarabrin, Yevgeny A. Nuclear Nonproliferation in Africa.
    Notes: Paper prepared for an International Conference on Soviet-U. S. Cooperation for Africa, held in Washington, D. C. November 1988

  • Tarehe Sita, vol. 1, no. 1, February 1987. The 6th of February.
    Notes: The Magazine of the National Resistance Army (NRA).
    Keywords: Uganda

  • Tarpeh, James Teah. Liberian-Firestone Relations: Some Policy Implications for Economic and Social Development.
    Notes: Paper prepared for the Liberian Studies Research Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, April 8-10, 1976

  • Tashinga means hard work. Tashinga Group, 1994?
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Taswell, H. L. T. South Africa Prospers While Critics Crumble.
    Notes: Address to the Executives' Club of Chicago, March 4, 1966

  • Tatɔ, Jen, 1, 2 Piđɛ, 1, 2, 3 Jɔn, Jude = Titus, James, 1, 2 Paul, 1, 2, 3 John, and Jude. N.d.
    Notes: Monrovia: Christian Literature Bureau.
    Keywords: Liberia; Bassa

  • Tauraruwa (Kano?) Oct./Dec. 1998
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Taylor, Alan R. African Studies Research: A Brief Guide to selected bibliographies...
    Notes: Preliminary edition of Africana for Every Bwana
    Keywords: Bibliography

  • Taylor, Alan R. and Eugene P. Dvorin. Political development in British Central Africa, 1890-1956: a select survey of the literature and background materials. 1959.
    Notes: Race, vol. 1, no. 1, 1959, pp. 61-78

  • Taylor, Alan R. Armchair travels and researchers in darkest Africa. 1970.
    Notes: Victorian Studies, vol. XIII, 1970, pp. 385-392

  • Taylor, Alan R. Bibliographical and Archival Resources for African Studies.
    Notes: photocopy

  • Taylor, Alan R. Imagination, innovation and synectics in planning the future of Afro-Malagasy bibliography. 1972.
    Notes: Paper presented at the fifteenth annual meeting of the African Studies Association, Philadelphia.

  • Taylor, Alan R. Library and archival resources for African Studies: present state and future needs. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented to the eleventh annual meeting of the African Studies Association, Los Angeles

  • Taylor, Alan R. Recent trends in central African historiography. 1960.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Leverhulme History Conference

  • Taylor, Alan R. The Aquisition of Africana: A Brief Review of some Commercial Sources. Bloomington: Indiana University, 1968.

  • Taylor, Alan R. The development of scientific societies in Rhodesia and Nyasaland. 1960.
    Notes: Paper presented at the first Federal Science Congress, Salisbury

  • Taylor, Alice. The niger Republic.
    Notes: Focus, vol. XVI, no. 1, New York, 1956

  • Taylor, Alicia. Objects of Beauty and Purpose: A Gallery Search.
    Notes: The Education Department, Yale University Art Gallery

  • Taylor, D. R. F. Land reform in Kenya: a reappraisal.
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Taylor, D. R. F. Rural Development in Kenya.
    Notes: Newstatements, vol. 1, no. 1, 1971, pp. 78-84

  • Taylor, John. The Broken Bridge.
    Notes: CMS News-letter, no. 352, September 1971

  • Taylor, R. Bingham. Menelik of Ethiopia, 1978.
    Notes: Makers of African History.
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • Taylor, Richard L. Kimbanguisme in the Congo: A Case Study in Christian Separatist Movements and their Role in African Development. Indianapolis: The Department of Africa and Jamaica Division of World Mission, The United Christian Missionary Society, 1967
    Notes: The Department of A

  • Tókúđàgbà, Sɛliji Julien. Hwenu su: Nukplɔnwéma Fɔngbemɛ tɔn. N.d.
    Notes: Cotonou, Benin: Sous-Commission de Fon de la Commission Nationale Dahoméenne de Linguistique.
    Keywords: Fon

  • Tûa-laa mεni = Marriage. 1964.
    Notes: "Book no. 151." Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Tchad 2000 Plan d' ville N'Djamena.
    Notes: Brochure and Map.
    Keywords: Chad

  • Tchounkeu, Koseph et A. Marguerite Biloa. Liste des Memoires Soutenus de 1969 a 1982. Yaounde: Ecole Normale Superieure, Bibliotheque, Universite de Yaounde, 1983.

  • Tchounkoue, Pierre Serge. Communication au colloque orgnise par le laboratoire tiers monde, afrique: les societes dans leur histoire et leur environment.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Journees d'Etudes "Processus d'Urbanisation en Afrique" a l'Universite Paris, jeudi 12 decembre 1985

  • Tchuigoua, Bernard Founou. Surmonter la crise du Pan-africanisme et de l'unite de l'Afrique noire.
    Notes: Reprint from IFDA Dossier 80, jan/mars 1991

  • Tchundjang Pouemi, Joseph. L'Exploitation des Ressources Naturelles des Grands Fonds Marins, Quelles Perspectives. Ivory Coast: Ministere de la Marine, Institut de Documentation de Recherches et d'Etudes Maritimes, 1983.
    Notes: Oceanexpo-Oceantropiques, Bordeaux, 1983

  • TCRS annual report 1975. Lutheran World Federation.
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Tea Research Foundation of Central Africa. Annual Report 1982/83.
    Keywords: Central Africa

  • Teach Yourself Nigeria and French Languages. Alagomeji Yaba, Lagos State: Rapture Edition.

  • Teacher in Zimbabwe (Harare) vol. 1, no. 17 (1992).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Teaching Today, The Journal of the Milton Margai Teachers College, 1970.

  • Tearchers' Forum (Harare) vol. 15 no. 6 (June 1987), vol. 16 no. 11 (Nov. 1988), vol. 17 no. 1 (Jan. 1989).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Tears in Africa, 1987.
    Notes: Produced by the Southern Africa Resources Centre.

  • Tecelagem e instrumentos de musica tradicional da Guine-Bissau.
    Notes: Exhibition catalogue, Porto: 1987
    Keywords: Guine-Bissau

  • Technical Education Review: Journal of Polytechnic Writers Association of Nigeria. Mubi.
    Notes: no. 1 (March 1987)
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Technology as a defining characteristic of cultural systems in Africa.
    Notes: Mimeo paper

  • Tedeschi, Salvatore. (1974). L'Emirato di harar secondo un documento inedito. Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei, 191:481-500.
    Notes: Reprint.
    Keywords: Ethiopia; Italian

  • Tee, M. P., and J. A. Nubel. Túákà kpá Gòkánà 1. 1976.
    Notes: Gokana Reader 1, Rivers Readers Project. Ibadan: Institute of African Studies, University of Ibadan / Port Harcourt: Ministry of Education, Rivers State Government.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Gokana

  • Teixeira da Mota, A. As rotas maritimas portuguesas no Atlantico de meados do seculo XV ao penultimo quartel do seculo XVI.
    Notes: Reprint Do Tempo e da Historia, no. 3 (1970)

  • Teko, Domche, E. Un Voleur Malin.
    Notes: Collection "le feu et l'etoile".
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • Telema, no. 1, January-March, 1980.

  • Tell (Ikeja) No. 26 (1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Tell (Ikeja) no.21-24 (May 13-June 13, 1994).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Telli, Diallo. The Organization of African Unity in Historical Perspective, African Forum, vol. 1, 1965, pp. 7-28.

  • Tema (Teacher's Association of Malawi) (Lilongwe) Premier issue (1993?)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Malawi

  • Temane, B. K. Discussion paper presented to a seminar on Land Tenure. Madison, WI: University of Wisconsin, 1977.
    Keywords: Botswana

  • Tembo, Nephas. Freedom, Our Last Appeal. Cairo: United National Independence Party, 1963.

  • Tempo (Windhoek) vol. 4, no. 7 (21 May 1995)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Namibia

  • Temu, Peter. Planning and Development Strategies.
    Notes: Paper presented at the conference on Development Strategies in Africa in the 1970s

  • Ten Good Reasons Why You Should Support The Progressive Party. Cape Town: C. A. Algar, 1970 Sep 3.

  • Ten Years of Progress 1967-1977. Malawi: David Whitefield, 1977.

  • Ten Years of Soviet and Chinese Policies in Africa. 1968.
    Notes: Mizan (London), vol. 10, 1968

  • Tenth Alternative Nobel Prize Honours Ethiopian Scientists, Japanese Housewives and Campaigners for Tribal Peoples.
    Notes: Reprint from IDAF Dossier 75/76, 1990

  • Tera, Jɔb, and Mamadu Kumare. Karimu ni kaja. 1994.
    Notes: Atelier de Creativite du Programme-Emergence de la Sahelienne
    Keywords: Bambara

  • Teriba, O. Development Strategy, Investment Decision and Expenditure Patterns of a Public Development Institutions: The Case of Western Nigeria Development Corporation, 1949-1962.
    Notes: Reprint from The Nigerian Journal of Economic and Social Studies, vol. VIII, no. 2, July 1966

  • Terjung, W. H. The Geographical Application of Some Selected Physio-Climatic Indices to Africa, Int. J. Biometeor, vol. 11, no. 1, 1967, pp. 5-19.

  • Termitieres: revue d'architectures africaines (Dakar) No. 00 (Oct. 98)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Senegal

  • Terry, E. R and J. O. Oyekan. Cassava diseases in Africa reviewed.
    Notes: Span, vol. 19, no. 3, 1976

  • Testament of a Namibian woman at the Second Session of the International Commission of Inquiry into Crimes of the Racist and Apartheid Regimes in Southern Africa, Luanda, People's Republic of Angola, 30 January-3 February 1981.

  • Tettegam, John K. A Chapter for Ghana Labout. Accra: Ghana T. U. C, 1958.

  • Tetteh, Edwin N. Tsɛko Anani. 1974.
    Notes: Accra: Bureau of Ghana Languages.
    Keywords: Ghana; Dangme; Folklore

  • Text (Durban) No. 1 (1992).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Text of Statement by Mr. Nelson Mandela at His Trial in Pretoria on 20 April 1964. New York: United Nations General Assembly, The Chairman, Special Committee on Apartheid, 1964 May 6.

  • Text of Statement by the Honourable Joseph Palmer II, Assistant Secretary of State African Affairs Before the African Sub-Committee of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. Washington, D. C: African Sub-Committee of the Senate Foreign Relations Commi

  • Texto e Desenho. Luciano da Veiga. Quem Semeta O Vento Colhe Tempestade, 1988.
    Keywords: Guinea Bissau

  • TFP Newsletter.
    Notes: nos, 30-32 (1988); nos. 34-36 (1989); no. 37 (1990); no. 45 (1992); no. 47 (1993); no. 50 (1994).
    Keywords: South Africa

  • TFP. Glasnost and Perestroika: Real Change? Or a new make up? Johannesburg, South Africa.

  • TFP. Undertakings of the TFP in SA.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Thakali, Thabiso. "A nation prepares to pay its last respects." The Star (Saturday), January 3, 2009.
    Notes: In Collection: Helen Suzman - Newspaper Clippings.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • That I May Know Him. Pamphlet at Fourth Ibadan Regional Conference of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, Apata Ganga, Ibadan, August 18-21, 1988.

  • the IOCU Conference "Consumers in Africa: Meeting the Challenge" held in Nairobi 14-18 June, 1988.
    Notes: IFDA Dossier 68, November/December 1988

  • The Maputo Declaration of October 12, 1986. . Harare: Ministry of Information, Post and Telecommunications, Government of Zimbabwe, 1987.
    Notes: Front Line Briefing, February 1987

  • Theacom Journal: A university of Jos Theater and Mass Communication Publication (Jos) vol. 3 no1 (1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Thebehali, David. Has Christianity Any Relevance For and Future Among Black People in South Africa.

  • Thelejane, T. S. An African Girl and An African Woman in a Changing World. Maseru: UNESCO, 1983.
    Notes: Paper presented at the UNESCO Seminar on the Changing Family in the African Context, Maseru, 1983

  • Theletsane, Moroesi. Na u batla ho ba moqhobi?
    Notes: Maseru: Lesotho Assocation of Non-Formal Education.
    Keywords: Lesotho; Southern Sotho

  • Theme: Progress Through Self-Reliance.
    Notes: Fendall, Johndonville, Montserrado County, Republic of Liberia, July 23-31, 1976

  • Theological Reflection.

  • Theosophie Africaine (Yaounde) No. 001 (1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • They Serve in Africa. Indianapolis: The Department of Interpretation, Division of Overseas Ministries Christian Church.

  • Thieme, Darius L. Yoruba musical styles, instruments and techniques: some correspondences with those of their neighbors to the north and northwest.
    Notes: Paper presented at the African Studies Association Conference, November 1967
    Keywords: Nigeria; Music; Dance

  • Third Report on Arrests, Detentions and Trials of Members and Supporters of : South African Students Organisation, Black People Convention, Black Allied Workers Union, Theater Council of Natal, Black Community Programs. Braamfontein: The Program for Socia

  • Third World First (Lagos), vol. 4, 1980.

  • This is Radio Nigeria, Rate Card, Provisional, October 1960. Lagos: Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, 1960.

  • This is Thaba Khupa. Peter Wulff Kaari, ed. Maseru : Village technology Information Service, 1985.

  • This is the Catholic Institute of West Africa (CIWA), Port Harcourt, River State, Nigeria, February, 1989.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Religion

  • This is the Lord's Doing. Souvenir for the Commemoration of the Patriarchy of Methodist Church Nigeria.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Religion

  • This is Your Age. Cape Town : C. A. Algar, 1970 Sep 3.

  • This is ZISCOSTEEL in Zimbabwe, and ZISCOSTEEL technical brochure. [Harare]: Zimbabwe Iron and Steel Company.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Thole, Gunther. The Changing International Conditions and the Possibilities for Obtaining Economic Independence. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Thom, Derrick and Niels Martin. Ecology and production in Baringo-Kerio Valley, Kenya.
    Notes: Reprint from Geographical Review, vol. 73, no. 1 (1983)
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Thom, William G. Sub-Saharan Africa's Changing Military Environment.
    Notes: From Armed Forces and Society, vol. 11, no. 1, Fall 1984, pp. 32-58
    Keywords: Military

  • Thomas Sankara Association Internationale. Association Internationale de Droit Suisse (l'AITS).
    Notes: Ref: AITS/LC1/MRB, Paris 5 Dec. 1988

  • Thomas Sankara Association Internationale. Bulletin (Paris) no. 1.
    Keywords: Burkina Faso

  • Thomas, Barbara P. Rural Development Strategies and the Politics of the Horn.
    Notes: 85:125, Paper Presented at the Twenty-Eighth Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, held jointly with the 19th Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association, New Orleans, Louisiana (Nov 23-27, 1985).
    Keywords: Horn of Africa

  • Thomas, Franklin A. Address to the National Press Club. New York : Study Commission on U. S. Policy Toward Southern Africa, May 21, 1981.

  • Thomas, Franklin A. South Africa: Time Running Out. New York: Ford Foundation, 1985.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Thomas, George B. Some Reflections on Theological Education in Africa Today. 1976.

  • Thomas, Peter. A Voice for Africa: Creative Writing in Verse at Nsukka, 1961/5.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Thomas, Richard. United States Economic Involvement in South Africa. New York : American Committee on Africa.

  • Thomas, Richard. United States Economic Involvement in South Africa. New York: American Committee on Africa , 1966.

  • Thomas, W. H. The structure of the South African economy.

  • Thomas, Wolfgang H. The study of the African economy at Afrikaans Universities in South Africa. Stellenbosch, 1969.

  • Thompson, Carol B. SADDC: Toward the Economic Liberation of Southern Africa.
    Notes: Paper presented at the annual African Studies Association meeting, Indiana University, Bloomington, 24 October 1981

  • Thompson, Doris, F. Dianne Stelling, and Edward Stelling. A general primer in Belle. 1974.
    Notes: Monrovia: Institute for Liberian Languages.
    Keywords: Liberia; Belle

  • Thompson, H. M. Theory and Development: Economics of Transition. 1973.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

  • Thompson, L. M. Afrikaner Nationalist Historiography and the Policy of Apartheid. Los Angeles: African Studies Center, University of California, [1962].
    Notes: African Studies papers; no. 1
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Thompson, Leonard. A Critique of South African Historiography by American Scholars.
    Notes: SARP Seminar March 7, 1990

  • Thompson, Rosalie A. E. Today's Nursing for Tomorrow's Health, Inaugural Lecture, Univeristy of Cape Town, New Series no. 119, June 25, 1986.

  • Thompson, W. Scott. The Soviet Union and Southern Africa in the 1980s.
    Notes: Conference on the Soviets in Africa in the 1980s, 1st draft, not for quotation
    Keywords: Southern Africa

  • Thomson, James T. State theory and practice in francophone Africa: French roots and perspectives. 1996.
    Notes: 24 pp

  • Thorat, Sudhakar S and Melvin J. Mason. Education in Africa South of the Sahara, with special reference to Nigeria. E. Lansin: Michigan State Univeristy, 1964.
    Keywords: Education

  • Thorelli, Hans B. South Africa: Multi-Cultural Marketing Laboratory.
    Notes: Paper to appear in the Journal of Marketing, 1968

  • Thornton, Kay M. The Liberalism of Garfield Todd 1953-1958. Zimbabwe: University of Zimbabwe History Department, 1984.
    Notes: Dissertation Paper

  • Thornton, W. L. The height of hypocrisy: U. S. fights communism in Asia and supports it in Africa.
    Notes: Manion Forum. South Bend Indiana. Weekly Broadcast no. 751, Feb. 23, 1969
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Three Faces of Africa.
    Notes: Press Exerpts; from the Colonial Correspondent of The Times, 1961

  • Tibesti Communications. Continuous Ensemble.
    Notes: Pamphlet in French and Arabic. Avril, 2001.
    Keywords: Chad

  • Tiger, Lionel. Bureaucracy and Urban Symbol Systems. Joint Committee on African Studies of the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council, 1965.

  • tightening bond: changing marriage patterns among the Creoles of Sierra Leone.

  • Tigray in Struggle. vol. 1, no. 11 (1981).
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • Tigray People's Liberation Front. In memory of February 18. 1983.
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • Tigray People's Liberation Front. Military communique, July 1985.
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • Tigray: war, famine and revolution.
    Notes: Day conference program, May 11, 1985
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • Tiklo, Samson, Togba Jropleh, and Nancy C. Lightfoot. A general primer in Kru. 1974.
    Notes: Monrovia, Liberia: Institute for Liberian Studies.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kru

  • Tilmann, Klemens. Msichana, je! Yakupasayo kujua maelezo ya mafumbo ya maisha kwa wasichana wenye kubalehe. 1969.
    Notes: 3rd ed. On spinsterhood. Based on the writings of Klemens Tilman. Ndanda, Peramiho: Ndanda Mission Press.
    Keywords: Swahili

  • Timberlake, Jonathan. Vernacular names and uses of plants in northern Kenya.
    Notes: Journal of East African Natural History 83 (1994): 31-69
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Time Magazine. May 9, 1994. v. 143, no. 19
    Notes: Articles: "South Africa Reborn", "The White Right", "A Legend as Leader"
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Time Series Data for Africa, 1971.
    Notes: Source-Arthur Banks Cross Polity Times Series Data.

  • Times (Monrovia) v. 1(6), August 21, 1982.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Times of Namibia (Windhoek) vol. 1, no. 28 (1992)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Namibia

  • Timossi, Jorge. Algeria-FLN: Like a Locomotive.
    Notes: From Tricontinental no. 18, 1970, pp. 132-136

  • Timothee, Esmel. Ɛm e': liturji-li nyam wɔwn e'sisigm mɔdjukru ɛm. N.d.
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