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African Pamphlet Collection Index

The collection includes nearly 10,000 items related to Africa, including booklets, articles, conference presentations, flyers, and other materials written in English as well as in many other European and African languages. This online index is searchable by keywords, and you may browse the alphabetical lists. Most items can be borrowed from or used in the African Studies Collection office (Herman B Wells Library, Room E660 – advance notification by email is recommended).

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  • Fabric of Memory: Nigerian Storyteller Chinua Achebe, as told to Bill Moyers.
    Notes: Clinton St. Quarterly, Spring 1989, pp. 9-12.

  • FACIM76. XII Feira Internacional de Maputo, 28 Agosto-12 Setembro/ XII International Trade Fair of Maputo, 28 August-12 September
    Keywords: Mozambique

  • Facts and Myths on the Marriage and Divorce Bill, 2009.
    Notes: Uganda Women's Network Publication
    Keywords: Uganda

  • Factual Information on South Africa from the South Africa Foundation.

  • Facultes Catholiques de Kinshasa. Programme des Cours Annee Academique 1989-1990.
    Keywords: Democratic Republic of the Congo

  • Fadil, Camara Mohamed Cheick. Le Sequences de l'amour.
    Notes: comic.
    Keywords: Guinea Conakry

  • Fadiman, Jeff A. "Southern Rhodesia's Final Choice".
    Notes: From: The New Leader, v. 109 no. 18, Sept. 2, 1963.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Fagan, Brian. Some notes on Iron Age research in Zambia and elsewhere.
    Keywords: Zambia

  • Fagaru: Organe Central de la LD/MPT. (Dakar) no. 3, 1982.

  • Faidherbe, Louis Leon Cezar. Langues senegalaises. 1887.
    Notes: Photocopy. Includes vocabulary, grammars, and word lists in French. Paris: Leroux.
    Keywords: Senegal; Wolof; Hassaniyya (Arabic); Serer-Sine; Soninke

  • Faidherbe, Louis Leon Cezar. Notes Grammaticales sur la Langue Sarakhole. 1881.
    Notes: Paris: Maisonneuve et Cie, Libraires Editeurs.

  • Fairer, Friendly Electoral System for Women and Minorities in Kenya.

  • Faith in Action, Grade Four, 1981.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe; Religious Education

  • Fallers, Lloyd. Role Conflict of the African Chief. 1957.
    Notes: Readings in the Ways of Mankind, Walter Goldschmidt, ed. The Fund for Adult Education, 1957.

  • Fallers, Lloyd. The Role of the Modern African Chief.
    Notes: photocopy paper (anthropology).

  • Family (Akure) Vol. 1, no. 1 (1997?) 
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Family News vol. 1, no 1 (Aug. 1998)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Family Protection Scoreboard, 1987.
    Notes: Special Edition on South Africa.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Fandohan, Irénée Asɔgba. Sè xó cè. 1989.
    Notes: Cotonou, Benin: Direction de l'Alphabetisation et de la Presse Rurale.
    Keywords: Fon

  • Fantz, Charles. Pastoral Societies, Stratification, and National Integration in Africa.
    Notes: Paper submitted to the International Congress of Africanists, 3rd Session, December 9-19, 1973, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

  • Farah, A.M. Income and employment issues in the agricultural settlement schemes. Mogadishu, 1980.
    Notes: Written for the National Seminar on Employment and Income Issues, August, 17-21 1980.
    Keywords: Somalia

  • Farah, Yusaf Ahmed, and I.M. Lewis. Peace Making Endeavour of Contemporary Linage Leaders In "Somaliland" (North West Somalia).
    Notes: Paper presented at the 5th International Congress of Somali Studies, College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts (Dec. 1-3, 1993).

  • Farbarasho: bugga kowaad.
    Notes: Basic textbook for learning to write alphabet. On cover: Jamhuriyadda Dimoqraadiga Soomaaliya. Magaca. Dugsiga. Wakaaladda Madbacadda Qaranka.
    Keywords: Somalia; Somali

  • Farfaru Journal of Multi-Disciplinary Studies (Sokoto) vol. 1 no. 3, Oct. 1987.

  • Farisogo Kènèyali Ko. N.d.
    Notes: In Bamanankan.
    Keywords: Mali; Bamanankan (Bambara); Health

  • Farmers' Review (Harare) vol. 1, no. 4 (1992)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Zimbabwe

  • Farris, Ellsworth, and Royal J. Dye. Bekolo bi'ampaka ba Nkundo: bikolongo la nsako. 1904.
    Notes: Title in English: "Fables of the elders of Nkundo: adages and proverbs." "Bakolo" is the native name for Ellsworth Farris. Bolenge, Congo Belge: Hannah Wade Printing Press.
    Keywords: Congo, Democratic Republic; Mongo-Nkundo

  • Fashion Express (Benin City) Vols. 1-2, N.d.
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Fatea Magazine (Yaounde) No.1 (1999)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • Faublée, Jacques. (1965). Structure de la langue Malgache. Langage et comportement, 1: 101-109.
    Notes: Reprint.
    Keywords: Madagascar

  • Faure, M. la Fin de la Buse.
    Notes: Aventures dans l'Ocean Indien.

  • Fauteni, 1958.
    Keywords: Swahili

  • Faveri, Christine, and Moses Lungu. Evaluation of Chin's Models of Care for Orphaned Children Project: The Experience of Cindi-Kitwe.March 1998.
    Keywords: Zambia

  • Favory, Henri, and Marie-France Favory; edited by Vijay Ram. Fri et 11 reset. 1983.
    Notes: Port Louis, Mauritius: Ledikasyon pu Travayer.
    Keywords: Morisyen (Mauritian creole)

  • FAWE: 15 ans de promotion de l'education des filles en Afrique. Nairobi: Forum for African Women Educationalists.
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Fayose, Peter Ayodele. Fayose's 366 Days in Office.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Feasibility Study and Preliminary Engineering Survey: Kumba-Mamfe Road, West Cameroon: Mile 47 to Mamfe, Vol. II, 1963.
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • Federal College of Eduaction. The Constitution of the Primary Education Studies Students Association (PESSA).
    Notes: Pankshin: Federal College of Education (2003).
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Federal Housing Authority Newsletter (Lagos) vol. 5, 1981.

  • Federal Republic of Cameroon.
    Notes: From Surveys of African Economies (chapter 6), 1968, pp. 54-123.

  • Federco Actualites (Congo) Octobre 1979.

  • Feierman, Steven. Enlargement of Political Scale in the 19th Century.
    Notes: Univeristy of East Africa Social Science Conference, Jan. 1968 at the University College of Dar es Salaam. (photocopy).

  • Feit, Edward. General conflict and African nationalism in South Africa: the African National Congress 1949-1959. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented at the eleventh annual meeting of the African Studies Association, Los Angeles.

  • Felãse = Saint Francis. 1963.
    Notes: Wozi, Liberia.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma

  • Feldman, D. and R. Co-operation and the Production Environment: some exploration among social and economic factors affecting agricultural co-operation.
    Notes: Rural Development Research paper no. 100, March 9, 1970.

  • Female Circumcision: Health Dangers. Lexington, MA.: W. I. N. News., 1986.

  • Femmes des iles. no. 3 (janvier 1985).
    Keywords: Mauritius

  • Femmes Entrepreneurs de Madagascar (FEM). Promotion de l' Entreprenariat Feminin. Antananarivo.: FEM., 1993.
    Keywords: Madagascar; Women

  • Fensham, F. C. Die Christen-Afrikaner in beweging in die twintigste eeu. Potchefstroom.: Instituut vir Reformiese Studie., 1984 Oct.

  • Ferkiss, Victor C. Religion and Politics in Independent African States: a prolegomenon.
    Notes: From: Butler, Jeffrey and Castagno, A. A. eds. Boston University Papers on Africa: Transition in African Politics. New York: Praeger, 1967.
    Keywords: Religion

  • Ferkiss, Victor C. The role of the public services in Nigeria and Ghana.

  • Ferment in Swaziland.
    Notes: Reprint from Free Labour World, no. 159, Sept. 1963.

  • Fernandea de Oliveira, Mario Antonio. Apsectos sociais de Luanda inferidos dos anuncios publicados na sua Imprensa. 1970.
    Notes: Boletim do Instituto de Investigacao Cientifica de Angola, vol. 7 no. 1, 1970, pp. 3-12.

  • Fernandes, Tomaz Wylie. Professor Oliveira Salazar's Record. Lisbon.: SPN Editions., 1939.
    Notes: Portugal's Financial Reconstruction.

  • Fernandez, James W. Contemporary African religion---confluents of inquiry.

  • Ferry, M. P. Les Affixes Nominaux et leur Utilisation dans la grammaire Basari.
    Notes: Cenre Nationale de la Recharche Scientifiques (CNRS).

  • Ferveri, Christine and Moses Lungu. Evaluation of Chin's Models of Care for Orphaned Children Project: The Experience of Cindi-Kitwe.
    Notes: March 1998.
    Keywords: Africa; Zambia

  • FESPACO du 22 fevrier au 1 mars 1997, the 15th PanAfrican film and television festival. Ouagadougou.
    Keywords: Burkina Faso

  • Festival Panafricain du Cinema et de la Television (FESPACO).
    Notes: 95 FESPACO program.
    Keywords: Media

  • Festival Panafricain du Cinema et de la Television (FESPACO). Ouagadougou., 1987.
    Notes: Ouagadougou programme 87, 10e FESPACO.

  • Festival Panafricain du cinema et de la television de Ouagadougou. Regulations of the 20th FESPACO. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso: 2007.
    Keywords: Burkina Faso

  • Festival Panafricain du Cinema et du Television de Ouagadougou.
    Notes: FESPACO 1995: misc. pamphelets and brochures.
    Keywords: Media

  • Festival PanAfricaine du Cinema et de la Television. Formation et Enjeux de la Professionalisation: Prix Speciaux. Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, 2005.
    Notes: Program to accompany 19th FESPACO annual film festival, 26 fevrier - 05 mars 2005; lists films and prizes won.
    Keywords: Burkina Faso

  • Festivals in Nigeria.
    Notes: Nigerian Tourism Development Corporation.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Fete des Ignames (Yahabeu) a Deule du 6 au 11 avril. 1983.
    Keywords: Cote d'Ivoire

  • Fete du Centenaire de L'Eglise Sante Agnes, (1884-1985), 25 Janvier 1985.
    Keywords: Senegal

  • Fetter, Bruce. Elisabethville: secondary center for the dispersion of Kalela. 1968.
    Notes: Paper presented at the eleventh annual meeting of African Studies Association, Los Angeles.

  • Fɔkpa, Keekewu, and Gaamai Zomo. Lɔɔmagitiε 4 = Loma people #4. 1960.
    Notes: Wozi, Liberia.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma; Mathematics

  • Fick, Johan. Policy Options for Urbanization in South Africa (1985).
    Keywords: South Africa

  • FIDA Uganda: A Practical Reference Guide on Advocacy.
    Notes: A Publication of Uganda Association of Women Lawyers Supported by the Human rights Fund (HURINET-U).
    Keywords: Uganda

  • Fie na skuul: anyɛse 1. 1967.
    Notes: Methodist Book Depot, Cape Coast
    Keywords: Ghana; Akan; Fanti dialect

  • Fiedler, Klaus. Christian missions and Western Colonialism: soulmates or antagonists?
    Notes: Paper presented at the Faith and Knowledge Seminar no. 34, 9 March, 1995.
    Keywords: Religion

  • field (Mzuzu). vol. 25 no. 2 (1981).
    Keywords: Agriculture

  • Field Marshal J. C. Smuts: The Story of a Remarkable Career. New York.: The South African Government Information Office.

  • Field Office Ledger (IPF), Zimbabwe, 1984.

  • FIM (Kaduna) Nos. 3-4 (Nov.-Dec. 1999)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • FIM (Lagos) vol.1,(1999).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Fima, Nak Makhammad ag. Ǝlməd tegharay dəgh: Təmajaq. 1981.
    Notes: On cover: "Ǝlkitab waniyyan" [book 1]. Series: Etudes et documents, no. 147. Niamey, Niger: INDRAP
    Keywords: Niger; Tamajaq

  • Finances-Infos (Yaoundé) Special (Oct. 1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Cameroon

  • Financing of the Volta River Project. Africa Report Fact Sheet Series. 1964.
    Notes: Africa Report, March 1964.

  • Findings. Housing and Human Needs in South Africa. Johannesburg.: South African Institute of Race Relations., 1972.
    Notes: South African Institute of Race Relations, Forty-Second Annual Council Meeting, 1972.

  • FIRIMBI- Bulletin of the Campaign Against Publi-land Grabbing in Kenya (Nairobi) Issue no. 1 (May 1999).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Firmin-Sellers, Kathryn. The concentration of authority: constitutional concentration in the Gold Coast, 1950.
    Notes: Journal of Theoretical Politics 7 (2): 201-222, 1995.
    Keywords: Ghana

  • First American-Soviet Symposium on Contemporary Sub-Saharan Africa. 1982.
    Notes: Schedule of symposium held at the Institute of International Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 1982.

  • First Election Under Universal Suffrage Held in Black Africa: A Decisive Step Toward Self Government. 972 Fifth Avenue, New York.: Ambassade de France, Service de Presse et D' Information., 1957.
    Notes: African Affairs no. 18, May 1957.

  • First Pan-African Psychiatric Conference. Aro Hospital, Abeokuta, Nigeria. Sunday, 12 to Saturday, 18th Nov. 1961.

  • First, Ruth. The Farm labour Scandal. Johannesburg.: New Age. 1959 Jul.

  • Fischer, John. Some Misconceptions about the Afrikaners. South Africa society Papers no. 4. Barnet, Herts, England.: Cleveland Press., 1970.

  • Fischer, Shirley K. Confidential Supplement to Igor Kopytoff's The Research Climate in Francophone West Africa and Liberia, June 4, 1968.

  • Fivawo, Margaret. Barua ya Mgendi. 1971.
    Notes: Nairobi: East African Literature Bureau.
    Keywords: Kenya; Swahili

  • Five Freedoms Forum Newsletter (Braamfontein) September, October 1990.
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Flame Lily Tours in Zimbabwe, Nov. 1, 1981-Oct. 31, 1982.

  • Flame: Magazine of Ghana Armed Forces Staff College (Aug. 1989).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Ghana

  • Flemister, Abeoseh. Age Characteristics for Liberian Children. 196?
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Fligelman, Frieda. The Richness of African Negro Languages.
    Notes: Reprint from Actes du Congress de l' Institut International des Langues et des Civilisations Africaines, Paris, 1931.

  • Flomo, Moses N. Woozi lɔlɔgi = The history of Wozi. 1960. [2 copies]
    Notes: Wozi, Liberia.
    Keywords: Liberia; Loma

  • Focus (Johannesburg). South Africa Foundation.
    Notes: no. 3: Law and Constitution.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Focus (Monrovia) v. 3 (1) May 23, 1981.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Focus on Africa (Tovil, Maidstone, Kent) vol. 4, no. 1 (Jan/Mar 1993).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: United Kingdom

  • Focus on Africa - BBC Magazine (United Kingdom) (1990)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: United Kingdom

  • Focus on Farm Evictions. AFRA Report 29, February 1987.
    Notes: Association for Rural Advancement
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Focus on Malawi, vol. 1 (1985).
    Keywords: Malawi

  • Focus on South Africa. Nieman reports, Autumn - Winter, 1975, vol. XXIX, nos. 3 & 4.

  • Focus on Theatre (Calabar) vol. 1, no. 1 (Sept. 1994)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Focus, Local and International, vol. III, 1975.

  • Fogang, Jean-Jacques, ed. Ŋgəmba: premier livre. 1984.
    Notes: Text in Ngomba and French.
    Keywords: Ngomba; Cameroon

  • Foire Nationale de Nouakchott, Programme d' Animation, Nov. 28 - Dec. 7, 1975.

  • Folk Stories from the Gambia (book 1).
    Notes: Banjul: Ministry of Education, 1985.
    Keywords: Gambia

  • Folomo, Moses N. The History of Wozi, September 1960.
    Keywords: Loma; Liberia

  • Foltz, William J. Economic and Strategic Constraints on United States Policy Toward Southern Africa.

  • Foltz, William J. Social Structure and Political Behavior of Senegalese Elites. New Haven, Connecticut.: Yale University Office of Advanced Political Studies.
    Notes: Yale Papers in Political Science no. 33. Yale University Office of Advanced Political Studies, 89 Trumbull Street, New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Foltz, William J. South Africa: prospects and direction for change.
    Notes: Paper for the Soviet-American Conference on Sub-Saharan Africa, Moscow, June 26-29, 1984.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Foltz, William J. South Africa: prospects and direction for change. 1982.
    Notes: Paper presented at the first American-Soviet symposium on contemporary sub-Saharan Africa, Berkeley, California.

  • Foltz, William J. The "failure" of democracy in Africa. Yale University., 1990 Jul 9.
    Notes: Confrence (unnamed) introduction
    Keywords: Politics

  • Foltz, William J. Urban conflict and change in South Africa. 1977.

  • Fomento: Tecnica e Economia Ultramarinas, vol. 2, no. 1, 1 trimestre 1964.
    Keywords: Mozambique

  • Fonka, L.S. NSO' Marriage Customs and Banboye, W. Methods of Wife Acquisition. Lagos: NSO History Society, N.d.

  • Food Research Institute. Food Research Institute Seminar on The Economic, Cultural and Technical Determents of Change in Tropical African Agriculture.
    Notes: Stanford University (April 1-2, 1966).
    Keywords: Africa

  • Footnote to History- II, 1963. Police photograph taken in Oran, Algeria May 10, 1951.
    Notes: Today in france, May 1963, p. 5.

  • Footprints Today. Monrovia. vol. 1 no. 1, April 6, 1984.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • For a Free Southern Africa. New York.: Episcopal Churchmen for South Africa., 1979 Jan.

  • For an "All-Out Effort" Against Colonialism and Racist Domination.
    Notes: United Nations International Conference in Support of the People of Zimbabwe and Namibia, Maputo, Mozambique 16-21 May 1977.

  • Foray, Munda. Just Words (?). Brightflowers Publications, Brightflower House Cat Gardens fbc., 1975.
    Notes: Sierra Leone Literature. Source: AILS, Inv. AI 6724, Nov. 17 1976.

  • Ford, K. C. Remarks on distinctive features of tone in the light of data from a Ghanaian language with five distinctive phonetic tone levels (Avatime). 1972.
    Notes: Paper presented at the Third Annual Conference of African Linguistics, Indiana University, Bloomington, 1972.

  • Ford, Richard B. The urban trek: some comparisons of mobility in American and South African history.

  • Forde, Enid. Sierra Leone, 1973.
    Notes: Paper presented at the African Seminar on Population Policy, Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Forde, Fiona. "Helen - a woman who was witty beyond belief." The Star, January 2, 2009.
    Notes: In Collection: Helen Suzman - Newspaper Clippings.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Foreign and Commonwealth Office. Overseas Development Administration Library. Public Administration: A Select Bibliography, 1986.
    Notes: 6th Revised Edition.
    Keywords: Libraries

  • Foreign Investment in the Republic of South Africa. New York.: United Nations Unit on Apartheid., 1967.

  • Foreign Trade News Bulletin: A Publication of the Ministry of Trade. (Dar es Salaam) no. 1, 1980.

  • Forges, Alison Des. The impact of European colonization on the Rwandan social system.

  • Forman, Lionel. Chapters in the History of the March to Freedom. Cape Town.: Real Publishing and Printing Co., 1959 Apr.

  • Fort Harian, vol. 6 no. 3, Sept.- Dec. 1982.

  • Fortmann, Louise. Women's involvement in high risk arable agriculture: the Botswana case.
    Notes: Paper for presentation at the Ford Foundation Workshop on Women in Agriculture in Eastern and Southern Africa, nairobi, 9-11 April, 1980.
    Keywords: Botswana

  • Fortune, George. A guide to Shona spelling. 1972.
    Notes: Harare, Zimbabwe: Longman Zimbabwe.
    Keywords: Zimbabwe; Shona

  • Forum Academia: A Multi-Disciplinary Journal of Education (Kaduna: Kaduna State College of Education) Vol. 1, no.2 (Dec 1998).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Forum for African Women Educationalists. The Agathe Uwilngiyimana Prize.
    Notes: 1996
    Keywords: Rwanda

  • Forum for Democracy and Development. Contract with the People of Zambia.
    Notes: This is a summary of FDD's manifesto.
    Keywords: Zambia

  • Forum National sur "La vulnerabilite des femmes par rapport au VIH: Enjeux et Perspectives au Senegal."
    Notes: Dakar: ANCS & UNIFEM, Fevrier, 2003.
    Keywords: Senegal

  • Forum paix et Democratie. Hommage a Emmanuel Gapyisi.
    Notes: Dialogue no. 169, July 1993.
    Keywords: Rwanda

  • Forum: career guidance bulletin. Educational testing, guidance and psychological services, Ministry of Education, Mbabane.
    Notes: vol. 9 no. 1 April 1985, vol. 9 no. 2, 3 July and October, 1985.
    Keywords: Swaziland

  • Forward (Kampala). vol. 5 no. 3, October 1983.

  • Foster, Michael. Africa in a Jam Factory and in an Abattoir.
    Notes: Reprint from Journal of Multicultural Librarianship, 1990?

  • Foster, Philip J. Educational Development in Ghana and the Ivory Coast.

  • Foston, Mike. The Animal Story Book 1, 1985.
    Notes: Stories and Songs from Sierra Leone 3.
    Keywords: Sierra Leone; Stories; Songs

  • Foto Star: Liberia's Leading Weekly Periodical.
    Notes: vol. 1 (18), Oct. 21, 1983, vol. 1 (10), Aug. 19, 1983.
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Foundation and Progress (Nairobi) Vol. 1, no. 1 (1996).
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Kenya

  • Foundation for Civil Society. TUZO ya AZAKi Bora 2007.
    Notes: Kwa Asasi za Kiraia (AZAKi) zilizofanya vizuri zaidi Mwaka, 2007.
    Keywords: Tanzania; Swahili

  • Foundation for Democratic Process. Interim Report on the Kantanshi By-Election Held on 26 May 2004.
    Notes: Lusaka: FODEP, 2004
    Keywords: Zambia

  • Foundation Magazine (Kano) vol. 1, 1987.

  • Foundations of African Theology (Jos) Vol. 3, no. 2 (Jan/June 1992)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Foundations of African Theology 1 (Jos) May 1982.

  • Fount: University of Ibadan Anthem. Contains lyrics and music for "Fount" by Isidore Okpewho and Olaolu Omideyi. Ibadan.: Spectrum Books., 1988.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Four Colonial Questions: How Should Britian Act?
    Notes: Fabian Research Series no. 88.
    Keywords: British colonies

  • Fourah Bay College, The University College of Sierra Leone. Prospectus- session 1961-1962.

  • Fourth Anniversary of the Zanzibar Revolution, Some Development Projects seen During the Tour of Zanzibar, Jan 11, 1968.

  • Fourth Annual report of the United States-South Africa Leader Exchange program, Inc. 1961-1962. Philadelphia., 1962.

  • Fowler, J.S., ed. A Faith to Live By: Handbook for the Mature Christian.
    Notes: Ibadan: Institute of Church and Society, n.d.
    Keywords: Nigeria

  • Fowler, S. The Deceptive Morality of Power. 1991.
    Notes: Instituut vir Reformatoriese Studies Publications - Potchefstroom University
    Keywords: South Africa

  • France. Ambassade. Service de presse et d'information. French Somaliland. NY: Ambassade du France, 1961.
    Keywords: Djibouti

  • Francis, E. C. Todinet na mugun: Hygiene--Bari translation. 1954.
    Notes: London: Sheldon Press.
    Keywords: Sudan; Bari

  • Francis, P. G. The Defence of Independent National Africa.
    Notes: The Army Quarterly and Defence Journal, October 1959, pp. 98-107.

  • Franck, Thomas M. Africa in the U. N. and the U. N. in Africa.
    Notes: Prepared for delivery at the African Studies Association Meeting, November 1967.

  • Franck, Thomas M. Policy Paper on the Legality of Mandatory Sanctions by the United Nations Against Rhodesia. New York.: Center for International Studies.

  • Frank, Bill. Liberia: We are moving ahead! Monrovia.: Bureau of Public Affairs., 1975?
    Keywords: Liberia

  • Frank, Cedric B. The Life of Bishop Steere: A Christian Interpreter in East Africa, 1953.
    Keywords: East Africa; Christianity

  • Frank, Charles R. Jr. Industrialization and Employment Generation in Nigeria. New haven.: Center Paper no. 126, Economic Growth Center, Yale University., 1969.

  • Frankenberger, Timothy R. and John L. Lichte. A Methodology for Conducting Reconnaissance Surveys in Africa. FSSP.: 1985.
    Notes: Networking papers series.

  • Franklin Book Programs. Annual report for the year ending 30 June 1966.
    Keywords: Publishing

  • Fransman, Martin. A Review of the South African Connection: Western Investment in Apartheid by Ruth First.

  • Frantz, Charles. Africa, humanity, and anthropology: colonial, anti-colonial and non-colonial. 1983.
    Notes: Paper presented at the XIth International Congress of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, Quebec City.

  • Fraternité matin (Abidjan) No. 8935 (26 juillet 1994), 9693 (6 fev. 1997)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Ethiopia

  • Frères d'armes: revue trimestrielle des forces armées et de securité (Bamako) No. 1 (19--)
    Notes: Sample Periodical
    Keywords: Mali

  • Frederick, C. Jefferson. The Development of an idea: Pan-Africanism.
    Notes: A Paper submitted to the Foreign Service Institute, Department of State, Washington DC, 1959.
    Keywords: Politics

  • Free Namibia. Washington DC.: Washington Office on Africa., 1977?
    Keywords: Namibia

  • Free Southern Africa, no. 1, May 1973.

  • Freedom Charter (Posters). Congress of the People, Kliptown, South Africa, June 26th, 1955.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Freedom Charter being the proposed Constitution of the Commonwealth of Nigeria and the Cameroons, adopted by the Peoples National Assembly at Kadouna in April, 1948.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Freedom Charter of South Africa (brochure).
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Freedom Charter. Congress of the People, Kliptown, South Africa, June 26th, 1955.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Freedom Charter: Strangers in their own country. Student Handout #18.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Freedom Fighter, vol. 1 no. 27, April 10, 1964.

  • Freedom is Coming.
    Notes: Sheet music/Songbook and poetry from South Africa.
    Keywords: South Africa

  • Freedom, Second Issue, July, 1962.

  • Freeman, James B. Speech on the Occasion of the One Hundred and Twenty Sixth Anniversary Celebration, Republic of Liberia, July 26, 1973.

  • Freeman, Theodore R. Kenya Restricts Imports of Farm Products by Exchange Controls.
    Notes: Foreign Agriculture, Nov. 27, 1972.

  • Freeman-Greenville, G. S. P. A Preliminary Handlist of the Arabic Inscriptions of the Eastern African Coast.
    Notes: Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society,1973, 2.
    Keywords: Languages

  • FRELIMO Proclamation au Peuple Mozambicain. Sept. 25, 1964 (4), Oct. 1964 (3), Nov. 26, 1964 (1).

  • FRELIMO untitled. (an address to south African officials on the signing of the Agreement of Non-Agression and Good Neighbourliness/Nkomati Accord).
    Keywords: Mozambique; South Africa

  • FRELIMO. A Mulher e um Elemento Transformador da Sociedade.

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