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  • Location: Herman B Wells Library E660
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African Pamphlet Collection Index

The collection includes nearly 10,000 items related to Africa, including booklets, articles, conference presentations, flyers, and other materials written in English as well as in many other European and African languages. This online index is searchable by keywords, and you may browse the alphabetical lists. Most items can be borrowed from or used in the African Studies Collection office (Herman B Wells Library, Room E660 – advance notification by email is recommended).

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  • Gable, Richard W. Bureaucratic Transition: The Case of British Colonies.
    Notes: Reprint Series no. 19 December, 1968. Institute of Governmental Affairs, University of California, Davis.

  • Gabon Republic: Hour of Independence. New York.: Ambassade de French., 1961 Feb.

  • Gabon.
    Notes: Surveys of African Economies, 1968, pp. 274-337.

  • Gaborone City Centre Street Map, 2000/2001.
    Keywords: Botswana

  • Gabriel, Tamini Gnide. An ka kalan kɛ. N.d.
    Notes: Text in Jula; epilogue in French. Bobo-Dioulasso, Burkina Faso: Sous-Commission Nationale du Jula.
    Keywords: Burkina Faso; Jula

  • Gadfly (Ehindero) vol. 3, no. 1.

  • Gagner, Jacques. Evolution du cadre juridique et des pratiques foncieres a Bamako.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Journees d' Etudes "Processus d' Urbanisation en Afrique" a l' Universite Paris, mercredi 11 decembre 1985.

  • Gaherty, Geoffrey. The Biological Evidence for Population Movements in Africa. Hamilton (Canada).: McMaster University., 1972 Nov 3.

  • Gaile, Gary L. The social ecology of drought.
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Gaisie, S. K. Some aspects of population related problems and population policy in Ghana. 1973.
    Notes: Paper presented at the African Seminar on Population Policy, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Gakaara, Wanjaũ. Agĩkũyũ Mau Mau na wĩyathi = Agikuyu, Mau Mau and freedom. 1970?
    Notes: Karatina, Kenya: Gakaara Book Service.
    Keywords: Kenya; Gikuyu

  • Gakobo, J. The Role of the Special Collection in the Academic Library. London. Academic Press Inc., 1985.
    Notes: Int. Libr. Rev. (1985) 17, 405-418.

  • Galaal, Musa. Traditional Somali Attitude Towards Foreigners.
    Notes: Typescript.

  • Galaty, John G. The Maasai Group Ranch: Symposium on Change and Development in Nomadic Societies, the Xth International Congress on Anthropological and Ethnological Studies, Delhi, December 14, 1978.

  • Galbraith, Virginia L. When Trade Does Act as an Engine of Growth: Case of Ivory Coast.

  • Galloway, Winfred. A listing of some Kaabu states and associated areas: signposts towards state-by-state research in Kaabu. 1980.
    Notes: Paper presented at the First International Kaabu Colloquium, sponsored by the Leopold Sedar Senghor Foundation, Dakar, Senegal.

  • Galloway, Winifred F. The oral traditions of Kaabu: an historiographical essay on some problems connected with their finding, collection, evaluation and use. 1980.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Colloquium on the Oral Traditions of Kaabu, sponsored by the Leopold Sedar Senghor Foundation, Dakar, Senegal.

  • Galloway, Winifred. A working map of Kaabu, with a short list of some Kaabu states and related areas. 1980.
    Notes: Paper presented at the First International Kaabu Colloquium, sponsored by the Leopold Sedar Senghor Foundation, Dakar, Senegal.

  • Gamandzori, Joseph. Le Chemin de Fer et l' Urbanisation au Congo.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Journees d' Etudes "Processus d' Urbanisation en Afrique" a l' Universite Paris, mercredi 11 decembre 1985.

  • Gambia International Roots Festival. The Gambia Hosts the First International Roots Homecoming Festival of Art, Music and Culture, July 21 to August 19, 1987. New York.: Harlem Third World Trade Institute., 1987?
    Keywords: Gambia

  • Gambia Magazine (Banjul) vol. 1, February, 1976.

  • Gambia Onward (Bathurst) no. 426 (1971), nos. 542-549, 553-556, 560-571, 574 (1972).

  • Gambia Review. vol. 2 nos. 2 (Jan. 1982) and 3 (June 1982). Banjul.: The Gambia Information Services., 1982.

  • Gambia Times (Official Organ of the Peoples Progressive Party), no. 11, May 1984. Banjul.: Gambia Times., 1984.

  • Gambia Women's Finance Company. Financial Statements and Reports for the Year Ended 30th June 1989. Banjul.: Gambia Women's Finance Company., 1989.
    Keywords: Gambia

  • Gambia Women's Finance Company. General Manager's Annual Report.
    Keywords: Gambia

  • Gambia.

  • Gamble, David P. Gambian Items in the Adan E. Treganza Anthropology Museum, Department of Anthropology, San Francisco State University, January 1977.
    Notes: Illustrations by Darcy Paige.
    Keywords: Tha Gambia; Museum

  • Gamuute Axmed Gamuute. Soo haabo.
    Keywords: Somalia

  • Gana, Malam J. U. Wo ga fedun ge wo a nakin ge. N.d.
    Notes: In Nupe. In 3 parts: mafari [first], baci [second], taci [third]. Text is presented as 219 short paragraphs, numbered continuously across the three parts.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Nupe

  • Gandaho, Antoine Guy. Recitez avec Guy Bespo: Livret de Recitations.
    Keywords: Dahomey

  • Gann, L. H. Rhodesia and the Prophets.
    Notes: African Affairs, no. 282, 1972, pp. 125-143.

  • Gaolathe, B. Water Development in the Rural Area (Botswana).
    Notes: Prepared for the Workshop on Rural Environment and Development Planning in Southern Africa, Gaborone, 1976.
    Keywords: Botswana

  • Gapara, Bertha J. Paper presented by Mrs. Bertha J. Gapara. Conference on: The Changing Family in the African Context, Maseru, 1983.

  • Gappert, Gary. The Economics and Politics of Mobility and Resettlement: A Case Study of the Implementation of the Transformation Approach in Tanzania.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Eleventh Annual Meeting of the African Studies Association, October 16-19, 1968, Los Angeles, CA.

  • Gappert, Gary. U. S. Subsidy to South Africa: The Sugar Quota. New York.: American Comittee on Africa.

  • Gar (Austin), no. 33, February 1979.

  • Garba, Ahmed Ɗan Kano. Hanyar koyon karatu da rubutu. 1981.
    Notes: Ibadan: Spectrum Books.
    Keywords: Nigeria; Hausa

  • Garbett, G. Kingsley. Spirit mediums as mediators in Valley Korekore society. 1965.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Gardner, Amanda. Maa pona ŋɔni. 1967.
    Notes: Kpelle text followed by English translation. "Book no. 164." Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gardner, Daniel E. Foreign Trade Regulations of Mauratius.
    Notes: Overseas Business Reports, OBR 70-68, 1970.

  • Garrett, Sean. The Suez Canal, 1974.
    Notes: HARRAP World History Programme.
    Keywords: Suez Canal

  • Garrison, Lloyd. Odumegwu Ojukwu Is Biafra.
    Notes: The New York Times Magazine, New York, 1969.

  • Gary, John H. Research at Cuttington College.
    Notes: Unpublished report, June 1967.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Gastines, Francois de. L' Experience d' Enseignement des Langues Nationales au College Libermann de Douala (Cameroon).

  • Gastines, Francois de. Pour Saluer ton ami dans sa Langue, 1985.
    Notes: Langues et Litteratures Nationales 19, Salutations en Langue Nationales.
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • Gateway (Onitsha) September 1985- March 1986.

  • Gateways of Eastern Africa. Issue no. 3, Sept.- Oct., 1971.

  • Gayibor, N. Les Villes Negrieres de la Cote des Esclaves au XVIIIe Siecele.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Journees d' Etudes "Processus d' Urbanisation en Afrique" a l'Universite paris, 11 decembre, mercredi, 1985.

  • Gayre of Gayre, R. The Bantu Homelands of the Northern Transvaal. Pittsburgh, PA.: Duquesne University Press, Institute of African Affairs., 1962.
    Notes: Reprinted from The Mankind Quarterly, Oct. - Dec. 1962.

  • Géleŋ sia-nuui = Driver. 1960.
    Notes: "Book no. 79." Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gîdiεŋ = Gideon. 1961.
    Notes: "No. 102." Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gbadolite Declaration. Gbadolite, Zaire, June 22, 1989.

  • Gbanaŋ-woo-kεε ninai. 1967. [2 copies]
    Notes: Monrovia: Bible Society of West Africa.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle; Bible, NT

  • Gbanaŋ-woo-kεε-pɔlɔi su kɔlɔ-woo-ŋai sɔne-ŋai mεni ma = Lessons from the Old Testament. 1966.
    Notes: "Book no. 162." Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gbannə caarəm = Hygiene du corps. 1992.
    Notes: Padonou: Graphitec.
    Keywords: Benin; Yom; Health

  • Gbedemah, K. A. It Will Not Be "Work and Happiness for All": an open letter being also an appeal to Dr. Kwame Nkrumah and comment on, and criticism of the proposed new 7 year Ghana Development Plan. Accra., 1962.

  • Gbegudu, Adeyinka. Too Early to Forget Awo. Akure, 2002.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Gbεbεε-kɔlɔi 3, 5th ed. 1966. [2 copies]
    Notes: Kpelle reader 3. Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gbεε ɓe ŋi? = Who is this? 1959.
    Notes: [Book no. 11.] Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gbεlεε-kɔlɔi 2 = Kpelle reader 2, 3rd ed. 1966.
    Notes: Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gbεlεε-kɔlɔi 2 = Kpelle reader 2. 1961.
    Notes: "Book no. 2." Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gbεlεε-kɔlɔi 2b = Kpelle reader 2b. 1960.
    Notes: Back cover: "A translation of 'Bible primer writer.'" Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Gboyega, Dotun. Kabiyesi, 1985.
    Notes: Cartoons.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Ge Ji. Prospect of peaceful change under the present political system in South Africa. 1988.
    Notes: Conference paper.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Gealy, Edgar J. and Agnes J. Doughman. The Mineral Industry of Ghana. Washington, D. C.: United States Department of the Interior., 1968.Reprint from the 1968 Bereau of Mines Mineral Yearbook.

  • Geary, Christraud. A Projected Interdisciplinary and International Conference in the USA on History and Photography in Africa.
    Notes: Nachrichten/ Newsletter, Jahrgang 13, Nr. 1. Marz 1989.

  • Gebremedhin, Naigzy. Ethiopia, 1973.
    Notes: Paper presented at the African Seminar on Population Policy, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Gege, Joseph Bamidele. Evaluation of Public Housing Programmes in Kwara State, Nigeria.
    Notes: Paper prepared for Colloquium Presentation at the Workshop in Political Theory and Policy Analysis, December 9, 1991.

  • Gellar, Sheldon. Development Models, Development Administration, and the Ratched- McMurphy: A View From the Bottom.
    Notes: Indiana University sponsored conference on the theme of "Administration for Development: A Comparative Perspective on the Middle East and latin America". April 2-3, 1976.

  • Gellar, Sheldon. State-building and Nation-building in West Africa.
    Notes: Reprinted from Builsing States and Nations: Analyses by Region, volume II. S. N. Eisenstadt, ed. Beverly Hills; London: Sage Publications, 1973.

  • Gellar, Sheldon. Structural Changes and Colonial Dependency: Senegal 1885-1945.
    Notes: Prepared for publication by Sage, 1974.

  • Gender and constitution reforms in Nigeria-critical issues: a fact sheet.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Gender Issues and Women Writers. The Southern African Literature Society. Gaborone.
    Keywords: Botswana

  • Gender: What does it entail?
    Notes: a handbook for parliamentarians in Malawi
    Keywords: Malawi

  • General Conference, The United Methodist Church 1988 Book of Resolutions, Southern Africa SP 75 A, B.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • General Declaration of the Sixth Pan African Congress held in Dar es Salaam from the 19th to the 27th of June 1974.

  • General Motors Corporation 1973 Report on Progress in the Area of Public Concern. (South African Issues). Warren, Michigan.: GM Technical Center., 1973 Feb 8.

  • General Motors Corporation. A Position Statement-from the 1985 General Motors Public Interest Report.
    Notes: General Motors in South Africa.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • General situation in Tigray. Tigray People's Liberation Front., 1982 Apr 15.
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • George, Betty. Differing Approaches to Education in East and Central Africa.
    Notes: Background paper for Panel A-2: Educational Systems in East and Central Africa. Conference title: Africa and the United States: Images and Realities, no date.
    Keywords: East Africa

  • George, Carl J. The role of the Aswan High Dam in changing the fisheries of the Southeastern Mediterranean.
    Notes: From: The Careless Technology (1972). M. T. Farvar and J. Milton eds.
    Keywords: Egypt

  • George, Ida and Beram. Wolof-Svenska, Dansk, English. Mandinko-Svenska, English, Deutsch.
    Keywords: Wolof; Mandinko

  • George, Susan. Food Strategies for Tomorrow. 1987.
    Notes: Hunger Project Papers, no. 6
    Keywords: United States

  • Georgulas, Nick. Post-1964 Trends in the Tanzania Unions: A Brief Commentary.

  • Georgulas, Nikos. Development and the Rural Sector- A Suggested Planning Approach.
    Notes: Paper delivered to Syracuse University African Workshop on Management Administration of Nation Building in Africa, July 31, 1968.

  • Gerard, August S. Private Enterprise- Blueprint for Progress in the Congo.
    Notes: An address before a press conference of business and financial editors and writers, New York City, June 13, 1961.

  • Gerbeau, Hubert et Edmond Maestri. Colonie decolonisee et "colonie colonisatrice": les echos de l' independance de Madagascar a la Reunion.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Colloque International Aix en Provence, 26-29 avril 1990. "La France et les independances des pays d' Afrique Noire et de Madagascar".

  • Gerig, Benjamen. The Operation of the Trusteeship System in Africa.
    Notes: Selected Lectures on "Economics and Political Problems of Africa" Political Science Workshop Marshall College, 9-27, 1958.

  • German Alumni Newsletter. vol. 5, (Oct. 1998).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • German Technical Cooperation (GTZ). Namibian-German Technical Cooperation. 2007.
    Notes: Overview of GTZ profile and projects
    Keywords: Namibia

  • Gern, Jean-Pierre. Le Maroc et la Tunisie Face a L' Autonomie Monetaire. Basle (Switzerland).: Basle Centre for Economic and Financial Research.

  • Gerster, Richard. How to Ruin a Country: the case of Togo.
    Notes: IFDA Dossier 71 May/June 1989, pp. 25-36.

  • Gertzel, Cherry. About Books and Films, Research Materials and Research: A Note on some local publications available around southern and eastern Africa.
    Notes: African Studies Association of Australia and the Pacific Newsletter. vol. X no. 1, July 1988.

  • Gervasi, Sean. Secret Collaboration: U. S. and South Africa Foment Terrorist Wars.
    Notes: Reprint from ConvertAction, no. 22, Fall 1984.

  • Gɔmànà Gbo-pa-wìɖì = Bribery. 1968. [3 copies]
    Notes: Monrovia: Liberia Inland Mission.
    Keywords: Liberia; Bassa

  • Ghai, D. P. Incomes policy of Kenya: need, criteria and machinery. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented at the University of East Africa Social Science Conference, University Collge, Dar es Salaam.

  • Ghai, D. P. tax rates and Income Elasticity of Some Important Taxes in East Africa. 1964?
    Notes: EDRD no. 38.

  • Ghallab, Mohamed El-Sayed. Genesis of Plitical States in Northern Africa.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Dec. 9-19, 1973, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Ghana and the United Nations. Accra.: Ghana Information Services and Broadcasting., 1958.

  • Ghana at a Glance: Basic Tourist Information. Ghana Tourist Board, 2006.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Ghana Church Union Committee. Proposed Basis of Union. Accra.: Ghana Church Committee., 1965.

  • Ghana Commercial Bank (Accra). Circular to shareholders for the Approved Rights Issue
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Ghana Commercial Bank. Monthly Economic Bulletin (Accra). vol. 6 nos. 5, 7, 8, 10, 11; vol. 7 nos. 5, 8-11; vol. 8 no. 9.
    Keywords: Economics

  • Ghana Heritage Conservation Trust. "Who We are." Cape-Coast: GHCT, N.d. (brochure).

  • Ghana Journal of Education (Tema). vol. 4 no. 2, April 1973.

  • Ghana Review (Accra) vol. 2, no. 2 (1995).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Ghana Today (London) vol. 1, no. 1 (1993).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: United Kingdom

  • Ghana Today. vol. 1 no. 7 (Feb. 1994).
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Ghana Tourism Guide. Accra: Rose Tourist Centre, 2009.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Ghana Tourist Board Directory
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Ghana's Imports 1957-66 in New Cedis. William F. Steel comp. Williamstown.: Center for Development Economics, Williams College., 1968.
    Notes: Research Memorandum no. 20.

  • Ghana. People's Assembly. Celebration of the 13th Anniversary of the 4th Republic. Accra?, 2006.
    Notes: At the Centre for National Culture, Cape Coast on Tuesday, 7th February, 2006. Theme: Positive change chapter two - accelerating development, deepening good governance.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Ghana: A Barclays International Economic Survey, 1972.
    Keywords: Ghana; Economics

  • Ghosal, Animesh. The Future of the Liberian Rubber Industry. 1974.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Sixth Annual Liberian Studies Conference, Madison, Wisconsin.

  • Gibbons, Charles A. Basic Statistical Problems in Evaluating Africa's Food Supply.
    Notes: Paper prepared for African Studies Association meeting, Nov. 2, 1967.

  • Gibbs, James L., Jr. Poro values and courtroom procedures in a Kpelle chiefdom. University of New Mexico. Southwestern Journal of Anthropology, 18(4): 341-350. 1962.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Gibson, Clark C. The politics of structural choice in a one-party state: the case of wildlife policy in Zambia.
    Keywords: Zambia

  • Gibson, Olive. The cost of living for Africans. Johannesburg.: South African Institute of Race Relations.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Gibson, Paul R. U. S. Foreign Policy in Africa. Remarks at a conference co-sponsored by The Department of State and The World Affairs Council of Northern California on October 31, 1978.
    Notes: Third report on the Signatory Companies to the Sullivan Principles.

  • Giddings, Moses, and Otto Spehr, trans. Mare-kεε-ŋai da zukulai e pelaŋ bɔkɔɔŋ-ŋai ma = Questions and answers for New Testament pictures. N.d.
    Notes: Monrovia: Lutheran Mission.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • Giddings, Moses, John MacKay, and Otto Spehr, trans. Núu-kpune ŋɔsɔnyɔŋ maa ŋuŋ. N.d.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • GIJ News: Training Journal for Students (Accra) vol. 1, no. 6 (1992).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Gilewogi, Lavila, et al. Zinaa wɔlɔ = Stories about men. 1965.
    Notes: Wozi, Liberia: Loma Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma

  • Giliomee, Hermann. The History of our Politics. Inaugural Lecture, University of Cape Town, New Series no. 126, June 11, 1986.

  • Gilliard, Peter H. The Oyo-Refugee States, c. 1835-c. 1862.
    Notes: Presentation given at the School for Oriental and African Studies, African History Seminar, May 26, 1976.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Gingyera-Pinycwa, A. G. G. Political development and ideological void: Uganda under Apolo Milton Obote.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, Dec. 9-19, 1973, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Ginindza, Z. R. Umntfwana: A pictorial biography of the new King of Swaziland, 1986.
    Keywords: Swaziland

  • Gira Amahoro. Aie la paix: traditional and contemporary music from Rwanda. Colophon.: Leuven.
    Keywords: Rwanda

  • Gists (Ibadan) Vol. 1, no. 2 (Apr. 1994)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Gitelman, Sheldon J. A Manufacturing Base in Africa? Its Pros and Cons.
    Notes: Columbia Journal of World Business. Jan.-Feb. 1971, vol. VI, p. 79-84.

  • Gitelson, Susan Aurelia. The Transformation of the Southern African Subordinate State System.

  • Gεleesiŋ-ŋai = Galatians. 1963.
    Notes: Back cover: "(A tentative translation.)" "Book no. 134." Totota, Liberia: Kpelle Literacy Center.
    Keywords: Liberia; Kpelle

  • GJA Guidelines on Election Coverage.
    Notes: Ghana Journalists association & Electoral Commission Republic of Ghana.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Glagolev, Igor S. Soviet Aggression in Southern Africa. Sandton.: Southern African Editorial Services (Pty) Ltd., 1980 Oct.

  • Glakpe, Victor K. A. Adela megblɔa wo katâ o. 1974.
    Notes: "This book vividly narrates the experiences of a hunter and perils he went through during some of his hunting expeditions. It further recounts the hunter's encounter with Small Pox in human form and how the hunter changed into a tortoise and went to the kingdom of animals." Accra: Burea of Ghana Languages.
    Keywords: Ghana; Ewe

  • Glasgow, Roy Arthur. Pragmatism and Idealism in Brazilian Foreign Policy in Southern Africa.

  • Gleason, Henry Allan Jr. Review of The Southern Bantu Languages by C. M. Doke.
    Notes: Reprint from Language, vol. 32 no. 3, July-Sept, 1956.

  • Gleason, Judith. Tempest II: an introduction to the poetry of Aime Cesaire.

  • Glendora Books Supplement (Lagos) No. 3/4 (1998)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Glickman, Harvey. Report on visit to South Africa. Pretoria.: US-SALEP.

  • Gloaguen, Philippe, and Michel Duval. Le Guide du Routard 1980-81 Afrique, 1980.

  • Global Dialogue: Nigeria.
    Notes: Global Dialogue vol. 1 October 1st, 1967, no. 1.

  • Globe (Independent). Freetown. 1986 Jun 28.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone

  • Glossaires: Hassaniya-Français. N.d.
    Notes: 7 leaves. Lexicon in Arabic and Latin scripts, with definitions in French.
    Keywords: Hassaniyya; Arabic--dialects

  • GM Ties Future Expansion in South Africa to "JUST" Resolution of Social Problem. New York.: N. C. C. News and Information Services., 1977.
    Notes: National Council of Churches News: 315CCR3/25/77.

  • Gnielinski, Stefan von. Socio-economic aspects of the Lake Kossou Fisheries, Ivory Coast. In Afrika-Informationen: Forschungsberichte deutscher Geographen 2 (1979).
    Keywords: Ivory Coast

  • Go Ye Therefore... Cape Town.: Information Offices of the Cape., 1962.

  • Godby, M. A. P. "The battle of the pictures": An historical instance of conflict between definitions of art. Cape Town.: University of Cape Town., 1990.
    Notes: Inaugural Lecture Series 151.

  • Godfrey, Laurie R. The Tale of the Tsy-Aomby-Aomby.
    Notes: Reprint from The Sciences, Jan.-Feb. 1986.

  • Goerg, Odile. Conakry: un modele de ville coloniale francaise? Reglements fonciers et urbanisme 1885- annees 1920.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Journees d' Etudes "Processus d' Urbanisation en Afrique" a l' Universite Paris, 11 decembre, mercredi, 1985.

  • Goerg, Odile. Le mouvement associatif et le processus des independances en AOF.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Colloque International Aix en Provence, 26-29 avril 1990. "La France et les independances des pays d' Afrique Noire et de Madagascar".

  • Gola. [1960s]
    Notes: Gola primer. Printed in the U.S. for the government of Liberia.
    Keywords: Liberia; Gola

  • Gold Coast: Report to His Excellency the Governor, by the Committee on Constitutional Reform. London.: His Majesty's Stationery Office., 1949.
    Notes: Colonial Office.

  • Gold, Alice. Women in agricultural change: the Nandi (Kenya) in the 19th century.

  • Golden Jubilee: The First Fifty Years of the Union of South Africa. Pretoria.: South African Information Service.

  • Goldschmidt, Walter. Livestock as a resource in Africa: problems and solutions, March 1979 (working copy).

  • Goldschmidt, Walter. The Economic Transactions of an African Herdsman and the Market Rationality in Primitive Behavior. 1967.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association, Washington D. C., 1967.

  • Golf Kenya.
    Keywords: Tourism

  • Golino, Frank. The Wiehahn Labor Reform Strategy.
    Keywords: Politics

  • Goma, L. K. H. Ngoza na Kasiwa. 1962.
    Notes: London: University of London Press, in association with the Northern Rhodesia Publications Bureau.
    Keywords: Tumbuka

  • Goncalo, Humberto. Mingom Bicu Contra Rei Di Buli, 1989.
    Keywords: Gunea-Bissau

  • Goncharov, L. V. Economic and Socio-Political Aspects of the Development of African Countries: from the 60's to the 80's.
    Notes: Paper for the Soviet-American Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa. Moscow, 26-29 June, 1984.
    Keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Goncharov, Leongard. Destruction of the Environment in Africa (Socio-economic aspects of desertification).

  • Goncharov, Leongard. Socio-economic differentiation in Africa South of the Sahara.
    Notes: Paper for the Soviet-American Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa. Moscow, June 26-29, 1984.
    Keywords: Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Goncharov, Leongard. Socio-Economic differentiation in Africa south of the Sahara. 1982.
    Notes: Paper presented at the First American-Soviet symposium on contemporary sub-Saharan Africa, Berkeley, California.

  • Goncharov, V. I. South African Development Coordination Conference and African Security.
    Notes: Paper presented for a conference "Soviet-U. S. Cooperation for Africa" Washington, D. C. Nov. 10-13, 1988.

  • Gondwe, V. C. M. Abolition of School Fess as a Solution to the problems of Dropouts. The National Seminar on Causes of primary School Drop-Outs; Parliament Building, Zomba 15-18 August 1988.
    Keywords: Malawi

  • Good, Robert C. Congo Crisis: The Role of the New States.

  • Goodluck, W. O. Nigeria and Marxism.
    Notes: Reprint from Information Bulletin, no. 4, May 1965.

  • Goodman, Stephen H. Expatriate entrepreneurship and the new economic reforms.
    Keywords: Zambia

  • Goodwin, A. J. H. The Origin of Certain African Food-Plants.
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