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African Pamphlet Collection Index

The collection includes nearly 10,000 items related to Africa, including booklets, articles, conference presentations, flyers, and other materials written in English as well as in many other European and African languages. This online index is searchable by keywords, and you may browse the alphabetical lists. Most items can be borrowed from or used in the African Studies Collection office (Herman B Wells Library, Room E660 – advance notification by email is recommended).

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  • Haaland, Gunnar. Nomadization as an economic career among the Sedentaries in the Sudan Savannah belt.
    Notes: working copy.

  • Habari za Chakiwata (s.l.) No. 1 (Juni 1992)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Tanzania; Swahili

  • Habari Za Posta, vol. 1 Na. 16, Julai/Agosti 1979.

  • Habyarimana, Juvenal. L' Endettement de L' Afrique: Accepter la Responsabilite des nos propre Erreures; Proposition pour une issue dans la dignite.
    Notes: IFDA Dossier 66, Juillet/Aout 1988.

  • Hadithi 13 za Mjomba Remus. 1968.
    Notes: Series: Masimulizi ya Mambo Leo 4, kitabu cha nne [book 4]. London: Sheldon Press.
    Keywords: Swahili

  • Hadithi ya Robinson Kruso. 1968.
    Notes: Series: Masimulizi ya Mambo Leo 5, kitabu cha tano [book 5]. London: Sheldon Press.
    Keywords: Swahili

  • Hadithi ya Safari Saba za Ajabu za Sindbad, Baharia wa Bagdad. 1966.
    Notes: Series: Masimulizi ya Mambo Leo 3, kitabu cha tatu [book 3]. London: Sheldon Press.
    Keywords: Swahili

  • Hadkins, Lorna. The bias in teaching Boer War History.
    Notes: Reprint from Patterns and Prejudice, May-June, vol. 5, 1971.

  • Hagan, George P. Affirmation of cultural identity and development of national awareness. 1978.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Brazzaville UNESCO conference.

  • Hagege, Claude. About System Constraints in the Presentation of Phonemes in Mundang (Lere, Chad). 1972.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Third Annual Conference on African Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1972.

  • Haggadah: LASU (Lagos State University) Journal of Christian and Philosophical Studies (Lagos) Vol. 1, no. 1 (1992?)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Haggar, George S. Algeria's Foreign Relations Under Ben Bella. 1966.
    Notes: Arab World, no. 3, Summer 1966.

  • Hailey, Lord. "A Colonial Chater". An address by the Rt. Hon. Lord Hailey to the Annual Meeting of the Anti Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society on May 28th, 1942.
    Notes: The Anti Slavery and Aborigines Protection Society, London, 1942.

  • Hailey, Lord. Britain and Her Dependencies. London: Longmans, Green and Company, 1943.
    Notes: Longmans' Pamphlets on the British Commonwealth
    Keywords: British Colonies

  • Hailey, Lord. World Thought on the Colonial Question. Johannesburg.: Witwatersrand University Press., 1964.

  • Haines, C. Grove. The Problem of the Italian Colonies.
    Notes: Reprinted from The Middle East Journal, vol. 1, no. 4, October, 1947.

  • Hair, Paul E. H. A note on De la Fosse's 'Mina' Vocabulary of 1479-80. Journal of West African Languages, 3: 55-57. 1966.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Hair, Paul E. H. A note on French and Spanish voyages to Sierra Leone. History in Africa, 38: 137-41. 1991.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. An account of the Liberian Hinterland c.1780. Sierra Leone Studies, 16: 218-226. 1962.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Hair, Paul E. H. An early seventeenth-century vocabulary of Vai. African Studies (Johannesburg), 23: 129-139. 1964.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Barbot, Dapper, Davity: a critique of sources on Sierra Leone and Cape Mount. African in History, 1: 25-54. 1974.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Conquista of Sierra Leone. In: Sierra Leone Studies of Birmingham: pp. 75-85. Birmingham, UK: University of Birmingham Press. 1983.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. From language to culture: some problems in the systematic analysis of the ethnohistorical records of the Sierra Leone region. In: The population factor in African Studies : 71-83. London: University of London Press. 1975.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Hamlet in an Afro-Portuguese setting: new perspectives on Sierra Leone in 1607. History in Africa, 5: 21-42. 1978.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Jesuit documents on the Guinea of Cape Verde and the Cape Verde Islands, 1585-1617 in English translation. History in Africa, 16: 375-381. 1989.
    Keywords: Cape Verde Islands

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Material on Africa (other than the Mediterranean and Red Sea lands) and on the Atlantic Islands, in the publications of Samuel Purchas, 1613-1626. History in Africa, 13: 117-159. 1986.

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Notes on the Discovery of the Vai script, with a bibliography. Sierra Leone Language Review, 2. 1963.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Notes on the early study of some West African languages (Susu, Bullom/Sherbro, Temne, Mende, Vai, and Yoruba). Bulletin de l'IFAN, Sér B, 23: 683-695. 1961.
    Keywords: Liberia; Sierra Leone; Guinea

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Protestants as pirates, slavers, and proto-missionaries: Sierra Leone 1568 and 1582. Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 21: 203-224. 1970.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Some French sources on Upper Guinea 1540-1575. Bulletin de l'IFAN, Sér B, 31(4): 1030-34. 1969.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Some minor sources for guinea, 1519-1559: Enciso and Alfonce/Fonteneau. History in Africa, 3: 19-46. 1976.
    Keywords: Guinea-Conakry

  • Hair, Paul E. H. Sources on Early Sierra Leone: (15) Marmol 1573. Africana Research Bulletin, 9(3): 70-84. 1975.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hair, Paul E. H. The text of Valentin Fernandes' Account of Upper Guinea. Bulletin de l'IFAN, sér B, 31(4): 1035-1038.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Hakem, Ahmed M. The South in the Ancient History of the Sudan. 1985.
    Notes: Paper presented to the First Conference of the Role of the South in Building Modern Sudan, Khartoum, 1985.

  • Haland, G. Animal Husbandry, Migratory and Sedentary Populations.
    Notes: CESM Sudan, First draft, May 1975 (Technical paper no. 1).

  • Halisi, C. R. D. Ideological and political realignment: notes towards an interpretation.
    Notes: SSRC Joint Committee on African Studies Conference, New York, 1982.
    Keywords: Politics

  • Halisi, C. R. D. Soviet-U. S. Cooperation for Southern African Development and Regional Security.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Washington Workshop on Soviet-U. S. Cooperation in Africa, Washington, D. C. November 9-12, 1988.

  • Hall, Martin. Kilwa Kisiwani.
    Keywords: Kilwa; Kenya

  • Hall, R. de Z. Angoni raids in the Rufiji District.
    Notes: From Tanganyika Notes and Records, 19..?
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Hall, T. C. Burglars at Bukhangale, 1975.
    Keywords: Kenya; Fiction

  • Hallowell, Jacqueline. Angola and Mozambique Today and Tomorrow: An Eye Witness Report.
    Notes: Reprinted from the Standard-Times, New Bedford, MA.

  • Halpern, Manfred. The Algerian Uprising of 1945.
    Notes: Reprint from The Middle East Journal, vol. 2 no. 2, April 1948.

  • Hamer, John H. Cultural Diversity and National Integration in Ethiopia: The Sidamo Case. 1966.
    Notes: Paper presented at the African Studies Association Meetings Symposium.

  • Hamilton, C. J. A. et al. Observer Team to Nigeria Report on Activities of the Representatives of Canada, Poland, Sweden and The United Kingdom During the Period 14 January 1969- 6 March 1969. 1969.

  • Hamilton, Jeanne. Africa: Lands, Peoples, and Cultures of the World: Teacher's Guide and Key, 1970.
    Keywords: World History

  • Hammond, Peter B. Afro-Indians and Afro-Asians: Cultural Contacts Between Africa and the People of Asia and America.
    Notes: Preliminary draft.

  • Hammond, Peter B. Mossi Joking.
    Notes: Reprinted from Ethnology v. 3 no. 3, July 1964.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Hammond, Richard J. Race Attitudes and Policies in Portuguese Africa in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries.
    Notes: Ninth Annual Meeting of the African Studies Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana, 1966.

  • Hammonde-Tooke, W. D. The Structuring of Chaos: Anthropological Approaches to Human Mind.
    Notes: Inaugural Lecture delivered 17 May 1972 at Witwatersrand University, Johannesburg.

  • Hance, William A. Economic potentialities of the Central African Federation. 1954.
    Notes: Political Science Quarterly, vol. LXIX, no. 1, 1954, pp. 29-44.

  • Hance, William A. Lessons to be learned from the Sahel drought.
    Notes: From Africa: From Mystery to Maze. Helen Kitchen, ed. Lexington: D. C. Heath & Company, 1976. (Critical choices for Americans; 11).

  • Handanger.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Handler, Paul. Famine, fertility and the future. 1975.
    Keywords: U S; Africa

  • Handoria (Cotonou) no. 1, 30 novembre 1977.

  • Handwerker, W. Penn. Daily markets and economic development, or, why aren't there more supermarkets in Monrovia?. 1977.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Ninth Meeting of the Liberian Studies Association, Macomb, Illinois.

  • Handwerker, W. Penn. Patterning in food purchasing activities and preferences in Monrovia, 1970, 1976.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Seventh Annual Liberian Studies Conference, Bloomington, Indiana.

  • Hanna, Judith Lynne. The Anthropology of Dance: A Selected Bibliography. Richardson, TX.: School of Arts and Humanities, University of Texas at Dallas., 1976.

  • Hanna, William and Judith Hanna. The Political Structure of Urban Centered African Communities. Joint Committee on African Studies of the American Council of Learned Societies and the Social Science Research Council., 1965.

  • Hanna, William J. Image-Making in Field Research: Some Tactical and Ethical Problems of Research in Tropical Africa.
    Notes: Reprint from The American Behavioral Scientist, January 1965, vol. VIII, no. 5. (second copy typescript).

  • Hanna, William John and Judith Lynne Hanna. The problem of ethnicity and factionalism in African survey research.
    Notes: From Public Opinion Quarterly, v. 30, Summer 1966: 290-294.
    Keywords: Tribalism

  • Hanna, William John. University students and African politics: a research review and preview. 1975.
    Keywords: Politics

  • Hans Panofsky, Distinguished Curator of Africana.
    Notes: From Footnotes, vol. 15 no. 1 (35), Winter, 1989.

  • Hansen, Art. Farming systems research in Phalombe project, Malawi: another approach to smallholder research and development.
    Notes: Paper presented at the 12-14 July 1982 Conference on Development in Malawi in the 1980's, Chancellor College, Zomba.
    Keywords: Malawi

  • Hansen, Emmanuel. Public Policy and the Food Question in Ghana.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Hanson, Mary. Eritrea: The Hidden War in East Africa.
    Notes: Reprint from Pacific Research and World Empire Telegram.

  • Hanya, Sabuwar. Ƙaramin sani. 1976.
    Notes: No. 1. Zaria, Nigeria: Northern Nigerian Publishing Co.
    Keywords: Hausa; Nigeria

  • Hanya, Sabuwar. Ƙaramin sani. 1977.
    Notes: No. 2. Zaria, Nigeria: Northern Nigerian Publishing Co.
    Keywords: Hausa; Nigeria

  • Hapgood, David. Letter to Richard H. Nolte, Institute of Current World Affairs, May 3, 1963.

  • Haramata: Bulletin of the drylands: people, policies programmes. International Institute for Environment and Development.
    Notes: no. 5 (Sept. 1989); no. 6 (Dec. 1989); no. 8 (June 1990).
    Keywords: Environment; Economics

  • Harare City Library Report for the Year Ended 31st December, 1986.

  • Harare City Library Report for the Year Ended 31st December, 1987.

  • Harare Strret Atlas.
    Notes: 2003 Edition. Published by Mapping and Promotional Services
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Harbeson, John W. Modernization theory and modernization policy: toward the creation of a dialogue.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Dec. 9-19, 1973, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Harbison, Frederick H. Generation of Employment in Newly Developing Countries.
    Notes: Prilim. draft, Princeton University, 1966.
    Keywords: Economics; Development

  • Harbison, Frederick. African University and Human Resource Development.
    Notes: Paper prepared for the Conference on the African University and National Educational Development, 1964.
    Keywords: Education

  • Harding, Leonhard. Strategische Ansatze Schwarzer Politiker in Sudafrika.
    Notes: Deutsche Zeithschrift Fur Moderne Afrikaforschung. Deutsches Institut Fur Africa-Forschung, Hamburg. 74/2 9. Jahrgang.

  • Hare, John N. Karanta ka rubuta: littafi na biyu, revised ed. 1981.
    Notes: Ibadan: Spectrum Books.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Hausa

  • Hare, John N. Karanta ka rubuta: littafi na ɗaya, revised ed. 1981.
    Notes: Ibadan: Spectrum Books.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Hausa

  • Hare, John, and Nuhu Bamalli. Karanta ka rubuta: littafi na huɗu. 1982.
    Notes: Ibadan: Spectrum Books.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Hausa

  • Hare, John, and Nuhu Bamalli. Karanta ka rubuta: littafi na uku. 1981.
    Notes: Ibadan: Spectrum Books.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Hausa

  • Hargreaves, John D. Independance ou egalite? Un dilimne de la decolonisation.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Colloque International Aix en Provence, 26-29 avril 1990. "La France et les independances des pays d' Afrique Noire et de Madagascar".

  • Haring, F. Needs for Further Applied Research in the Field of Animal Production in Africa.
    Notes: Der Deutchen Stiftung fur Entwichlungslander. Almanach 1969, (published in West Germany).

  • Harlem Third World Trade Institute Trade Winds Magazine. New York.: Harlem Third World Trade Institute.
    Notes: vol. 7, no. 6 October 1988.
    Keywords: Economics

  • Harling, Francis, and Claire U. Moulleseaux; translated by CAVA. Zambuko ramwari = God's bridge. N.d.
    Notes: Parallel Shona and English texts. Harare, Zimbabwe: Child Evangelism Fellowship (CAVA).
    Keywords: Zimbabwe; Shona

  • Harner, Ruth; translated by CAVA. TI-FAM mwanasikana wen'anga = TI-FAM witch doctor's daughter. N.d.
    Notes: Parallel Shona and English texts. Book 1, chapters 1-2. Harare, Zimbabwe: Child Evangelism Fellowship (CAVA).
    Keywords: Zimbabwe; Shona

  • Harper, A. E. Malnutrition and the prospective food and population crisis. Madison.: Department of Nutritional Sciences and Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin., 197?
    Keywords: Economics; Development

  • Harrell-Bond, Barbara. The Unofficial Urban Courts in Freetown Part II: Conditions of Life and the Culture of the Urban Poor.
    Notes: American Universities Field Staff Reports, 1979/no. 38. Africa.

  • Harries, Lyndon. Language Policy in Tanzania. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented at the 1968 Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Los Angeles.

  • Harris, Belle. Survey of Agricultural Training Institutes: Implications for Producing Ujamaa Vijijimi Extension Workers.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Sixth Annual Symposium, East Africa Academy, Dar es Salaam, Sept. 1968.

  • Harris, Gene R. The Control of Local Conflict: Case Studies Algeria (1954-1962). 1969.
    Notes: Prepared for the U. S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency.

  • Harris, Marvin. Author's Preface to Portugal's African "Wards".
    Notes: Africa Today, Nov.-Dec. 1958.

  • Harris, Zizi, and Yella Quaqua, ed. Yezɔitiε = The peoples of Israel: stories from the exodus. 1963-1965.
    Notes: Six pamphlets bound together: 1) Mooze = Moses; 2) Mooze ta feeloo: gui zu ɓɔlɔ = Moses and Pharoah: a hard heart; 3) Te wuloa su = They were saved; 4) Gala na tɔ puugɔi = The ten commandments; Zεni nikε yuwui = The golden calf; 6) Kpoovei zu = In the wilderness. Wozi, Liberia: Loma Literacy Center, Lutheran Church in Liberia.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma

  • Harrison, Ira E. and Ruth Dennis. Traditional Healers in Liberia: A Review of the Literature with Implications for Further Research.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Eighth Annual Meeting of the Liberian Studies Association, Indiana University, Bloomington, April 8-10, 1976.

  • Harrison, M.N. et al. How Hybrid Seed is Revolutionizing Maize Growing in Kenya.
    Notes: IDR, vol. X, 1968, pp. 9-13.

  • Harrison-Church, R. J. Trans-Sahara Railway Projects: A Study of Their History and of Their Geographical Setting.
    Notes: Reprint from London Essays in Geography.

  • Harsch, Ernest. Evidence Shows Biko Beaten to Death.
    Notes: Reprinted from Intercontinental Press, October 17, 1977.

  • Harsch, Ernest. The Foreign Economic Role in South Africa.
    Notes: Reprinted from Intercontinetal Press, April 11, April 18, April 25 and May 2, 1977.

  • Hart, Richard. Tragedia di un popolo---tragedia di una Chiesa. 1972.
    Notes: Idoc Internazionale, no. 1, 1972, pp. 10-15.

  • Hartland, Robert. Press Radio in Post-Independence Africa.
    Notes: Background paper for Panel D: Communication, 8th National Conference of the U.S. National Commission, UNESCO (Oct 22-26, 1961).

  • Hartle, Donald D. Archaeology East of the Niger: A Review of Cultural-Historical Developments. Chicago.: International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences., 1973.

  • Hartley, John W. Consideration of Wellesley Diverstment of Securities of Firms Doing Business in South Africa. Wellesley, MA.: Wellesley College., 1977.

  • Hartwig, Gerald W. Long-Distance Trade and the Evolution of Sorcery Among the Kerebe. Durham, N. C.: Duke University.

  • Harvey, Charles. British investment in South Africa: a sample study of firms. 1973.
    Notes: Paper presented to the Parliamentary Expenditure Committee, Trade and Industry Sub-Committee, May 1973; and to the Dalhousie University Conference, August 1973.

  • Harvey, Charles. External investment in South Africa: an examination of the possible strategies.
    Notes: Workshop on Southern Africa, Dalhousie University, August 13-16, 1973.

  • Harvey, Charles. Foreign Investments in South Africa: The Economics of Withdrawal. 1974.
    Notes: Study project paper no. 15. Debate vol. VI no. 15, 1974.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Harvey, Charles. Malawi's adjustment policies.
    Notes: [ca. 1982].
    Keywords: Malawi

  • Harvey, Julia, Boyd, and Mark de Lange. Tutti and the Black Iron, 1990.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Hasan, Yusuf Fadl. The Contribution of the Southern Sudanese People in the Making of Modern Sudan. 1985.
    Notes: Paper presented to the First Conference on the Role of the South in Building Modern Sudan, Khartoum, 1985.

  • Hassan, Amina Sharif. The Area Where Drought Was Not Known: A Small-scale Irrigation Project in Afgol District, Somalia.
    Notes: Unpublished document.
    Keywords: Somalia

  • Hasson, R. A. Rhodesia--a "police State"?
    Notes: from: The World Today, vol. 22, May 1966, pp. 181-190.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Hatch, John. South African Crisis in the Commonwealth.
    Notes: Journal of International Affairs, no. 1, 1961.

  • Hate!
    Notes: In N'Ko alphabet.
    Keywords: N'Ko

  • Hatfield, C. R. Tensions, tradition and Bufumu in Usukuma.
    Notes: Draft.
    Keywords: Tanzania

  • Hathorn, Peter. Dissension in the Ranks, an Argument for Conscientious Objection.
    Notes: Ad Hoc Support Committee.

  • Haw, Richard C. Progress in African Education.
    Notes: Fact Paper no. 10. Department of Information Service, Ministry of Information, Immigration and Tourism, P. O. Box 8232, Causeway, Salisbury, Rhodesia.

  • Hawk, Beverly G. American Coverage of the War in Zimbabwe.
    Notes: 23rd Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Philadelphia, Pennysylvania, 1980.

  • Hawl iyo hantiwadaag. [Mogadishu].
    Keywords: Somalia

  • Hawley, Edward A. Refugees in Kenya formerly affiliated with liberation movements.

  • Hay, Margaret. The Luo and their neighbors: local trade and ethnic boundaries in the late ninenteenth century.
    Notes: Paper presented at the 16th Annual Convention of the African Studies Association, Chicago, Illinois, October 29- November 1, 1974.

  • Hayden, Thomas E. Change within the social and political structure of the Sikleo Kru.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Liberian Studies Association Eighth Annual Meeting, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, April 8-10, 1976.

  • Hayward, Fred M. "Political Participation and its Role in Development: Some Observations Drawn from the African Context".
    Notes: Journal of Developing Ideas 7. 4 (1973).
    Keywords: Politics

  • Hayward, Fred M. Some generalizations about a progressive political organization in the bush: a case study in Sierra Leone.

  • Hazard, John N. Guinea's "non-capitalist way". New York. Institute of African Studies, School of International Affairs, Columbia University., 196?
    Notes: Reprinted from the Columbia Journal of Transnational Law, vol. 15, no. 2, 1966.

  • Hazard, John N. Marxian Socialism in Africa: the case of Mali. New York.: Columbia University, School of International Affairs., 1969.
    Notes: Reprinted for private circulation from; Comparative Politics, vol. 2, October 1969. c1969 by the City University of New York.
    Keywords: Mali

  • Hazard, John N. Marxian socialist inspiration in West African institutional reform. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented at the 1968 Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Los Angeles.

  • Hazelwood, Arthur. The "Shiftability" of Industry and the Measurement of Gains and Losses in the East African Common Market.
    Notes: Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Oxford University Institute of Economics and Statistics, vol. 28 no. 2, May 1966.

  • Hazelwood, Arthur. The East African Common Market: Importance and Effects.
    Notes: Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Oxford University Institute of Economics and Statistics, vol. 28, no. 1 (1966).

  • Hazelwood, Arthur. The Territorial Incidence of the East African Common Services.
    Notes: Reprinted from the Bulletin of the Oxford University Institute of Economics and Statistics, vol. 27 no. 3, August 1965.

  • Hazelwood, Arthur. The Treaty for the East African Co-operation.
    Notes: Reprinted from the Standard Bank Review, September 1967.

  • He Lier. South Africa's policy toward neighbor countries.
    Notes: Conference paper, 1988.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Health Magazine.
    Notes: May 1950, no. 127. Quarterly Journal of the South African Health Society, Lovedale. 12p.

  • Heart of Old Accra: Where History and Culture Meet. Accra: 2006.
    Notes: Travel guide featuring history, culture, tips for travelers, and maps of the city.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Heath, K. C. G. Making A Desert Give Up Its Treasures.
    Notes: OPTIMA vol. 17, no. 2, 1967.

  • Heblo, Catal, and Yubbo Beto. Fuddorde taro 1. 1985.
    Notes: On cover: "D.L.No. Muulgol 2ol. Dees 1985." [Nouakchott, Mauritania?]: Dudal Demde Ngenndiije Muritani [Institute of National Languages, Mauritania].
    Keywords: Fula;Pulaar; Fulfulde

  • Hedborg, and Reding. Vocabulaire français-mabinza et mabinza-français, dresse d'apres les renseignements fournis par M. Hedborg. 1912.
    Notes: A 24-page supplement (?) containing only Chapter 15 (Vocabulaire francais-mabinza) and Chapter 16 (Vocabulaire mabinza-francais), plus "Numeration," by M. Reding. Bruxelles: Imprimerie Veuve Monnom.
    Keywords: Mbinsa; Mabinza

  • Heggoy, Alf Andrew. Soldiers and Education in the Algerian Revolution. 1971.
    Notes: Paper prepared for the Fifth Annual Conference of the Middle East Studies Association of North America, Denver, 1971.

  • Heimat + Mission. Clairefontaine.: Pretres du Sacre-Coeur., 1972.
    Notes: Edition speciale: Jeune eglise au Zaire.

  • Helie-Lucas, Marie Aimee. Liberation Struggle and the Liberation of Women: Women in the Algerian Liberation Struggle.
    Notes: IFDA Dossier 72 July/August 1989, pp. 37-48.

  • Helleiner, Gerald K. Marketing Boards and Domestic Stabilization in Nigeria. New Haven.: Economic Growth Center, Yale University., 1966.
    Notes: Center Paper no. 85.

  • Hellmann, Ellen Dr. The Effects of Industrialization on Social Structure and Family Life.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Twenty-Eighth Annual Council Meeting of the South African Institute of Race Relations (Inc), Cape Town, 1968.

  • Hellmann, Ellen. Soweto- Johannesburg's African City. Johannesburg.: South African Institute of Race Relations. 1967.

  • Hellmann, Ellen. The Application of the Concept of Separate Development to Urban Areas in the Union of South Africa.
    Notes: Off-print from St. Antony's Papers; vol. X, African Affairs, 1961.

  • Help! We have to save this nation.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Helping Each Other. Harare.: ZNFPC (Zimbabwe National Family Planning Council)., 1988.

  • Hemsing, Jan. Treetops Outspan Paxtu.
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Hemson, David. Nusas, Press Digest Nuusbrief.
    Notes: In this folder: Press Digest 2/72, Newsletter no. 32 vol. 3, Friday August 25, 1972; vol. 3 no. 33, Friday September 1, 1972; vol. 3 no. 34 September 8, 1972; also no. 19, 21, 35, 37, 41, 42 of vol. 3, 1972.

  • Henderson, Ian. White Population in Southern Rhodesia.
    Notes: The Uni

  • Henderson, K. D. D. Survey of the Anglo-Egyptian Sudan.

  • Henige, David. Catholic Missionary Journals Relating to Africa in North America: An Identification and Aquisitions Program.
    Notes: FAN, no. 50, Fall 1979

  • Henige, David. Royal tombs and preterhuman ancestors; a devil's advocacy.
    Notes: Paper presented at the 17th Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, Chicago, Illinois, Oct. 30-Nov. 2, 1974

  • Henning, John. The Attitude of African Nationalism Towards Communism. Duquesne University: Institute of African Affairs, 1962.
    Notes: Reprint from Duquesne Review, Spring 1962, no. 10

  • Hennings, John. Some Problems of Multi-Racial Communities in East and Central Africa. Pittsburg, Duquesne University: Institute of African Affairs, 1963.

  • Henries, A. Doris Banks. Liberian Curriculum Development in Action. Monrovia: Department of Education, 1970.

  • Hepple, Alex. South Africa's Bureau for State Security.
    Notes: Reprint from The World Today, Oct. 1969

  • Herbs, Nigeria's Herbal Monthly (Abeokuta) vol. 1, no. 2.

  • Heritage (Lagos) vol. 1984, no. 1; 1982, no. 2.

  • Heritage: A Journal of Southern Sudanese Cultures. (Juba) vol. 1, nos. 1 and 2/3, 1982.

  • Heritages des tropiques : revu de recherches historiques et geographiques (Yaoundé) Vol.1, no. 1 (1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • Herman, Ellen. 3rd International Book Fair. Small Press, The Magazine & Book of Independent Publishing , 1988 Dec.

  • Heroes' Acre Inauguration speech of the president of Namibia
    Keywords: Namibia

  • Herrmann, Omer W. Livestock Research Center for West Africa, a Research Proposal. East Lansing: Michigan State University, 1969 Apr.

  • Hershfield, Allan F. A pre-census publicity campaign in Ethiopia.
    Notes: Report to UN Fund for Population Activities, January 1975
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • Hershfield, Allan H. Ibo sons abroad: a window of the world.
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